Pineapple – how to use

Pineapples are species of herbaceous plant with spiny stems and leaves, growing on the lands of the Native American tribes of Central America. Pineapples in Native American legends are magical, medicinal plants. At the same time, in the legends you can find several strange, in our Russian opinion, plots. So among the Kogi Indians, the sage, the healer of all diseases, the son of the Great Mother Kashinduqua, turns into a jaguar who devoured women, was pacified and will return again to devour both men and women. His insatiable passion, which he cannot overcome, is manifested in the fact that women seem to him ripe and juicy fruits of pineapple.
In 1493, the caravels of Christopher Columbus landed on the shore the first Europeans who saw pineapples.  In candied form, the fruits enter Europe, after a while they begin to be cultivated. In Russia, by order of Peter 1, not only oranges are bred, but also pineapples. Pineapple imports to Europe come not from America, but from Russia. Today, everyone can try to grow their own pineapple from the top of their head at home.
The largest suppliers of crested pineapple today have become
Pineapple useful just to eat:

The unique enzyme pineapple bromelain helps break down proteins and destroy bacteria in the intestine that are resistant to other natural antibiotics. Bromelain is associated with the ability of pineapple to relax muscles and relieve pain caused by spasms and spasms themselves.  Claim. that Igor Severyanin's "Pineapples in Champagne" emphasize the erotic and aphrodisiac effect of pineapple on women and men.

Fashionable, although no longer trendy, Hollywood diet: oysters and pineapples, in their adapted forms, offers a day with a 2 kilogram fruit as a drink and food. A mixture of freshly squeezed pineapple and carrot juices – as the main drink. contributing to slimness and high energy.

Pineapples cleanse from toxins, toxins and help improve blood circulation.

Perhaps the combination of pleasant and medicinal properties has led to the fact that in the UNITED STATES pineapples are considered a symbol of hospitality, if you want to be visited more often, hang pineapple on the door and everyone will know that you are welcome to guests. Hotel service in the states bears this fruit as an emblem.

Production and composition

The most important active ingredient of pineapple is bromelain – an enzyme that normalizes the impaired absorption of proteins. Along with it there are sugar, vitamin C and a small amount of essential oil.
The aggressive acidic environment of pineapples is associated with a high content of ascorbic and citric acid, in this regard, skin masks are not left on the face for more than 15 minutes, then rinsed, rinsed mouth to protect the enamel of the teeth.


Individual cosmetics with pineapple juice and pulp smoothes, restores elasticity and refreshes the skin.
A sufficiently aggressive acidic environment of pineapple juice or pulp allows you to soften the keratinized tissues of solid "old" calluses overnight. so that the next morning it was easy to get rid of calluses. That is why natural cosmetics with a high content of pineapple juice or pulp are not left on the skin for more than 15 minutes, and then be sure to be washed off.

and hair

High acidity allows you to add pineapple juice to rinses, and the amount of juice should not be large, but leveling the acidity after applying the detergent, the residues of the juice. more likely, it is better to wash off the hair.

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Unpleasant tingling in the mouth is evidence that pineapple is not worth it, such sensations occur in people to whom pineapples will not benefit.
With gastritis with high acidity, as well as peptic ulcer of the stomach and 12 duodenum, you should not drink pineapple juice. When eating pineapples, it is recommended to rinse your mouth to preserve tooth enamel.