Avocado – how to use

Even the Aztecs cultivated the fast-growing ahuacatl tree – forest oil, in English it entered as an alligator pear. Reasonably, the fruits with their shape resemble a pear from the skin of a crocodile, from them an amazing oil is obtained. However, leaves up to 20 cm long and nondescript flowers do not attract people's attention. Avocado fruits weigh from 50 to 800 grams and do not differ in sweetness and in their taste are closer to vegetables or oily crops, since the oil in the composition of the fruit reaches a third of the composition of the fruit.
Avocados are grown in the USA, Peru, Mexico, Brazil, Southeast Asia, Africa, Israel, Haiti. in the zone of tropical and subtropical forests.

Production and composition

By the method of the first cold pressing, thick green oil is obtained from the dried pulp of the fruit. After refining, the oil loses some of the fatty acids and acquires a yellowish color.
Avocado oil has no tendency to rancid.
The composition of the oil includes fatty acids
oleic (up to 80%), palmitic (up to 25%), linoleic (6%), myristic, stearic, lauric, linolenic, including omega-3 and omega-6.
Unsaponifiable fraction (2-11%) contains: phospholipids (lecithin), tocopherols, squalene, sterols (?-sitosterol, campesterol, avenasterol), magnesium, zinc, chlorophyll, vitamins A, B, D, E, K, PP, lecithin, chlorophyll, histidine, phytosterols, phosphoric acid salts, squalene, trace elements.
Avocado oil (VK-P + ). Sweet and warm, very useful for the liver, rich in vitamin E, moisturizes the skin, has a beneficial effect on weakened tissues.


Avocado oil (VK-P + ).
Sweet and warm


Avocado oil in the composition of individual cosmetics and in its pure form softens, nourishes and increases the elasticity of the skin. Avocado oil is suitable for eyelid skin care, and daily care of all skin, including the face and neck. It is recommended for dry, flaky and fading skin, burns, frostbite, eczema, erythrium (severe redness of the skin due to the expansion of capillaries), striae and stretch marks. Restores protective functions, including promoting protection from the sun and ultraviolet radiation. Restores the skin in case of sunburn. Stimulates metabolic processes and blood supply processes in the cells of the skin, enriches with oxygen, vitaminizes the skin. The oil has the property of penetrating into the lower layers of the skin.
Avocado pulp is an excellent natural moisturizer, and also serves as a protection against adverse environmental factors.
Due to the content of active ingredients, avocado fruit extract contributes to the rapid restoration of the surface layer of the skin, its elasticity, normalization of intracellular processes, smoothing wrinkles, prevents peeling. The high content of vitamin A in the extract improves the complexion. Used for aging skin.

and hair

The use of avocado oil in hair care products improves the structure of the hair.
Avocado pulp is used to strengthen hair and against split ends, as a conditioner for dry hair.
Introduced into cosmetic nail care products, avocado oil improves the structure of the nail plate.

Avocado oil can be used as a food, it is high-calorie, but cholesterol in it is absent or presented in small quantities.
In cosmetology and aromatherapy, the property of avocado oil is used to enhance the effect of other natural components, for a synergistic effect it is enough to add 10% avocado oil.
Adding 10% avocado oil to other oils can increase their durability.

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Due to the possible comedogenic effect, before using avocado oil, it is customary to check for an individual reaction of the pure oil to the skin. If conedones appear, the oil is used in individual cosmetics as an additive not exceeding 10% of the composition.