How to do self-massage of hands

You sit, forming an almost love triangle with the computer – eyes in the monitor, hands on the keyboard, your entire consciousness is limited by what you are doing. The specificity of the era, a new understanding of oneself, the world of the value of information. You have to swim, forgetting that you are not a virus, not a computer program, not even a fish in information flows, hoping that the currents will take you somewhere more or less interesting for you. The wave lifts and…
Fingers go numb, eyes get tired. Outside the window, birds sing, buds bloom, call you, but at the tips of your fingers is the fate of the world, the company, a profitable deal …
Interrupt, look at the thin fragile, protected only by thin plates of nails fingers. You can not go into philosophical problems: how can your fingers cope with the tasks assigned to them, just devote a few minutes to your hands. Perhaps the self-massage of your hands is just the little thing on which the future of the world, firms, transactions, the rise of the wave in the sea of information depends.

Self-massage of hands

  • Stroke the outside with one hand, from shoulder to wrist gently, gradually increasing the movement, swipe several times from shoulder to wrist and back.
  • Walk along the forearm with a pinching movement of the fingers and the base of the palm.
  • Massage each joint on each finger in a circular motion, it is more convenient to massage the finger bent.
  • Taking your finger at the base, gently pull each of them out of your palm. Gently stroke each finger from the base to the nail. Bend the middle and index fingers of one hand and rub them alternately the fingers of the other.
  • Stretch your fingers as far apart as possible, bring them back together. Bend the phalanges of the spread fingers and return them to their usual position. With your thumb, rub the spaces between the fingers of the other hand, bringing the thumb from the outside of the hand.
  • Massage the entire palm and wrists firmly, first with circular movements, then with pinpoint presses.
  • The massage ends with what it started with rubbing your palms one against the other until you feel a pleasant warmth.

For hand massage, a massage oil of your choice is suitable, a suitable cream, for example, with aloe, which protects your skin from adverse factors and restores after contact with degreasers. With suitable individual cosmetics, hand massage will ensure high quality work.