How to Comb Wet Hair

As you know, all people are divided into owls and larks, for owls, an extra 5 minutes of active life before work is a real punishment. The owl, which has beautiful long hair, is under the constant pressure of contradiction between the beautifully styled curls of its hair and the desire to wash its hair before going to bed.
Perhaps lovers of falling asleep with a wet head simply do not know that as a result, the hair is salted, sticking together and smelling not the best way. In addition, wet hair on the pillow can provoke a cold and neuralgia of the head.
In the morning or in the evening – to decide, of course, the owner of long hair, but in any case, their beauty requires time to carefully comb and lay the strands, and only then either go out "in the light" or go to bed.

It is very important not to go to bed with wet hair, but it is also important not to comb wet hair. Wet hair is vulnerable, they absorb moisture and are weighted by a third with water, stretched (this property is used in hair barometers), the bulbs are not so firmly held in wet skin. Before combing, the hair should dry.

If the hair is tangled, disassemble the strands with your hands, squeeze the wet with a towel several times and leave to dry, scattering separate strands over the shoulders, so they dry faster. You can remember how wonderful it is to shake the water off the dog's hair and do a little funny exercise: stand up, put your hands on your hips, lean forward and return the torso to its original position, turning your head from side to side at the same time. The fireworks of water droplets, which you probably saw in the movie "Beethoven", are not guaranteed, but… splashes will be. If you have the opportunity, dry your head in the fresh air (but not in the cold season, the head should not overcool)

Long hair, especially if it is not completely dry, should be combed with a rare comb, it is best to use the so-called "fish tail".

Before you style your hair, comb it back, forth, right and left, this combing best stimulates the bulbs and has an effect on the scalp similar to a light massage.

Beautiful, long and shiny hair to you and the moments of your life.