How to fall asleep without pills

In any culture, a person's personal energy is evaluated as his strength. Chinese sages will talk about qi, European "nerds" about passionarity or charisma, a Russian man about "thunder broke out", etc.

Sluggish, weak people are convenient only for those who prefer to control other people, to use them for their own purposes.

Energy storage

It is possible to accumulate energy, but it becomes "boring", energy is looking for a way out. "Bad habits" come to the rescue – they suppress energy; extreme – he uses all energy reserves and throws out adrenaline, "paying" for the energy consumed by sensations. If the energy does not find a way out, then the system goes into disarray: irritation, discontent find an outlet in scandals and fights or other ways of clarifying relations.  Energy is released into the outside, but in the form of destructive actions that do not replenish the energy expended. There is no feedback that supports the production and accumulation of energy. In the extreme, in the abstract language of mathematicians, the system will cease to accumulate and produce energy.

Energy inside

Culture and upbringing do not allow the use of energy in the outside in an aggressive form. If the energy does not find an outlet outside, then its demanded excess accumulates inside. A certain amount of energy is a reserve, some – replenishes the previously lost one. The discharge of "excess" energy can be carried out with the help of alcohol, smoking and other bad habits: laziness, gluttony, etc. If there is excess unclaimed energy inside, then the body ceases to produce it. During life, a person passes in 25-30 years his energy maximum (there may be other age criteria, depending on the goal), and then the energy inevitably falls. Sooner or later, a person is faced with a lack of energy / time to maintain the usual way of life, and his body does not help him replenish energy.

Insomnia Trap

Things have accumulated, everything does not have time to do on time. The problems are through the roof. The mind scrolls and winds up problems. The natural sleep-wake cycle is disrupted. Sleep doesn't come. Insomnia, supported by discontent and the activity of the restless brain, aggravates the situation. The body is deprived of normal rest and a period of rest. On the one hand, unattained goals and needs are growing, on the other hand, the available energy is consumed unproductively. The body has no reason to replenish it.

Closed cycle of insomnia

Before solving the accumulated problems, you have to solve the basic: where to get the strength to solve them.and restore natural sleep. The simplest solution to the problem may be knowledge of how to fall asleep easily and quickly. As you know, for the human body, the best time to fall asleep can be considered 10 pm no later. You can argue with this thought, talk about your favorite series or about the mode of operation, but when the head lies on the pillow, and it is definitely clear that it's time to sleep, but not to fall asleep – the matter is crap, a closed cycle has formed, it is difficult to get out of which.

The way out of the vicious circle is knowledge.

In a situation of insomnia, simple relaxation techniques will help. Their advantage is simplicity and the ability to use directly in the crib.

Recipe for the school of training saboteurs of the GRU.

The recipe became known thanks to the books of the defector Viktor Suvorov: "Lie on your back, stretch out, relax the whole body. Close your eyes and roll your pupils up under your closed eyelids. This is a normal condition of the eyes during sleep. Having accepted this position, a person falls asleep quickly, easily and deeply. "


You can use mudras. Combinations of several fingers help to calm down and escape from the clutches of stress into the arms of sleep.

why:- evens out the energy of the whole organism; increases endurance, efficiency, improves visual acuity, increases immunity, reduces dependence on beriberi, face and eyes begin to shine.
when: – with rapid fatigue, disorders and diseases of vision, in fasting to reduce the feeling of hunger and thirst
– how: with a slight press connect the pads of the little finger, naked and thumb


why: – with insomnia and sleep disorders.
when: – when not to fall asleep
as – The thumbs of the right and left hand are hidden inside the palms. The ring fingers and little fingers of the right and left hands are connected to each other by pads: ring fingers, little fingers together. The remaining fingers freely cover the thumbs hidden in the palms. The right and left hand do not touch except for the pads of the little fingers and ring fingers. Although it is possible to perform another mudra.
Breathing on exhalation is delayed and reaches the pelvis.

Of the "finger" methods, one can also advise "energy dumping", this method is used by yogis to release excess energy. Can be performed lying down. All the pads of the fingers of the left hand are reduced to a "pinch". This peculiar pinch is carried from the nail to the base of the thumb. During the day, you can transfer the "chaos of excess energy" to the right hand, thus increasing the energy of the action. The method is based on the fact that the right hand is more involved in any processes than the left.

