What is the gesture of "Mudra"

In the last century, people were guided by the formula: "in a healthy body – a healthy mind." In principle, they seemed to be doing quite well.
Time has passed the millennium, the Russian clock somehow knocked unevenly counting down the time, the spirit stretched beyond to the West, to the East … Body… the body rushed to the right, then to the left, remaining between … The euphoria of the rushing spirit stretched to the East for harmony, health… behind the West.
There in the East, amazing people live, they are called yogis, they live for a long time, in poses unthinkable even for the flexible body of a child. Their robes consist of loincloths… they say they can do anything, well, if not everything, then at least something that we never dreamed of…

Mudras – the connection of fingers into figures, there are in the traditions of different peoples, sometimes gestures are symbols (like a pioneer salute or the military salute), sometimes the connection of different energy flows (this is how Chinese sages and yoga in particular approach the issue), we can talk about the connection of aspects of the personality, organs and systems of the body, constellations and planets, elements, etc.
We pass wisdom at ease and grab asanas, mudras, meditations, aromatherapy and… other beautiful external manifestations of Eastern culture.
Among the achievements of Eastern wisdom, mudras are just a gift for the Western world, because, according to "experts", you can watch TV with your fingers folded in a certain way for 15 minutes – and health is in your pocket.
To believe or not to believe is your business, but it does not hurt to try, especially if you delve into the rules.

The rules are simple, although some of them may remain behind the scenes:
– Do not try to use all the mudras, choose the one that is most relevant for your condition and / or state of health
– take the time to practice the performance of mudra daily – it is desirable / mandatory (here the sources differ) to relax, be in a calm environment, calm your mind
– the most favorable meditative postures
 and states, hands should be relaxed
– to fold the fingers into mudra naturally, smoothly, without reflection, doubt, etc. does not work immediately, but the task is precisely to master mudra and make it a natural, unconscious assistant in life
– mudra can be filled with meaning, images that you imagine, sensations, state of consciousness, therefore, the freer the freer  your mind and body during the period of mastering the practice, the more successful the gesture action will be when you fold your fingers intuitively, without hesitation, in later life.

You can use mudras for your own development, for the treatment of diseases, for the harmonization of your inner strengths. There are so many mudras that we will try to gradually collect a selection: "healing mudras of the Runet":

 mudra of life mudra of life Pran-Mudra
why:- evens out the energy of the whole organism; increases endurance, efficiency, improves visual acuity, increases immunity, reduces dependence on beriberi, face and eyes begin to shine.
when: – with rapid fatigue, disorders and diseases of vision, in fasting to reduce the feeling of hunger and thirst
– how: with a slight press connect the pads of the little finger, naked and thumb

why: – activates thinking, improves memory, promotes the realization of potential opportunities, relieves emotional tension, anxiety, anxiety, melancholy and depression. potential opportunities.
when: – sleep disorders, high blood pressure
as: – connect the pads of the index and thumb.

Apan Vayu-Mudra
why: – can save lives in a heart attack, similar to the action of nitroglycerin. acts immediately effective
when: – mudra of emergency care for a heart attack, heart pain, myocardial infarction
as: – We bend the index finger so that it touches the pad of the terminal phalanx of the base of the thumb. At the same time, fold the middle, ring and thumb fingers with the pads, the little finger remains straightened

why: – Ganesha is an Indian deity who overcomes any difficulties
when: – stimulates organs and systems in the area of the 4th, heart chakra, heart and its muscles, cleanses the bronchi, harmonizes energy, promotes self-confidence, courage, trusting relationships with loved ones
as: – the left hand in front of the chest, the inner side of the palm is turned outward, bending the fingers of the left hand, interlock them with the right, so that the back side of the right hand is outside. Move the interlocked hands to the heart area. Exhaling, stretch the interlocked arms to the sides, (the muscles of the chest and upper arms are tensed). When exhaling, relax the arms and muscles. Repeat 6 times. Put your hands on your chest with the warmest feelings. (Feel what's going on inside your hands.) Change the position of the hands and repeat the algorithm.


why: – so that everything is fine, wise before any change for the better, enhances creativity of thinking, pleasure from action, gives strength for new desires, enhances the energy of the 2 chakras (sexuality), harmonizes hormonal activity
when: – can be done in the morning for a vigorous awakening and a successful day
as: – for men: interlock the fingers so that the thumb of the right hand lies on the left and slightly presses on the left finger.
– for women: interlock the fingers so that the thumb of the right hand is between the thumb and index finger of the left, with the thumb of the left you need to slightly press the thumb of the right.

why: – renewal before the realization of a new dream, harmony, release of energy
when: – cleanses the body of toxins and toxins, treats diseases of the urinary system. helps with hangovers and poisoning
as: – connect the pads of the thumb and middle fingers simultaneously with two hands


Why: – Garuda is a mystical bird, improves blood circulation, gives strength, helps to
navigate when: – with fatigue, abdominal pain due to PMS or digestion, with frequent mood
changes as – thumbs interlocked hands, palms turned to themselves, are in the lower abdomen, all fingers except large ones are trampled. 10 breaths of normal even breathing, then the hands smoothly move higher to the navel area. Again 10 breaths and the movement continues higher. The next stop is in the area of the epigastric fossa, then the sternum, the sternum – the 4th point of even breathing, passing her arms you can spread in the direction of the shoulders


why: – with insomnia and sleep disorders.
when: – when not to fall asleep
as – The thumbs of the right and left hand are hidden inside the palms. The ring fingers and little fingers of the right and left hands are connected to each other by pads: ring fingers, little fingers together. The remaining fingers freely cover the thumbs hidden in the palms. The right and left hand do not touch except for the pads of the little fingers and ring fingers. Although it is possible to perform another mudra.
Breathing on exhalation is delayed and reaches the pelvis.

Prithvi Mudra
why: – improvement of psychophysical state.
when: – under stress, with mental (mental) weakness
as – the pads of the thumbs and middle fingers are connected with some effort. The remaining fingers are freely straightened

Mudra Three Columns of the Cosmos

why: – improves immunity, enhances the vibration of the Manipura chakra, eliminates illusions and promotes inner harmony.
when: – with loss of strength, with a violation of metabolic processes
as – the left hand is turned with the inner side of the palm up, the right over the left, the inner side of the palm down. The middle and ring fingers of the right hand are placed on the middle and ring fingers of the left.  The little finger of the left hand is placed on the bases of the middle and ring finger of the right, and on top of the little finger of the right hand. The pads of the thumb and index finger of the left hand hold the nail phalanx of the index finger with the right. The thumb of the right hand is at the bottom of this whole structure. When performing mudra, it is important to keep your hands and hands relaxed.

Raising or mudra Heat Linga-Mudra
why: – mobilizes the body's defenses, increases immunity and promotes rapid recovery
when: – with colds, inflammation of the throat, inflammation of the lungs, cough, runny nose, sinusitis
as: – the fingers of the left and right hands are intertwined. The thumb of the right hand is set aside, the thumb and index finger of the left hand cover the thumb of the right, touching the pads.

Mudra shield Shambhala
why: – protection from external negative factors and energies
when: – with insufficient strength of spirituality in specific life situations, if there is not enough confidence in one's life position
as: – the left palm with the thumb pressed serves as the base in which the right clenched in a fist rests.