How to relieve leg fatigue

Chinese sages are very fond of operating with the concept of "do" – the way. Everyone chooses his own path and goes along straight roads, along narrow, winding paths to his goal, dream, destination.
While the spirit of the sage absorbs the information and beauty of the world around him, the legs do the work, moving it in space. No matter how pleasant, beautiful and important the path would be, fatigue makes itself felt.
Apparently, the Chinese sages were distinguished by the remarkable property that their word did not diverge from deed. They came up with a simple acupressure for a tired traveler, relieving fatigue of the legs.
We move with the help of cars and other transport and our legs often do not know the path traveled, but still get tired. Who can take care of their ease and willingness to go further, except for their owner?

If the legs are tired, then make a bath for them, it is believed that the most effective change in hot and cold water temperature, you can add decoctions of herbs that relieve fatigue or essential oils.  After baths, as a rule, fatigue passes, but if there is a desire to learn shiatsu – acupressure of blind monks of Japan, then you can continue.

After wiping your feet dry, press three times on the points located on each toe. What I personally like about shiatsu ideology is the recognition of the fact that with self-massage it is enough to know the area of influence and consistency, then you can follow your feelings, bioactive zones respond to the pressure of your fingers, as if telling you exactly where to press.
Pressure on each point lasts 2 seconds, begins with the thumb. The last point on the finger is pressed sharply and the finger is torn from the skin.

After each toe, having received its share of your attention, already feels alive, go to the area where the leg lift is located, find a point in this area between the bones that responds to the pressure of your fingers, and press it several times.
This area can be massaged with the pads of three fingers, pressing three times on three points located next to each other along the same line.
You can continue the massage by pressing the lines towards the fingers, on each of the lines directed to the places between the fingers, 4 points. To relieve fatigue, these lines do not need to be massaged.

The next exposure zone is on the sole on the arch of the foot. If you feel very tired, then massaging the points of the arch of the foot, although it may seem strange, normalizes the work of the kidneys. The pressure lasts three seconds and can be continued in four parallel rows, similar to the previous actions. it is also not a necessary part of massage for fatigue.

Bending and straightening each toe, the foot is picked up from below and pulled in the direction of the knee slowly for 10 seconds, and then lower back.
Then press on the points located on the ankle.
Press three times for 3 seconds.

The next points to be affected are located on the Achilles three times for 3 seconds.

In principle, a foot massage that relieves leg fatigue can be completed, look at the result and repeat as often as fatigue or intuition suggests.
Shiatsu assumes a high level of intuition and a desire to understand your body, if you, like the ancients, have chosen as an integral part of your path the prevention of diseases, taking care of your health, then you will feel how to prevent the disease in advance. Your intuition, knowledge and lifestyle will contribute to longevity.
Making a massage according to the Shiatsu method, do not forget that the pressure is carried out with the thumb without a nail, tangibly, so that the bioactive point responds by triggering the defense mechanisms of the weakened system or relaxes after the impulse, relieving nervous tension and clamps.
Pressing is short-lived, no more than 6 seconds.
Conducting a massage of the sole, it will not be superfluous to know the zones located on the feet into which the nerve endings of the internal organs and body systems exit.