Hatha Yoga Exercises

Looking for breathing exercises and figures for their gymnastics at home, I came across this complex. The load is small, breathing is maintained and restored in the course of the lesson. For those who are not particularly advanced in mantras, I will immediately explain: singing "om" adjusts the breath. Try it, we liked the effect.

I did not like something else, the usual gymnastics at home is more intense and dynamic. Believing that the intensity of the load leads to faster and more noticeable results. Alas, the complex of breathing exercises yoga does not imply a high speed of execution. You can pull the muscles, combining the incompatible.

Or am I missing something?

According to Wikipedia: Hatha Yoga (Sanskrit. हठयोग hʌʈhʌjo:gʌ) was described in the fifteenth century. in the treatise Hatha Yoga Pradipika. The author of the treatise Swami Swatmaram presents hatha yoga as a multi-stage way of preparing for a higher stage of Raja Yoga. The comprehension of hatha yoga is aimed at improving the physical body through diet, breathing, asanas (postures, positions), bandha (the practice of squeezing or holding), mudras (ritual gestures) and meditation and concentration.

Yoga is based on the idea that our entire body is permeated by streams of energy that connect us to the world in the broadest sense. The main task of the practice of yoga at any stage is to learn how to manage these flows, providing the possibility and quality of interaction with the environment, and the stage of development is only the expansion of the boundaries of possible interaction. Easily controlled by our consciousness, the continuous flow of energy within our body is a necessary condition for our beauty, health, and the expansion of the boundaries of our capabilities.

In Swami Swatmarama's treatise, limitations are presented as streams of thin air, thin water, thin fire, thin earth and thin ether, overcoming their streams of internal energy converge in the main channel of the body sushumnu, the receptivity of the mind appears and the way to a higher level of awareness opens, going beyond the stated theme of the site "beauty and health". The most effective practices in this higher level of yoga seem to have been bandhas.

It is surprising that the modern Russian perceives hatha yoga primarily as techniques for stretching muscles and joints to achieve plasticity and flexibility, although the essence of hatha yoga, even if considered by itself, and not as a stepping stone for higher levels, is not separable from energy flows, breathing, mysticism or magic of mudras, ethical principles and many other components. It seems to me that muscles and joints as they do not loosen, do not bend and the like, will not make beautiful and healthy someone who has deigned to mechanistically reproduce the essence of the teaching. Apparently, each exercise is filled with meaning, emotions and interaction with one of the elements, or subtle matters, perhaps even the direction of the gaze or turning to one of the cardinal points is important…