Bodyflex – lessons

– Breathe

– And now don't breathe
– But, doctor, how can I not breathe at all?
– Of course, you can't breathe at all, but you can hold your breath for a minute.

If you want to quickly and inexpensively bring yourself back to normal, create exciting lines, multiply your energy, can you hold your breath for a minute? The bodyflex technique uses the rhythm of breathing, including its delay, 15 minutes of daily exercises. Principles of nutrition, and, perhaps, in a week you will see how your appearance and the attitude of family and friends are changing.
The most important thing is to learn how to breathe "correctly", it is the breathing technique that forms the basis of bodyflex.

Although for breathing it is usually recommended to take a rather complex posture (as if you are going to sit on a chair, lean forward, lean your hands on your legs bent at the knees, palms are about 2.5 cm above the knee), in exercises the poses are completely different. It is important before you perform the exercises to learn bodyflex breathing.
All exhalations in the Greer Childers method are carried out through the mouth, inhalations – through the nose.

  1. slowly exhale all the air, cleansing the lungs, lips can be made with a tube,
  2. quickly, sharply and aggressively fill your lungs with air, so that it simply does not fit anymore, as if you have been under water for a long time and now, finally, you can inhale (but do not open your mouth), if you do not manage to inhale silently – then you are doing everything as Greer Childers prescribed),
  3. After collecting all the air, close your lips as you distribute lipstick, then open your mouth and begin to slowly exhale air from the diaphragm itself, you should get coming from the diaphragm! whistling sound "groin" (the first time may not work),
  4. after exhaling all the air, close your mouth and do not let the air out of yourself, pull your stomach in, not giving the air the most chance to stay inside, stay in this position for 8-10 seconds, (in these 8-10 seconds of breath holding, you will do the actual bodyflex gymnastics)
  5. Relax, let go of your stomach, feel the air rush into your lungs and your lungs sob back.

Relaxed, rested? Go to step 1. The complex includes several exercises, each of which is repeated several times. Daily training in bodyflex, you can acquire a figure worthy of you, and significantly improve your condition.
However, do not think that bodyflex is a miracle for all occasions. In the first days, slight dizziness is possible, which then passes, but symptoms such as blood from the nose, frequent headaches, sleep or cardiac disorders are a serious reason to think. The complex really accelerates blood circulation and saturates tissues with oxygen, but there are a number of diseases in which it is contraindicated: hypertension, arrhythmia, hernia, heart failure, a high degree of myopia, and it is also not recommended to engage in bodyflex during periods of complication of chronic diseases and during pregnancy of any period.
Bodyflex is the author's program, developed by a chic blonde with cat eyes, which she diligently emphasizes with makeup. Looking at her breathing obstructed by the well-controlled "don't breathe" phase, it seems that now she will arch her back and show herself in all the glory of a cat that no one is looking at, and therefore the cat can do whatever she wants, for example, walk by herself.
Walking instead of Greer Childers, who, of course, does not do anything like this during the show, on the pages of the Internet, you can find not only reviews of beginners, practitioners and followers who have completely acquired new forms, but also a diet, or rather the author's attitude to nutrition.
High-end pro Greer Childers lays out the rules simply and clearly, in 7 points that can be translated into the language of the future elegant lady like this:

  1. no need to painfully look at the clock, wait for a signal for lunch, breakfast or dinner – if you want to put something in your mouth, chew – do not suffer: put, chew, but do not get carried away. As a true American, she speaks almonds, muesli and milk, resulting in a portion of the snack – only 100 grams. Oh, how small, 100 grams – in front of the TV… but what about the packaging of popcorn, specially prepared for your favorite series? alas – no ruminants who do not think of their lives without jaw work, the program does not provide …
  2. remember scarlett O'Hara going to a party? eating well and tightening the corset so that everyone can see the modest, bird-eating lady. We, as true ladies, are not interested in preparing for the ball, we are interested in the role of the bird that we will perform. Ready? the bird pecks at the grain, a little bit, you can have something exotic, you can firefly… And none: "now we will turn a shmat of lard, (a plate of pasta, a kilo of potatoes and other high-calorie and nutritious joys for the stomach)". Let's rejoice that the stomach knows its place, does not stick out, does not ask to eat, allowing the lady to show the world the modesty, taste and light aesthetics of gourmet.
  3. Breakfast is a must-have part of a lady's life. No, no, and once again no, none: "I ripped my eyes off, turned on the autopilot, smeared it, it was and rushed with a heavy hammer gait on the anvil to make money." I woke up, stretched, smiled at my reflection in the mirror. With a ray of sunshine, I slid into the kitchen and cooked oatmeal with fruit, something inspiring to go out, something for the soul, it is important to manage to combine carbohydrates with proteins, and the rest is at the mercy of mood and inspiration.
  4. When the idea comes to lunch, nothing changes. That's just not to save on yourself favorite, trying to squeeze into the beginning to come to life and easily move the body, calories, soups, cutlets, steak, hanging on both sides of a huge dish. Remember, you're a lady, a bird, a muse, you're an inspiration. Turn your gaze to salads, choose one that inspires you with color, smell, expectation of taste and ingredients. This salad will become the main dish of your lunch, if it is more expensive than you might think at first glance, the better, you just need reasons to give up soup, steaks, cutlets … or at least limit their size.
  5. No, no, I don't suspect you of being stingy, but you? Have you forgotten about drinking? Greer Childers, like most American women, offers to drink, and water without gas, and drinkable from bottles, and not from the water tap, for prevention boiled, then cooled. Greer is categorically against cola, Pepsi and other sodas, however, her opinion is shared by doctors. Greer prefers green tea, the British, of course, black, but with milk, you … And no one prevents you from choosing a drink to taste, and giving free rein to the imagination, within the above restrictions. Greer even indicates the total amount of liquids consumed per day – 2 liters. Curious how different your norm is?
  6. Are you at home, the day was wonderful, salads, drinks, surprised glances of colleagues did their job? We breathe, we don't breathe, but we don't forget about dinner. No, no, one day of success, not a reason to slap in a chair and get out to hang out in LiveJournal or gasp over the passions of the next series. Other people's passions on the screen, our attention in the kitchen. Tender fish, seafood, white meat – a small piece of something will decorate stewed or boiled vegetables (Greer does not recommend tomatoes and eggplants), another slice of bread or lavash in addition. By the way, the beauty of a small plate, on which you will place your own cooked dinner, will inspire you to new delights in this direction. It is important that the amount is minimal, no draining fats and other products incompatible with the stomach of the lady. The stomach in the bodyflex method loses weight first – we will not interfere with it, it is better to please it with the quality of food. When minimalism has already managed to bore you, do not be upset, the French and not only them, not in vain invented sauces. Dinner is just a great reason to experiment on this topic with kefirs and yogurts, natural vegetable oil (yes, the first cold pressing), olives and… well, you will have something to tell amazed friends about the taste of life.
  7. By Sunday, if you, of course, like everyone else, started a new life on Monday, you are happy to note that the healthy diet of a lady is not only a balance of carbohydrates, proteins and fats, fitting into 1600 kcal per day, but also a curious experiment in the field of creating beauty and health. If you do everything right, family and friends are happy to join your new way of life on the weekend. However, if your friends and relatives have not yet appreciated how cool it is to live as a true lady, flutter like a bird, then let them evaluate one of your unique recipes, and in no case do not succumb to temptations that are too burdensome for your grace. Let them succumb to yours), for example, to include in gymnastics at home breathing and body-changing exercises from the arsenal of a bright American blonde.