How to save vision

Yuri Alexandrovich Utekhin in the 60s is known as the author of optics (glasses) to improve vision. Now he conducts a reception in a Moscow clinic and helps people with poor eyesight. The author of the technique "Vigilance", which can be used in everyday life, improving his vision with the help of simple techniques. The technique, as far as I understand, is designed for myopia, but it helps everyone. who reads a lot, watches TV, on displays, works at the computer.

  • 1 no need to squint your eyes. especially with myopia, according to Utekhin, myopia already lengthens the eye, squinting you enhance this effect;
  • 2. No need to use a point directional light source, it creates the effect of a magnifying glass and "burns", because inside the eye the illuminated book is only a bright dot. Apparently. as the eyes turn red when watching TV for a long time in the dark, the brain protects the eyes and provides an increased blood supply;
  • 3 .  Utekhin is a man of the old school, in the metro of the USSR there were more readers than non-readers, so recognizing all the harm of reading in transport, especially on the bus, he proceeded from the fact that reading in transport is a national Russian tradition, and therefore indestructible. But it is in our power to reduce the harm of shaking and the ever-changing distance to the object: When reading in the subway standing – do not lean your back against the walls or closed doors, sitting – do not lean against the surfaces of the chairs and relax the spine. give it the opportunity to reduce the effect of vibration on vision.
  • 4. Actual exercises

-. if you use pirate glasses (one eye is closed), then the focus of vision is fixed on the center of one eye. All efforts are concentrated on making this eye see. In the process of reading, working by closing one eye. you force him to see better. The other eye rests. For myopia, you can increase the distance, for farsightedness gradually decrease. In order not to close your eyes with your hands, it is easier to use glasses with the right glass closed and the left one taken out and the second glasses with the right glass removed and the left glass closed, you can just use an opaque black cloth. These glasses were called pirate.
-. eyes should not be chained to objects at the same distance, you need to look into the distance, at distant objects, preferably without turning your head.
5. Eyes are part of the body, watch your posture, angle of view and other ergonomic parameters