How to deal with dandruff

Suddenly, beautiful healthy hair, a natural decoration of the face, ceases to please. The reason for this change is dandruff.
White scales fall from the hair, forcing you to take off dark clothes, clean them and take action. Most people use special dandruff shampoos as measures. Sometimes they help, sometimes not, sometimes a strange thing happens: while shampoo is used, dandruff seems to be absent. as soon as happy from the fact that he got rid of dandruff, a person returns to the usual shampoos, everything repeats itself.
Dandruff is a violation of the normal change of cells of the scalp, the cycle of which is approximately 25-30 days, the cells are born, develop and die almost imperceptibly for a person. The accumulation of dead cells of the scalp is caused by a violation of the fat metabolism of the skin. Overproduction of fat by skin tissue is characteristic of oily dandruff, lack of fat in the metabolism of the scalp – for dry.

The causes of dandruff can be stress, it is enough just to allow yourself a good rest, preferably in cleaner environmental conditions than a metropolis, and dandruff can pass by itself.

The work of the gastrointestinal system can also provoke dandruff. In this case, you can contact a gastroenterologist or nutritionist.  General recommendations are reduced to an increase in fermented milk products in the diet and a decrease in the diet of smoked, fatty and spicy. Naturally, the choice of semi-finished products for any malfunctions of a healthy body should be carried out taking into account the composition, primarily paying attention to the components that improve taste, preservatives and organoleptic additives (contributing to the purchasing power of the goods). The best option is homemade food.
Adverse environmental factors or the use of inappropriate shampoos and hair cosmetics can also cause dandruff.

Common methods of therapy are the normalization of metabolism, the use of low-alkaline detergents, if necessary – therapeutic shampoos with chalcogenide compounds, shampoos with


zinc pyrithione, tar, azoles (ketoconazole, bifonazole), etc.

In this case, you can replace industrial shampoos and masks prepared independently. An essential point in "home" or individual cosmetics in our time is that having prepared a mask or shampoo, you yourself immediately use them, so additional preservatives, the external attractiveness of cosmetics pale before knowing the properties of the components of individual cosmetics.