Hymn to a Woman

When a girl is born, she is surrounded by love, beauty, pampered and called a princess. When a girl grows up and is going to get married, she takes all the love of men of her kind on a distant voyage through life. In this journey, she becomes a real woman.
Modern advertising suggests that a real woman at an age close to the century looks like Barbie, and in mental development is about the same level, plus the ability to travel around Nitsa, shop anywhere on the planet and knowledge of plastic surgery techniques. Keeping the look well-groomed and untouched, the lady passes into another world under the sad sounds of the piano and falling rose petals.
A variation for those who are unlucky because they had to get an education, get into the culture and use all this in life, suggests a controversial image of a who has the right to acquire some resemblance to Baba Yaga with age.
A real woman appears with the experience of life, family, happiness.  Raising children, men, grandchildren.
What is it?
Her portrait is not contrasting, she is slightly closed with mystery, she has a mystery, food for the mind and imagination. She knows herself: what she is going for, what she wears to exhibitions and theaters, to work and to the beach. She knows not only her external advantages and disadvantages, but even herself sometimes wonders.

She knows what she wants and knows how to get what she wants, but sometimes she wants a star from the sky or, at least, to talk to her heart-to-heart.

She does not hold evil, envy and resentment, because she knows that the time spent on these feelings is better spent differently.

She looks at life as her home, kitchen or vegetable garden, arranging it as she intended. Of course, books, fashion, advice and friends make their suggestions, but she never forgets that this is her life.

She is grateful to the world for what he gave her and for what he will give in the future.

She knows how to say no.

She knows how to see the future. It knows how the past, present and future are connected, and logically or intuitively establishes connections between causes and effects, without confusing one with the other.

She knows how to forgive the mistakes of loved ones, and is not afraid to protect them from troubles.

She knows how to express her feelings without losing her sense of self-worth.

She knows how to wait. She knows how to let go.

She is self-sufficient and does not experience boredom.

She needs the love of her loved ones, but does not shift responsibility for her future to them.

She is wrong, but she is not engaged in self-flagellation and, especially, in the search for someone to blame.

She knows how to distinguish the eternal from the momentary, the essential from the insignificant. She makes her choice and knows that her choice leads her to where she has chosen her.

If she doesn't like something, she changes her hairstyle, dress, mood or habits. Their.

She knows how to love. She knows how to give her love.

She understands that she is not God, and does not impose her beliefs, thoughts, confidence, she does not have a sense of guilt due to the fact that not everyone is endowed with reason.

She accepts herself as she is. And he's not afraid to be himself. Her life is interesting, and that's her life.

She lives in harmony with people. In harmony with nature. In harmony with progress. In harmony with yourself.

She is able to meet the difficulties of life with a smile, realizing that she is offered a test, an opportunity to get a new quality of life.

She's feminine.

It's natural.

She is…