Bioenergy: ups and downs

In Eastern medicine, there are other ideas about a person, and the words are different.

If a person has the energy of life, then his body is a perfect, self-adjusting system capable of resisting any external attacks. If the energy level drops, then… there's a lot to talk about.

In ancient times, doctors used in diagnosing terms such as Yin, Yang, Xu ("Lack"), Shi ("Excess") to describe the dynamic state of the body. The term Yin denoted the accumulated reserves of energy, Yang – daily reproduced energy. The diagnosis of "Yang Xu" ("Lack of Yang") meant that the energy was not reproduced enough, "Yin Xu" ("Lack of Yin") meant that the body uses strategic energy reserves. Normally reproducible energy was denoted by the term "Xue Qi" ("Blood and Qi"), the energy expenditure was indicated by the term "Ho" ("Fire"). The diagnosis of "Lack of Yin and Strong Fire" said that the body does not replenish energy and actively consumes strategic reserves. "Lack of Yin and Lack of Yang" – meant a state of the body when it does not reproduce energy in sufficient quantities, but there was little energy stored earlier. In other words, "Qi and Blood" are not enough, the body will soon have to look for an alternative source of energy to ensure life.
The expression "Xue Qi Kujie" ("Blood and Qi are exhausted") meant that the person had come to an end, there were no energy reserves left and no new energy was produced. If we interpret the old terms in this way, it becomes clear that there was no metaphysics here, these are only unusual designations for the ears of modern man.

Healthy people rarely see a doctor, whether Eastern or Western.
Perhaps that is why for doctors, healthy people are a standard to strive for. They have everything normal and skin, and hair, and organs, and the regime of the day. In Eastern medicine, this is called harmony, and they strive for it. Well-developed and proportionate body, pink smooth skin, calm character, immunity is high.
When a person's energy drops, the Eastern doctor sees changes in a person's appearance, his daily routine, behavior.

The level of "lack of yang" ("yang xu")
Energy falls, the reasons may be simple: the regime of the day, the habit of going to bed late and getting up, nutrition, immunity of the body decreases. At the level of yang xu, a person often gets sick and copes with the disease, an example of such diseases can be "cold" and allergies.

The level of "lack of Yin" ("Yin Xu")
The fall in the energy restored by yang is not stopped in time, the body does not cope and goes to an even lower level of yin xu, the body's ability to self-heal and correct decreases.  The body's defenses are spent only on the most life-threatening diseases and injuries. The body's energy reserve is depleted in economy mode.
At this level is the person who works, paying off the loan, making a career and the like. By the evening, he feels much better, because the body keeps a supply of energy all the time, by the evening, when rest is ahead, the tight grip of stinginess releases the energy valves. The diagnosis at the household level can be conveyed by the phrase: "he does not have the strength for diseases", but the person himself feels still able to work.  

Lack of yin and yang ("Yin yang liang xu")

If energy continues to be thoughtlessly consumed, and its reserves are not replenished, then the body begins to actively devour strategic energy reserves (Huo). Lack of yin and yang causes loss of strength and depression. The body can use qi and blood from muscle and other tissue. Laziness, indifference and apathy can be the best way out to restore the body's strength.

The level of energy depletion ("xue qi kujie")

The energy reserve is exhausted, not restored, we would say: "the forces leave it." In this situation, individual human organs may fail. One by one. Chinese medicine, meanwhile, does not say, "What do you want? – age", the idea is the right way of life. If in the evening there is a feeling of accumulated energy, insomnia – this serves as a signal to go to bed early and get up early. Tap the meridian of the gallbladder. The body's ability to self-heal, if it is not disturbed, is high enough, a person will begin to restore his energy.

For a month, you can feel a significant improvement, the energy will begin to recover. In a year, you can restore energy to the level of "lack of yin", reaching the level of "lack of yang" the recovery process will be slower.
From the point of view of traditional European medicine, the disease, unpleasant symptoms are not associated with a change in the level of bioenergy of a person, it is completely impossible to understand what is happening, whether it is good or bad. At the level of energy "lack of yang", a disease or unpleasant symptoms can indicate both a rise in energy to the level of health, and a fall down. Wu Qing Zhong writes that the criterion is the right way of life. In violation of the regime of the day, overconsumption of energy, the body gets sick, unpleasant symptoms appear. But, when, with the right lifestyle, energy rises to the level of health, restoring organs, tissues and processes, there can be the same unpleasant symptoms and symptoms of the disease. So an elevated temperature shows that the body is fighting an infection or disease. In traditional medicine, it is no longer recommended to immediately press the temperature, reducing it, but to take a sick leave, sleep, disconnect from business.
There is no such criterion in Wu Qing Zhong's book, which is a pity, because in addition to physical health, there is the health of the "spirit". Listening to his inner voice, a person knows exactly when he acts for his own good, and when he spends energy for another purpose. You can argue with yourself, prove something to someone, but health is just the case when "you will not deceive yourself."

When energy drops, strategic reserves of yin are consumed, the color of the lips and gums darkens. A healthy lifestyle after a while leads to replenishment of energy. First, the middle part of the lower lip turns pink, gradually the entire lip will turn pink – this process is estimated at about six months of a healthy lifestyle. The color of the upper lip will have to be restored after this and may be even longer.
On the lower gums, with the right lifestyle, a pink thin stripe begins to form, these changes can be noticed after 2-3 weeks. Continuing to adhere to the regimen, you can increase the pink color on the lower gum until the entire gum becomes pinkish-bloody in color. The light color of the gums is an indicator that a person sleeps long enough, but goes to bed too late.
With normal energy, teeth appear short when energy falls teeth are exposed and appear longer. Eventually, this process leads to periodontitis as the roots of the teeth are open. Restoring internal energy can cure periodontitis, but it is necessary to clean the teeth from stones before that.
By the palms, you can determine the state of the liver: if the skin of the face is smooth and pink, and the skin of the palms is pink with a reddish tint, then the liver is filled with dirty qi. Increased energy allows you to cleanse the liver, this process is accompanied by a deterioration in the skin of the face, and the palms return to normal: i.e. become light, only the last phalanges of the fingers at the nails have a reddish tint. This is an indicator that the liver has returned to normal.
Too soft palms are an indicator of a decrease in qi and blood, in which energy replenishes reserves using muscle tissue. When restoring energy, blood sugar levels may rise, but after a while the sugar content normalizes.
Too hard palms are an indicator of energy loss, in which "toxins and toxins" are not excreted from the body. Tissue regeneration is slowed down.
The outer side of the palm is no less informative: soft veins, swollen, but devoid of elasticity are an indicator of diabetes. With increased energy, elasticity returns. Healthy veins of the outside of the palm are elastic and light.
The grayish color of the skin is also an indicator of a decrease in qi. Hair is also informative: excessive gray hair reports problems in the gallbladder area. Moreover, unlike traditional medicine, Chinese believes that early gray hair is evidence of habits, in particular, to treat colds with medications, so the "cold" accumulates and spills out with gray hair.
In Chinese medicine, there is a different approach, which is based on the energy of life, it does not have the usual terms and methods of treatment, however, if you look at the people around you, their habits, their diseases and health, then, oddly enough, much becomes more understandable and makes you think.