How to do a self-massage of the feet

Oh how many wonderful discoveries brings us… now the Internet.
It turns out that a 5-minute massage can replace half an hour of rest. Especially if it is a foot massage, even more precisely a foot massage. By the way, our movement towards health and beauty suggests that it is much more pleasant and convenient to move on healthy and beautiful legs, which massage contributes to as well as possible. 
Perhaps you do not have the time and desire to go to massage therapists, in this case it makes sense to enrich your piggy bank of knowledge with simple self-massage techniques.
Give it a shot. Of course, if you, like me, are passionate about natural cosmetics, essential oils, then massage quickly enters life. Somehow he does it unobtrusively. However, it is interesting to see various techniques that expand those that intuition suggests.
This can be done by watching a simple video, for example, this one, which discusses the techniques of anti-cellulite self-massage of the legs.
A very cozy video that easily turns the complex business of massage into entertainment in front of the TV. If you add to what you saw and cosmetics with essential oils (and they are very effective), then the prevention of cellulite will be a pleasant rest for you.
Anti-cellulite effect has: essential oils of orange, geranium, grapefruit, oregano, lemongrass, tangerine, juniper, nairoli and neuroli, black pepper, oils prepared by petitgrain, thyme, thuja, fennel and sage.

Massage and self-massage for well-being, anti-cellulite, on the principle of "losing weight in some places" in any case improves blood circulation, increases the efficiency of sports, promotes a good mood, since the biochemistry of the process is associated in the release of endorphins.
If you do not like essential oils, massage oils and other natural cosmetics, as I do, you can not bother, throw off your shoes, and, in what the boss finds, start a self-massage right in the office under the cover of the workplace.

Just take your own foot (under the table, no one will even notice your craving for a healthy lifestyle). Place one hand along the foot, the other parallel to the top. Stroke from your fingers upwards, not forgetting your heels, as much as your heart desires. The technique is called "stroking".

Having prepared large surfaces, pay your attention to the fingers, you can press on each of them, as is customary in shiatsu, or you can conduct self-massage. combining in one session the classical European school and the techniques of oriental medicine.

Supporting the leg with one hand, pull each toe out of the foot with the other hand in turn.
Taking the leg with both hands, turn it towards you with your foot, as much as possible for your own convenience, (you do not need to show the miracles of the eversion of the foot worthy of ballet). With the thumbs of both hands, placed one on top of the other, with strong short-term movements, push to the surface of the entire foot, starting from the side of the fingers. Now the second leg.

Release one arm, for example, let the left hand continue to support the leg. Squeeze the right into a fist and tap the entire surface of the foot with your fist. After tapping, rub the entire surface with circular movements of the phalanges of the fingers, clenched into a fist. This technique is called "kneading the phalanges of the fingers."  Tap and knead the phalanges of the fingers on the second leg.

Proceed to the "patting" technique: holding the leg with one hand, pat the surface of the foot with light tangential movements of the palm of the other hand.  The hand bounces off the surface only by touching the foot.

Finishing the self-massage of the feet, tap the surface of the ankles, do a "stroking" of the ankles and stroking the feet.
If you are still not at work, if you want to relax and relieve the tension of the day, give yourself pleasure, and rest your feet, then do a self-massage at home, comfortably sitting down, throwing off all the excess, and not just shoes. Take massage oil, foot cream, that cosmetic composition that is pleasant to your feet.

Cosmetologists are ready to share with us the ideas of such compositions: adding sea salt or crushed coffee beans to them, we get an exfoliating effect that cleanses the surface of the foot from old keratinized cells. (sea salt should not be used for wounds and cracks).  Fatty oils in accordance with your preferences nourish the skin and add a pleasant sliding effect to the procedure. Essential oils, of course, create an atmosphere of peace or vice versa contribute to an increase in the desire to move mountains. In addition, essential oils can warm, for example, orange oil; soothe (ilan-ylang, lavender, chamomile, lemon balm and others), relieve irritation or treat small wounds (noble laurel), can reduce sweating (vetiver, immortelle, oregano, spruce, hyssop, cypress, sage) or disodarite (coniferous oils, patchouli, sage, eucalyptus, vetiver and others) take care of other minor upsets, if you have them.