30 Days of Jillian Michaels – How to Lose Weight

My friend led a sedentary lifestyle for a long time, believing that her beautiful figure would not suffer. I can't say I didn't like her figure, but…
we came across a simple-looking set of exercises to maintain the figure in good shape, or according to the attached instructions, in order to, as is now fashionable, lose weight. The idea of the author Jillian Michaels is quite simple: warm-up and rush: strength exercises, exercises for the heart and exercises for the abs.

My friend was satisfied with herself and the changes that happened to her. Although I would recommend not to forget about the diet, at least not to eat immediately before classes for an hour. Well, for those whose lifestyle not yesterday became far from mobile, I advise you to monitor the loads, especially for diseases of the veins and cardiovascular, dumbbells to choose not too heavy.
Give it a shot!
It's all up to you, – says the story of Gillian Michaels herself.
She was born in 1974 in the United States, by adolescence she gained 79 kg of weight with a height of 150 cm. At the age of 13, with the care of her mother, she ended up in a martial arts school. Having overcome the shortcomings of her own appearance, she decided to help other people in this difficult matter. In 2004, she made her debut as a TV presenter. Today she is known in Los Angeles and around the world as an author and coach combining strength gymnastics, heart exercises, using Pilates, yoga, plyometrics, kickboxing in her classes. Not everything in her life is smooth and overcome, there are serious fears that Gillian will never be able to get pregnant… 2011 is the last year of her participation in the TV show, where she spends the 11th season. In May 2011, Gillian signed a long-term contract with CBS Television Distribution to participate in a tv show discussing medical professionals and CTD program correspondent Dr. Phil. The 30-day course offered to your attention is still the most famous and sought-after of what she has done.

Tips of experienced:
– it is more convenient to practice with someone or with a group, creating conditions for "healthy competition" and an additional incentive,
– you can choose any time for gymnastics at home, convenient for you, just enter "30 days of Jillian Michaels" in your daily routine, if you start gymnastics, barely extending your eyes, perhaps you should devote a little more time to warming up
– as usual, you should not eat for an hour before gymnastics, from an intensive course the fats and proteins you eat will not shake better
– if you are not prone to freebies, then the Gillian course will make you sweat, thereby creating an additional opportunity for hardening in the shower or increasing immunity and tone of the
contrast shower – use this occasion – Every 10 days you can monitor changes in the parameters of your figure, keep a diary of the experiment), entering data on the volumes in the table. You can write about the progress of the experiment in the comments. Numbers of your beauty and health, which can be easily boasted and proud of, are easy to find in the article "beauty in centimeters"

In practice, gymnastics does not give a quick weight loss, a sharp change in numbers, a wasp waist. Just a small victory over yourself, muscles in tone, additional self-confidence.
New victories!