Aroma combing

Nothing can compare with the mysterious magic of the most ancient, natural and natural decoration – the hairstyle. Hair is also good for a variety of options, its variability depending on such simple things as parting, bangs, combed back hair, flowing down the shoulders, wet, hard shape. given styling and… There are so many options, they change the style, mood, image, and often the situation in which you are.
Of course, hair must be protected, it needs care and attention, even if it is a creative mess or a place to raise the intellect to the height required by the circumstances. Combed, well-groomed, changing hairstyle and shades of color hair give the richest field for all sorts of experiments. The list of experiments will be incomplete if you do not make an aromatic combing in it.
This simple procedure adds to the shape, color, mood a special aroma – the aroma of essential oils. If you imagine the hair flying from the gesture of the head, then, isn't it important what smell will color the space of your movement?
Let's talk about the nuances, because they can spoil everything, and can fill with meaning and significance.
The smell of the morning helps to wake up, to return from sleep to the world of real deeds and achievements. Combing hair is a kind of intermediate state between sleep with its sweet illusions and the business life of a modern person. From one state to another, essential oils such as the spicy sweet smell of cinnamon, cold and refined mint, magical and full of secret meanings of ginger, bitter-sweet with a note of camphor rosemary, refined and tender jasmine are facilitated. Aroma combing will create a mood for the whole day, cheer up and expand the possibilities of creative energy.
Another thing is the evening. Of course, the evening can be active, creative and even demanding hard work, but, as a rule, you want to spend the evening differently. A romantic evening can be decorated with essential oils – aphrodisiacs. There are a lot of them, it is better to choose them taking into account your individuality and style, taking into account your tastes and not only yours (and perhaps not so much yours, but who will be with you that evening). Aphrodisiacs are the secret power of women in the art of seduction, familiar, among other things, to men, but they must be used wisely and carefully. A classic example of an aphrodisiac is a rose, there is a suspicion that men lose their ingenuity in choosing colors, because they are aware of the fail-safe effect of the rose aroma on the heart of women. Among the aphrodisiacs can also be noted nutmeg, patchouli, rosewood and many other smells, shades, moods and revelations.
The evening can be solemn, triufal and it will not suit the romantics losing their heads, in this case you can use the aromas of luxurious wood sandalwood, coniferous juniper, exotic ylang-ylang.
If in the evening you are touched by unexpected and unclaimed sadness, it can be politely asked to leave, citrus aromas are so optimistic that there will most likely be no room for sadness.
Combing before going to bed, you can relieve tension and relax, easily fall asleep, without tossing and turning and not worrying about unfinished business and unresolved tasks. In addition to citrus fruits, chamomile, ylang-ylang, lavender, rose, eucalyptus will help you.
When choosing a fragrance, it is important to consider its harmonious combination with cosmetics and smells that will surround you after aromatic combing.
Aroma combing can not only emphasize the individuality of your beauty, but also contribute to the health of the hair:

It serves as a means for the care of dry and oily hair, maintains long hair, promotes hair growth, restores weak and thinned hair, antioxidant, antiseptic, heals the skin affected by the fungus. The use of cinnamon essential oil in cosmetics protects hair from hair loss and restores its structure
Essential oil of mint is used for oily hair, increases resistance to adverse factors, helps to get rid of itching with dandruff of any type, should not be used with a tendency of hair to hair loss.
Ginger essential oil nourishes the scalp and protects hair from excessive hair loss, prevents dandruff. The oil stimulates blood circulation, accelerating cell renewal and hair growth. Cleanses hair from impurities and excess oil secreted by the skin. Hair from the effects of active substances of ginger oil shines and resembles silk. Ginger is especially good for blondes with oily hair, it has the property of slightly lightening the hair.
Rosemary oil is used to care for normal and oily hair type. gives hair shine and eliminates dandruff, accelerates the growth of new cells and hair, opens the pores of the scalp, stimulates local blood circulation, with frequent use makes hair darker. It is used as a means of protection against hair loss, restores hair follicles.
Rose oil on a comb will fill your hair with a delicate sensual aroma and at the same time take care of their health and natural color, protect against dandruff.  In hair cosmetics, rose oil is an exquisite and useful component that gives elasticity and elasticity, protects against bacteria and gray hair.
nutmegNutmeg essential oil. strengthening hair, protects hair from hair loss, stimulates their growth
Patchouli oil well cares for hair of any type, it normalizes secretory activity, nourishes the hair along the entire length and successfully prevents the formation of split ends of the hair, eliminates dandruff. From the use of cosmetics with patchouli oil, the hair acquires a natural shine, feeds, dandruff disappears, the secretion of the sebaceous glands of the head is normalized, the hair acquires an attractive aroma. Patchouli protects cells from free radicals and infection. Cosmetologists recommend using patchouli essential oil in the fight against gray hair.
RosewoodRosewood oil is suitable for cosmetics of normal hair type. Promotes a healthy and beautiful appearance of hair to the very tips. From the use of rosewood, the hair acquires firmness and elasticity, the oil nourishes them along the entire length.
The oil is used to care for dry hair, treats damaged hair tips, it can be used for daily hair washing, strengthens hair and reduces hair loss, protects against dandruff, increases the elasticity and strength of the hair. The oil takes care of graying hair, while coloring it chocolate.
Hair that comes into contact with drops of ylang-ylang essential oil restores its healthy appearance, brittle and thinned returns its structure, becomes elastic, stops thinning. Ylang-ilag oil is suitable for the care of long hair, has an amazing ability to restore hair fiber along the entire length. Considering the fragrance that persists in the hairstyle for a long time, one can understand why old Europe did not expect that just one flower was able to do anything other than take care of the attractiveness of the hair in such a miraculous way.
The use of juniper essential oil in hair care makes them beautiful and shiny, they cease to be salted too quickly.
The oil is suitable for the care of dry hair, regulates the work of the sebaceous glands, restores overdried hair, a means of preventing hair loss and regeneration of the scalp, antioxidant, anticarcinogen and radioprotector, a strong aphrodisiac.
The oil is specially created for blondes, it lightens and slightly goldens the hair, giving them a natural shine.  It is used for both oily and dry hair, stimulates hair growth, nourishes along the entire length of the hair, including the tips, strengthens the hair, thickens the hair, promotes the strength and elasticity of the hair. Helps with dry dandruff, restores the scalp after adverse factors and inappropriate cosmetics, soothes inflammation, anti-allergic.
Hair cosmetics with lavender oil give them shine and strengthen them. Overdried or spoiled with improperly selected cosmetics, hair comes to life and surrounds your face with a natural frame with a delicate aroma of purity and freshness. Imperceptibly, lavender protects and rids hair of dandruff and prevents their excessive loss, can heal wounds under the hair and protect them from bacteria.
In the care of oily and normal hair, eucalyptus oil is used to normalize the work of the sebaceous glands of the scalp, treats dandruff.  Globular eucalyptus oil prevents hair loss.

The procedure itself is simple: you comb your hair with a comb with a few drops of essential oil applied to it. The scratch that you choose for aroma combing can be wooden, bone or other materials, it is better not to use metals and plastics.
Often combing hair with aromatic oils does not make sense and may even be harmful, it is enough to comb your hair 2-3 times a week with a couple of drops of oil and "a good mood will not leave you anymore." If you do not know the essential oil and its properties, then after two weeks it is better to try a new smell or simply change the oil so that the effect of the oil on the hair does not turn out to be the other side of the coin.
Enjoy your care for the beauty and health of your hair, and not only).