How to do self-massage of the face

And there is no limit to perfection, so say philosophers and sages. Women are silent, perfecting their beauty and the very process of its creation.
Since I was not in Japan and did not study at the only shiatsu school in japan, who studied let me correct me, today I am trying to master an alternative method for the perfection of the face, saving it from … all sorts of troubles. We will remain silent about the troubles, since in the process we will have to remain silent only partially.
The process is fascinating. Judge for yourself: although our actions do not spread beyond the face, the first thing to do is to be imbued with the idea that each of us is part of the universe. Not just a part, but we are also connected to it. Presented?
Of course, I would also say "easy", but let's make sure that your posture is worthy of the Middle Ages and you will not shame the honor of the family to which you belong. Your spine is straight and elongated. Along the spine through the top of the head and passes the thread that connects you with the whole world around you. Your body doesn't stop you from feeling like a pendulum swinging to the beat of the universe.
If you succeeded on the first try, then perhaps you do not need a self-massage of the face, perhaps you underestimate yourself?

  • Now palms. They are a source of energy and heat. Rub them against each other. Make sure it's warm. With these warm palms, we intensively rub the entire face, warming it up too.
  • Open your mouth and pronounce the sound of "a-a-a-a-a" long and serious, to the sound you need to add a shake of the head from side to side. You need to wind intensively so that the cheeks shake. It's a go? It was funny to me, but my cheeks did not shake (that's harmful) even from laughter.
  • Verification of the seriousness of your intentions continues. Stretch your lips with a straw. Imagine that you are kissing in a single rhythm with the universe. You can close your eyes. The duration of the kiss is not limited, but remember that you do not participate in the contest for the longest kiss, so the speed of the task is in full accordance with your sense of the universe. Open your mouth wide, as wide as possible, the universe is big. Our Russian beauties have perfected this exercise – they simply raise and lower plastic bottles, fill them with water and break records in time and volume. There are no record holders in the Japanese procedure.
  • Fingers pointwise and spiral massage the forehead, cheeks, under the eyes. Do not move the skin carefully. Under the eyes even more carefully, the skin is the most sensitive.
  • Now you need to find the paired POINTS ST6. They are located in the bony fossa under the jaw joint.self-massage of the face
  • They can also be found in this way: the point located between the upper and lower jaws, if you firmly squeeze the jaws, ST6 will protrude slightly upwards. In Chinese tradition, they are called the "chariot of the jaw" and help treat toothache and throat. Press on it " / > with your fingers strongly, but not more than 3 seconds. (you can read more in the article about Japanese facial massage).
  • Stroking technology is not typical for shiatsu, according to some authors, but in this case it gently and carefully strokes under the chin with your thumbs.
    Let the neck take care of itself, let it only tilt its head back, fix the position of the chin upturned to the sky and hang on the chest 10 times.
  • If you're not sure if your thyroid is healthy, don't. Remember the ST9 point, it activates the thyroid gland. Located on the larynx, it is easily by the beat at this point of the pulse. Strong pressure can be dangerous and was used by warriors of the East to inflict injuries on the enemy, often incompatible with life.
  • The next VB2 point is subjected to a pressure of 30 seconds, a pressure in the Chinese tradition: the pads of the index fingers with a slight press and rotation. The poetic name of the point is the "collector of rumors", doctors are more accustomed to the temporomandibular joint. When you find it, lower the lower jaw up and down, move it to the right and left, after these actions the points (they are paired) will not be forgotten.  For massage, these movements are not needed, you just need to open your mouth not very wide before exposure.
  • Were you kicked by the ears as a child? You'll have to do it yourself. Since we have reached almost to the very ears, and there are so many important points on them, that only practicing acupuncturists will be able to list them by name. We will not even try, we will carry out processing for a minute wholesale of those that are on the earlobe. It is convenient to crumple the lobes with two fingers, grasping the ears from above and below. Then press the ears to the head and hold for 30 seconds.
  • Now gently and gently with the pads of three fingers, without pulling or displacing the skin, massage the area under the eyes from the edge to the center of the face. Pay attention to the essential oil suitable for this zone. As a base, it is recommended to use almond oil.
  • From above around the eyes, massage the face from nose to ear. With your thumbs, massage along the upper edge of the eye socket from the inner edge of the eye to the outer one. Press the point in the corner of the eye BL1 (in the Chinese tradition of jing-ming, the point used to relieve fatigue and wrinkles around the eyes) and rise from it to the palpable hole of BL2, located under the eyebrow. Massage of the BL2 point (cuan-zhu in medicine is used to reduce vision and dizziness) – acupressure gradually increasing pressure. The sensation of a properly made press can be associated with a dull pain going into the head.
  • After going around the eyes from above, return to the center. We are interested in the point between the eyebrows of yin-tang. In the proposed scheme of self-massage is the only unpaired point. In the Taoist tradition, the point is "palace of life" or "jade cauldron" or… is associated with the endocrine system, the pituitary gland and vital flows of biological energy. Among the Taoists, it is believed that at this point it is possible to control the front part of the brain, vision and the right eye. With your thumb, pad, press this point, if you are not alien to the understanding of meditation, turn to its capabilities, activating the potential of your intellect, memory, emotions, i.e. the potential of your personality.  When using the yin-tang point, remember that it is associated with the thyroid gland.
  • Go down, massage the ST3 and LI20 points.  ST3 is easy, it is located in the fossa of the cheekbone approximately at the level of the tip of the nose, down at the pupil line. Poetically called "face beauty", it is used to relieve headaches caused by a runny nose and cold. LI20 is located at the nostrils, called "pleasant smell", massage of the point relieves nasal congestion, is used for swelling of the face, acts on the facial muscles.
  • Now, with a sense of accomplishment, you can stick your tongue out as far as possible, relax and shout, "Ah, ah The self-massage is over.

Although it claims to be a shiatsu massage, it seems to me that this technique presents various schools of self-massage and movements aimed at creating a beautiful face and skin, the health of various body systems. It is based on the Eastern tradition rather than the Western one. Perhaps, doing such a self-massage, you will supplement it with some more of your own exercises that correspond to your appearance and health.