How to Wash Off Water-Resistant Mascara

Makeup lovers and other women are sometimes faced with an unexpectedly difficult task: to remove water-resistant mascara without harming the eyes and sensitive skin around them.
I wonder how such issues are solved in the spoiled West?
Oh, they're willing to share their experiences even by providing step-by-step instructions. Use.

Step 1
Use makeup removers or, better yet, specialized mascara remover cosmetics. even better if the mascara and remover are from the same manufacturer.  Gently massage the eyelashes, cleansing them of mascara, trying not to get into the eyes. The recommended Neutrogena One Step Gentle or Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser, for all its merits, can dehydrate eyelashes or dry the skin.

step 2
is only needed if your eyelashes are not cleaned, or the product is not suitable for you.  You can dissolve the most resistant mascara. if you give products such as Lancôme Bi-Facil Double-Action Eye Makeup Remover or, more affordable, Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover time to dissolve the mascara.
To do this, moisten a regular cotton swab and leave it for half a minute on eyelashes or skin if mascara spots get on the skin.  Then repeating the same movements as when applying mascara, gradually remove the paint from the eyelashes.
Remove the remains of the carcass at the base will help you Q-Tips funds.
After cleansing the eyelashes completely, wipe your face with cleansing milk or cream, and then lotion to remove the remnants of oily components of cosmetics from the skin.
Rinse the eyelashes and the skin around the eyes with plenty of water.
These actions take a little longer than usual, but they allow you to clean the eyelashes from any mascara completely.

The most entertaining thing about this post. that enthusiastic readers of the blog recommend more understandable means for me: olive oil and jojoba oil. as the least dangerous to the eyes. Olive oil in general is among the leaders in terms of the price-quality ratio of the stated task.
Probably you. Embarking on a fascinating journey through the world of vegetable oils, stop at some other, for example, castor, it not only removes mascara, but also promotes the growth of eyelashes.