How to Develop Intuition

Intuition is one of the most important conditions of a winner's life. It is almost like electricity – everyone understands what it is, but there is no unambiguous definition. Perhaps everyone agrees that intuition is something contrary to logic, but not common sense.
Some people believe that intuition is the ability to prophesy or prediction. Allows you to play the lottery and win. Of course, intuition is an indispensable thing in casinos. It is thanks to her that you can break the bank or bet on zero several times in a row, and win each time.
Intuition for others is the inner voice that prompts; especially good in moments of danger.
In the scientific literature, most likely, intuition will be defined as the ability to draw conclusions not on the basis of a chain of logical conclusions, each of which can be proved, but directly, bypassing verbalization, building logical and cause-and-effect relationships. Thus, intuition is a way of obtaining and processing information in an implicit way. Consequently, it is enhanced by experience and time spent in a significant information field with a certain content and modality. Simply put, not fully realized knowledge more accurately and confidently arises in familiar situations or the same type, the source of information (hearing, sight, smell is also preferable to the usual).

In European and Russian psychology, logic and verbal thinking have always been a priority. In the East, on the contrary, the way of knowing the world is intuitive, holistic. At the heart of the worldview is the unity of the opposites of Ying-yang in continuous motion. Further, the phenomena and processes under consideration can be inscribed in this cycle. Everything is interconnected.

From the interaction of non-strict interrelated sets arises a series of events and destinies. The East appreciates the ability to feel the world and people in it and manage the future, managing yourself and your condition. In this depth into the self, turned outward, the concept of intuition in the Eastern tradition looms.
Therefore, a variety of practices cultivated in China, India, Tibet and other countries with a common worldview system include philosophy, breathing, nutrition, movement, meditation – as a holistic way to live. This is similar to our hygiene, exercise, traditions, but the system is more holistic, although no less diverse in specific manifestations.

In qigong, one of the central exercises is the "big tree" exercise. It is quite simple in technique, its purpose is the formation of an energy ball between the palms. It is this ball that can be used to train intuition with your chosen goals. Up to a purely practical application in gambling and lotteries.

The basis of Eastern practices is to feel the changes in your own body. A large tree is a convenient practice for activating energy flows. The warmth between the fingers holding the imaginary ball allows you to see how true and accurate your thoughts are. First you do the exercise itself, then you let the thoughts flow in any direction. It's important to feel the change.
You can use fragrances: Indian sticks, aroma lamps with oils that enhance intuition. You can use music. It is desirable that at least "white noise" sounds, then it will be easier for you to abstract from the outside world and listen to yourself.

Variants of the exercise can be legs shoulder width, arms to the sides. Often "true" leads to a noticeable deviation of the body in one direction, "incorrectly" in the other. You can sit, in a relaxed position, it is important that the hands lie very freely. Probably, they will tell you the right decision.
Naturally, the European needs feedback, confirmation. You can take cards and guess the suit, or toss a coin. With a coin, you can guess without intuition, the probability is high. You can use gambling sites as a criterion for changes in intuition, for example, in stone-paper-scissors and other games.
Try it, you will learn a lot of new and amazing things about yourself.

In the psychology of creativity, intuition is associated with the color blue.  You can "play" with the combination of blue-yellow, in the Eastern tradition this pair forms the ying-yang in color expression. There are options for creative awareness of purpose and meaning. Creativity is a very individual thing. Try, check, tell.