Zhen Jiu therapy or acupuncture (acupuncture therapy) is a branch of traditional Chinese medicine dedicated to the prevention and treatment of diseases by affecting the body's energy system. Tszyu is part of the therapy that deals with the so-called "cauterization" of acupuncture points.

The process is called cauterization and, accordingly, causes unhealthy associations with burns, which people driven to despair by the state of their own health in the ecstasy of an attack of masochism inflict on themselves or with the help of wild narrow-eyed healers-sorcerers-shamans. Moreover, the image of these doctors allows you to assess the degree of study of history in the depths of centuries and the degree of imagination of the listener.

If you look into it, it turns out that no one burns anyone's skin with any wormwood cigars, the Sicilians have nothing to catch here. Moxa is brought to the bioactive point at a distance sufficient for a relatively strong thermal effect. If you have the opportunity to keep your hands over an open fire, for example, a fire, then you are well aware that even fire does not cause burns. The maximum warming of the skin at the location of the point may be accompanied by redness.
Tszyu is only held on 8 days of the new moon.
The procedure refers to a stimulating massage of the points.

Heating is carried out with moxes – sticks or cigars of herbs, as a rule, the composition of the sticks includes wormwood. "The leaves of wormwood are bitter and pungent in taste, when used in small quantities, heat is formed, in large quantities – a strong heat. By nature, wormwood is a true Yang and has the ability to restore Yang when it is depleted. It can open twelve main channels, pass through three Yin channels to regulate qi and blood, remove dampness and cold… When burned, it penetrates into all channels, eliminating hundreds of diseases."
You can buy moxes in Chinese stores, you can use Indian sticks for aromatherapy.
You can make moxes yourself
Jutherapy ancient knowledge, which has overgrown for thousands of years with details and nuances. Everyone can decide for themselves whether or not to use the proposed method of prevention. One can only see that in the Chinese and other branches of medicine there are no absolutes, except for the general outline of the natural philosophical understanding of the world and man in it. The sequence of points, their choice in one case or another is individual. The internal intuitive reaction of the "patient" is more important than the wisdom of the "doctor" and the treatise to which he refers. Therefore, the self-massage of points is equated to a massage made by a master of the highest class. The master cannot feel the totality of the reactions of the patient's body, and making self-massage the completeness of information is provided by the process itself.

In medical practice, cassationless jiutherapy uses inhibition of processes in the body to relieve spasm or reduce pain and activation to improve energy flows, blood circulation and other processes.
For the purpose of braking, a smooth "ironing" movement of the moxa over the point or zone along the meridian line on which it is located is used, warming up the energy channel and / or the malaise zone for 15-20 minutes. In the formulas of jiuetherapy, as a rule, 1-3-6 points are included.
Stimulation is made by a "pecking" movement. The sagebrush cigar approaches the point, then moves away, resembling the movements of the beak of a bird eating grains. The sensation of burning on the skin appears at the moment of approaching the "beak" and immediately disappears as soon as the cigar is removed. The duration of stimulating tszyu is 3-5 minutes.

It is important to know that moxes do not bring closer to the skin than 1.5 – 2 cm It is better to warm up the point every day of the new moon than to overheat it at a time.
Jutherapy professionals claim that they can do a lot, including curing post-stroke paralysis, but it is better to start from the point of jiu-san-li.
Understand the method itself and how it will affect you. Then, you might want to change or improve something.
However, it is worth remembering that the wormwood plant is not harmless.
Juterapy does not help those who can hardly tolerate the heat.
It is not recommended for acute fever, high fever, oncological diseases and myocardial infarction.

Warming up one point, feel the changes in the state of the whole organism. He will give you the only exact answer to continue you with the study of jiuetherapy or your purpose in another.