Cellulite and massage oil

When you begin to appreciate massage, for its effectiveness in relieving unnecessary tension, preparing muscles for loads, for its effect on beauty and health, you begin to look for oil. which helps with its biochemical properties to achieve goals faster, even more efficiently, and not just slide your fingers on the surface of the skin …
It is clear that cosmetics manufacturers can, want and offer the best (in their opinion) means for massage. Even if, for some incredible reason, I want to massage my navel, I think they will offer the most! best! massage cream, gel, oil (necessary to emphasize) for the most effective massage of the navel. (the question of what exactly the effect is, which is characteristic, can remain behind the scenes, but the list of VIPs who have already appreciated the best! etc. can be expanded). From the abundance of offers, VIPs and those who want to become such, from the vagueness of what exactly the effect is, and complete confusion in the question: will it not work out sideways for me? – I prefer to make my own individual cosmetics.
In the spring, like most well-fed lazy people, I think about being slim, exercising and… all those flaws that gracefully hide under fur coats and winter clothes.
Between fitness. gymnastics at home and massage, there is time for intellectual reflection on how to make massage oil to lose weight from debilitating (well… for me debilitating) loads, not to face pain in the muscles, disfiguring stretch marks on the skin and this terrible cellulite, which, according to many Internet projects, has already reached very young creatures.
Cellulite metabolic disorder in the skin, gets to it imperceptibly, first excess fluid accumulates in the connective tissues, no "orange peel" only slight swelling. Then small cells of fats become larger and the skin ceases to function normally, the blood supply is disturbed – "the system goes into disarray", but this is only the second stage, when pressing on the skin, indented traces remain. Uneven bumpy skin appears later, when the overgrown fat cells do not fit between the connective tissue fibers and begin to bulge, nodules are formed – this is the third stage when a resemblance to orange peel appears. in the fourth stage, the disturbance in metabolism increases, the tuberosity too, pain can be added to the listed symptoms when pressing on the cellulite-damaged areas.
Taking into account that the causes of the development of cellulite are poorly understood, it remains to use individual cosmetics: massage oils and aroma / phytovannas.
The cosmetic effect of massage oil is directed to the symptoms: the removal of excess fluids and the normalization of the water balance of the skin tissue, the restoration and prevention of blood vessels and capillaries, the breakdown / reduction of fat cells. restoration of lipid metabolism and stress relief, and, possibly, hormonal factors (they serve as an explanation for the appearance of cellulite in the absence of convincing alternatives)

The rules for compiling a massage oil that takes into account the possibility of cellulite or its blatant presence suggest: a base of vegetable oils enriched with essential oils.

Which vegetable oil to choose?

Superficial massage, resembling more stroking, is pleasant, but ineffective. A deeper massage allows you to "reach" the deeper layers of the skin. Vegetable oils that have the same properties of deep penetration into the skin layers include avocado oil, jojoba, castor oil, macadamia, safflower oils.

When composing a massage oil, it is better to use one of the listed oils as a transport for the delivery of bioactive substances to the fat layer, in the hope of destroying it.
No movement. for example, when wrapping, the destruction of the fat layer can only go due to temperature and due to the fact that under the film the substances simply have nowhere else to go, except to get under the skin, with a deep massage, the movements of the fingers provide both transport and biochemical processes. Essential oils such as citrus oils (they cannot be used before going out into the sun) and coniferous oils can contribute to the decomposition of fats.

For a complex effect, it is advised to use essential oils that act not only directly on fat cells, but also oils that remove fluids, oils that normalize blood-forming processes in skin cells, oils that help prevent stretch marks and stretch marks during intensive weight loss and oils that relieve stress.

The list of essential oils for anti-cellulite massage and baths includes:

geranium oil, characterized by the fact that it promotes the withdrawal of fluids, normalizes local blood circulation and metabolism, promotes skin elasticity, can be used at any time of the year;
grapefruit oil is similar in its effect on the skin to geranium oil, but does not increase the elasticity of the skin and is not used before going out into the sun;
lemon oil improves metabolism, normalizes blood circulation, evens out the skin, contributing to its elasticity and smoothness, is not used before sunbathing and solarium, whitens the skin;
rosemary oil removes fluids, normalizes blood circulation and fat metabolism;
juniper berry oil removes excess toxins and fluids, cleanses the blood, removes uric acid;
fennel oil has the ability to remove toxins;
sweet orange oil improves mood and increases immunity, has an anti-stress effect, normalizes metabolism in skin cells and increases its tone, in comparison with other citrus fruits, the phototoxicity of the oil is less;
sandalwood oil is distinguished by the refinement of the aroma that relieves stress and prevents insomnia, is suitable for sensitive skin and can be used to smooth and tighten the skin, the oil has the property of removing toxins;
Neroli oil with a sharp decrease in weight, for example, after childbirth, prevents the appearance of stretch marks, stimulates the regeneration of skin cells, rejuvenates it;
Cypress oil combines action against cellulite and varicose veins; helps to remove the visible vascular pattern under the skin and pinpoint hemorrhages; also narrows blood vessels with varicose veins; strengthens the venous walls; normalizes water-fat metabolism;

The list of essential oils can be continued, however, do not forget about the base oils. Among the recommendations for the selection of the composition of base oils, attention is drawn to:

grape seed oil nourishes the skin with antioxidant substances, has a light structure, which in the composition of massage oil allows you to reduce the "heaviness" of other oils;
borage oil perfectly copes with the symptoms of PMS, if necessary, it can be used to massage the lumbar region or add to massage oil;
Jojoba oil, in addition to the already mentioned property of penetrating deep into the skin layers, is suitable for any skin type, does not have its own odor and is easily absorbed, enriches the skin with vitamin E
wheatgrass oil enriches E dry and mature skin. Helps with scars, burns and stretch marks; the oil is sticky and requires dilution with a lighter oil;
hazelnut oil softens and regenerates skin cells, recommended for oily and combination skin;
carrot seed oil treats scars, stretch marks and inflammations, including acne;
sunflower oil is light, contains vitamins and minerals, unrefined can be effectively used in combination with heavier oils;
evening primrose oil is very sticky, but diluting it with lighter oils you can get an effective remedy for PMS, acne and other inflammatory processes on the skin;

To continue the list of active natural ingredients used in the fight against cellulite, you can extracts of various plants:

 guarana is high in caffeine, as a result, it prevents the formation of new fat cells, increases blood circulation, promotes fat burning during massage and gymnastics, the removal of fatty acids and excess fluids from skin tissues, increases tone and strengthens the skin;
green tea, thanks to the tannin complex included in the leaves, increases the stability of blood vessels, actively relieves swelling and has high antioxidant capacity;
hawthorn affects skin tissues, preventing the increase in fat cells, its main medical effect is associated with cardiovascular activity;
birchyoung birch leaves contribute to the removal of toxins and reduce swelling, have an analgesic and tonic effect, have a slight warming effect in the composition of oils
algae, especially fuchsis, as well as kelp prevent the appearance of fat cells and break down those already formed, it is only necessary to deliver the algae extract to the fat layer
alfalfa extract restores the structure of the skin, the flexibility of its connective tissues, the same property has extracts of wild carrots and pumpkin

As in the preparation of any massage oil, it is necessary to choose the aroma, mix the drops of esters and add extracts to them, then supplement the composition with base oils and mix. Most essential oils have the property of preservatives, so massage oil can be made for more than one use. The approximate ratio of essential and base oils is 10-15 drops of esters per 30 ml of base oils.