How Ionic Cleaning Is Done

How cool it is to fall into the wet sand with your heel, then burying your fingers in it, wander along the edge of the coastline, where sand and wave connect, draw lines and mysterious letters until they had time to wash away the wave, or, okay, managed to, but some part of the message remained … And draw again to see which toe-drawn squiggle turns out to be the most tenacious.
This is a well-known to everyone who has ever enjoyed the lifestyle of a lazy "beachgoer" entertainment in a scientific way (sometimes I think where to find that heavenly place where "British scientists" have not yet stuck their nose), so in scientific terms it is called ion cleansing.

It is believed that on the surface of the foot there are projections of almost all systems and vital organs of the body, in addition, the skin of the foot is distinguished by large pores, through which toxins are removed along with sweat, cleaning not only the legs, but also allowing other systems to remove accumulated poisons. Also, science deals with the acidic environments of the human body and bacteria living in an acidic or alkaline environment, believing that acidity changes allow you to clean the surface and upper layers of the skin from bacteria.

When we walk along the beach, on wet sand, we, like normal people, do not think about anything so clever, if beauty and health flash in our thoughts, then the beauty of these places, the sound of the surf, the softness of the surface under our feet and the flight of birds over the water, salty splashes. drying grains on the skin… but the foot descends on the wet sand, the water under the influence of this violence produces negative ions, they penetrate into the pores of the skin, the products of metabolism (metabolic processes) leave the owner with relief. What? maybe they wanted to go on vacation too?

Healers, healers generalized and introduced into practice the experience of traditional medicine. This is when the medieval wet nurse returned from the labors of the righteous in a bad mood, and the children-household and other dependents had to please him. who's in what. Chad and the household dried the herbs for such an occasion (in huge quantities), stuffed the breadwinner's legs into the basin, and ran away to a safe distance in the hope that the wet legs of the breadwinner from the basin would not run after them. Herbs, we must give them credit, sometimes turned out to be very, very useful, because they had different beneficial effects: soothing, even sleeping, relieving fatigue, preventing various kinds of diseases. It is these finds of the ancient children and households of the breadwinner that form the basis of the "ion cleansing" of healers.
So modern people have not forgotten their grandfather's foot baths. "a basin of mustard" and, perhaps, they will not even forget which herb in what situation has a healing effect.
There was another story. in the center of which are thermal waters, which not only have a temperature. they also differ in mineral composition. That's what they claim. traditional Japanese miracle, they have a lot of geysers like on our Kuril Islands, if you hold your legs, then your well-being improves.
So mineral supplements were added to the foot baths.

Scientific and technological progress and the economy have gone further and offer water ionizers and a completely finished product baths with ionizers. Manufacturers claim that the baths "relieve swelling of the legs, strengthen the immune system, stimulate blood circulation, energize, help with allergies, at high pressure, relieve joint pain, relieve muscle pain, accelerate the healing of damaged soft tissues, relieve burning."

Thus, adding up three components: plants, minerals, ionizers, you can get at home "ion cleansing", i.e. walking barefoot on the beach.

Step by step instructions:

The most effective temperature is 40-42 ° C. Keeping your feet in water is recommended for 10-25 minutes, preferably ensuring the temperature regime is stable or gradually increasing the temperature.

For tired feet, it is recommended to take warm baths:
– add 5 drops of eucalyptus and 5 drops of mint essential oils to the water;


– if you add a tablespoon of coarse salt and linden flowers, then fatigue and swelling of the legs will pass;

– 3-5 drops of tea tree essential oil and a tablespoon of green tea are used to relieve fatigue and heaviness, normalize sweating, soften the skin with antiseptic effect.

tea tree

A tonic bath will turn out
if you add a handful of coarse salt or sea and a tablespoon of baking soda, for a cleansing and penetrating effect;

– a tablespoon of St. John's wort and nettle;


With scuffs and wounds, a bath with a tablespoon of calendula flowers will help out.

For colds, a tablespoon of mustard is added to the bath. (then also in wool socks with mustard and sleep).


To improve blood circulation, add a tablespoon of salt and pine needles.


Seaweed due to the high content of iodine neutralizes free radicals in the body, increases blood circulation, relieves fatigue and swelling.

Citrus peel has a disinfectant effect, the aroma of esters inspires optimism, it is even believed. that rubbing tangerine zest into the nail plate can cure the fungus.

For inflammation, chamomile flowers, pine needles or flaxseed are used.