3 .   


Acupressure for insomnia can help you fall asleep and relax. Some of the points are located on the back, but there are also points available for self-massage that are useful to know.

1.    The massage begins with paired points B 38 ("vital diaphragm").

For self-massage, small balls are used, which are arranged in such a way as to affect the B38. Lie on the balls for 1 minute.
point B 38 ("life diaphragm"). The symmetrical point is located on the line with insomniaof the heart between the spinal column and the scapula. The effect on this point calms and helps with insomnia.

2.    With the thumb of the left hand, press the point P 6 of the right hand for 1 minute. Then, with the right hand, act on the P6 point of the left hand in the same way.

Point P 6 ("inner gate"). The symmetrical point is 2 tsun above the flexor joint, between the tendons of the long palmar muscle and the radial flexor of the hand. In this place, protected by muscles and bones, the median nerve passes, which is felt with strong pressure, as well as the external and internal skin nerves of the forearm, the interosseous artery is also located here. Relieves nausea, upset digestive system, is used for insomnia.

3 .    Pressing the thumb of the right hand for 1 minute on the H7 point on the left hand. A similar massage of this point on the right hand.

Point H 7 ("gate of the spirit"). The symmetrical point is located nearby on the inner surface of the wrist fold, in continuation of the line of the little finger. It is used for insomnia. Reduces arousal and anxiety.

4.    With half-bent fingers, a simultaneous massage of symmetrical points B 10 is carried out for 1 minute.

Point B 10 ("divine pillar"). The symmetrical point is 1.5 cm below the base of the skull and 1 cm from the spinal column. It is used for insomnia, stress, nervous disorders.

5.    With the middle fingers of the right and left hands, simultaneously press the GV 16 point.

Point GV 16 ("wind castle"). An asymmetrical point is located under the base of the skull in a depression. It is used for emotional overload and insomnia.

6.   At the points of GB 20, simultaneous gradually increasing pressure is produced, the amplification is produced until a pulsation sensation appears at the POINTS of GB 20. The total time of the massage point is no more than 1 minute.

7.    Simultaneous massage of the points GV 24.5 and CV 17 is performed as follows: the middle finger of the right hand presses the point GV 24.5, and the fingers of the left hand press on CV 17. Massage time – 1 minute.

The GV 24.5 point is commonly known as the "third eye". An asymmetrical point is just above the eyebrow line between them. It is used for insomnia, calms the nerves.

Point CV 17 ("sea of tranquility"). An asymmetrical point is located in the center of the sternum at a distance of three fingers from its base. It is used for insomnia, emotional disorders.

8.   legs with insomniaSimultaneously on the right and left, with the right hand on the right, the left left, press with the thumbs on the points K6, the rest on the points B 62 for 1 minute.

Point K 6 ("joyful dream"). A symmetrical point is located under the inside of the ram bone, in a depression. It is used in the treatment of hypertension, pain in the heel area, with feelings of anxiety and worry, it helps well with insomnia.

4.    Often the tension affects the visual analyzers in this case, you can use palming, trying to "see" impenetrable black and other techniques for relieving eye strain.

5.     General recommendations include clean air, bedtime walks, relaxing baths (can be found here), herbal teas (from valerian or hop roots, but valerian is addictive, and hops scare men with an abundance of extragen) and banal fresh sheets.

6.     Aromatherapy for sleep.

If, after rinsing before drying, dip these very sheets in water with a couple of drops of essential oils, you will get the best aromatherapy that does not violate the naturalness of falling asleep and sleeping. Although you can use candles, aroma lamps and pillows for sleeping

7.     Sleep music

Someone likes to fall asleep to the sound of ocean waves, someone to the sounds of the forest, but it is best to sleep to the sounds of endless rain.

Art therapists recommend classical musical works such as: "Moonlight Sonata", "Symphony in A Minor" by Beethoven, works by Bach, especially "Cantata No. 2" and "Barcarolle" by Tchaikovsky. To this list can be added – the suite "Peer Gynt" by Grieg, "Sad Waltz" by Sibelius, "Dreams" by Schumann, pieces by Tchaikovsky.

Restful sleep, in the morning you will begin to leave the closed cycle, help your body acquire healthy habits and quickly restore natural sleep.