Ankhara Gymnastics

"Berkut weighs only 3.5 kilograms, and what power"

In the medical mainstream, ankhara stands alone. Biophysics and biochemistry are combined with the repetition of animal habits to control breathing, health and longevity.

The lectures of Konstantin Glushenkov detail the steps to create the ankhar method, which began with Svetka, who wanted to lose weight. Admirers of Glushenkov's talent talk about the antiquity of the method, and perhaps they are even right. Breathing practices were used in monasteries all over the continent and not only ours.

1.    It is based on a scientific fact: land mammals are characterized by a hyperbolic relationship between body weight and metabolic rate. That is, the greater the mass, the lower the rate of metabolic processes.

Weight loss leads to a temporary decrease in mass and a decrease in metabolic rate in full accordance with the schedule, after some time a slow metabolism leads to a new weight gain. The process can continue until complete obesity.

2.    The number of fat cells in the body without surgery does not change from the age of 12. Excess body volumes are the result of an increase in fat cells. Moreover, fat reserves are needed by the body in reserve. The body will not give up its untouchable reserve! However, during periods of stress, poor nutrition and other "troubles", the body ceases to cope with the disposal of garbage, these toxins and slags accumulate in the same fat cells.

3 .    Under normal conditions, fat cells are inactive, they give up their reserve when nutrition does not enter the body. For example, in a dream. But in order for a fat cell to give away what has accumulated, its membrane must be activated by growth hormone. Unfortunately, with age, the pituitary gland produces growth hormone in smaller quantities.

4.    Modeling the processes occurring in the body during birth, the key is this technique. Or ankh – the sound that is obtained with proper breathing. The author believes that in this way the root of the word applicable to the priests, their temples and the symbol of the ankh could arise.

It is believed that gymnastics allows you to cleanse the body of toxins, due to which you can gain adequate weight, get rid of diseases and conditions of the nervous system caused by toxins, learn how to control the energy of your body.