What human nails will tell

Experienced poker players do not look at the faces of other players, we know how to control our emotions, and even more so the muscles of the face. Only hands betray excitement, excitement – if you talk about the game.

And what can hands tell about their owner not at the card table? A tuxedo can help pass face control, but an attentive observer will notice the "black earth" under the flaky nails and the skin of the hands covered with abrasions. Of course, you can easily imagine the character and mannerisms of a woman if you see velvet sleek handles with long nail extensions. What palmistry experts say, looking at the line of the mind, the line of the heart and the line of life in the palm of their hand, it is difficult to even list.

Men, where are you going? This also concerns you, and because your nails are not so much your external beauty, but part of the corporate style of your company, and because the well-groomed nails of men practically do not shock anyone, and, finally, because this part of the article is for you – we will paint the legs only after we take care of their healthy appearance.

A healthy female nail looks like a flower petal: smooth smooth almost transparent, the tip is where the nail does not touch the skin – white or ivory. Men's nails are also transparent, but more durable and less likely to flak.
Consider your nails carefully and skip part of the article if your nails are perfectly healthy.
What can you see terrible on your nails?

The fungus is considered the most dangerous for the nails – this is a serious infectious disease that can be the reason why you will not be allowed, say, in the pool. The fungus penetrates into the cracks of the nail plate of dry and brittle nails, and the nail becomes yellowish, thickened, crumbles strongly. In this case, it is best to consult a dermatologist.

Grooves on the nail are an occasion to think about digestion and the balance of minerals and vitamins in the body.

White spots are an indicator of a lack of calcium and zinc.

Burrs on the nails indicate a lack of proteins, vitamin C and folic acid.

Brittle nails are characteristic of a lack of iron or vitamin A, diseases of the thyroid gland, kidneys or poor blood circulation.

With general fatigue, the nails acquire a reddish-purple tint.

Yellowish – characteristic of poor liver function.

Bluish indicate problems of the heart or lungs, pallor of the nails is a sign of poor blood, liver or kidney condition.

A selection of recipes for individual cosmetics for nails will allow you not to worry about their appearance.

Moreover, according to the principles of Ayurveda, the nail of each finger reflects the state of a certain part of the body, the large – the brain, the index – the lungs and large intestine, the middle – the small intestine, the ring – the kidneys, and the little finger – the heart and female reproductive organs.

Paying attention to the nails, you can easily maintain the beauty and health of the hands, even poker players will notice: "he and the cards in his hands"

However, more advanced in the study of the shape of the nail and the hidden nature of the owner argue that by the nail you can learn about a person sometimes even more than he wants to tell about himself:

Let the leader be first on the list. A strong leader methodically and confidently, he leads his company, group… flock to victory, success and prosperity. Easily finds arguments, sweeping away all objections in its path. His fate has developed, and little things like the usual squabbles and conflicts in the family do not bother him. He has short nails, trimmed to the very pads.

Your interlocutor is not like that? and you languish with curiosity, what kind of person is in front of you? Does he have long nails? This is the exact opposite of a leader. A cheerful and light disposition distinguish a creative nature, prone to analysis and synthesis only at leisure, in order to show off the refinement of not only wit, but also a sharp mind. The time that a leader devotes to success, his opposite devotes to people, more than well-being and prosperity the opposite cares of long nails and people. People who admire artistic nails and people who don't notice them. Although, of course, the former are preferable, but the owners of long nails can become a personal psychologist for both of them – such is their nature.

Something doesn't converge? Does your counterpart lack the breadth of the soul? You doubt whether you want such a personal psychologist, the owner of long nails is too unsure of himself. Look carefully, maybe his nails are not only long, but also thin? Nothing can be done, and nails can not be without harmony, until the interlocutor becomes your psychologist, advise him either to make the nails a little wider, or to gain confidence in his own abilities, … or slightly shorten ambitions.

Are you already talking to another person? he avoids talking, strives for loneliness, because alone he loves and knows how to work. In work, he finds himself, no one prevents him from expressing himself as he wants, does not contradict and does not indicate. This awkward type most likely has wide nail plates and cuts them short. He does not become a leader, nor become the soul of the company. He is introverted and sullen. Try to smile at him if you have a good mood and a broad soul, if you are not alien to artistry and creative streak, perhaps you will succeed, to melt the stiffness of this confident in his motto "happiness in work" insecure person.

The leader, but not the team leader, the one to whom they run to complain about the second half, the neighbor, ask where to rush on the weekend, or, how to sew an unnecessary boyfriend, prefers nails with wide plates of medium length.  His character addressed to people and their problems prevents him from climbing the career ladder, however, the owner of the nails himself will never exchange communication for service. He will not sit someone down or weave intrigues, and he will not work hard from morning until late at night in the hope that the authorities will notice him.
There is an image of a bird of prey, a vampire, a bony old woman – curved, hook-like nails complement it very often. Owners of such nails are stingy, they save on themselves, on loved ones, on pleasures. They need a purchasing department or a company expenses department, where they turn around without letting anyone spend an extra cent. Everyone will forget about pleasures, bonuses, corporate parties, gifts and other pleasant little things of life, the company will get richer, the owner of twisted nails will grow in service, approaching with inexorable dedication to the throne of the owner of the company, unless, of course, the employees flee earlier.

But the most purposeful, strong-willed, stubbornly striving for the goal in order to achieve it, to put a new one, are considered to be the owners of spade-shaped nails. They see the goal, do not see any obstacles, do not spare anyone: neither themselves nor others.

The habit of biting nails thanks to universal computerization is becoming a thing of the past. Gnawed nails indicate that you are Catherine the Great and among your maids of honor there is Mrs. Vyrubova, or you underestimate yourself, worry too much about someone else, without dealing with your own issues.

Of course, nail shapes are just a sketch of characters. Moreover, sometimes the shape of the nail is chosen by the manicurist or a random shot in the TV show highlighted someone's well-colored nails … but still, take a closer look at your nails, what do your nails say about you to attentive interlocutors?