What color to make a bedroom

Color plays a big role in our lives. Even those who don't stop to stare at the sunset sky while battles play out on it between the red, yellow hues of the passing day and the dark blue expanse of the approaching night – even they are subject to the influence of color.
And between day and night, the influence on the subconscious mind increases. In the bedroom, when a person is not yet asleep, but is no longer busy with business, he is released by "necessary" and "what is planned for the day", when his state between wakefulness and sleep, the energies of action pass into the energies of rest, comprehension and accumulation.
Mind control is weakened, critical thinking is turned off. At the same time, intuition is turned on, perceiving comprehensively, and also at this time you can dream, fantasize, feel the smell, color, sound, all tactile characteristics are perceived more sharply: therefore, people like to stroke their animals before going to bed.
This time belongs to those we love – a time for emotions, actions – all that makes up our daily happiness. Naturally, I want this happiness to be complete. not some kind of crippled person.
Color, in the environment of which there is a transition from day to night, is a very important part of the beauty and health of a person, ensuring his harmony or vice versa, violating it.

Designers and psychologists advise before arguing about that. What color to make a bedroom, answer a few questions related to what you want in the near future. Choose the elements of the decor in accordance with the longevity of your desires and the speed of their achievement. Some colors are tiring, do not use them to make durable wall structures, windows or doors, otherwise you will soon have to use films or repaint the surface.

If you want a child, then hang curtains of light blue color and attach a bright red spot to them, for example, a bow.

The cold rest of blue corresponds to the onset of night in nature. Color reduces efficiency, emotionality. The energy not expended during the day is directed to quiet contemplation and reflection. It can inspire sadness, enhance mental activity.

In medicine, blue is used to restore the respiratory system, vision and hearing. It is believed that blue contributes to the normal functioning of the thyroid gland, wound healing and reduces pain. Inhibits bleeding and appetite.

Red is the opposite of blue. The color of energy. Activity. agitation and aggression. Increased use of red in interiors and clothing can lead to exhaustion!

In color therapy, it is used to increase pressure in hypotension, anemia, PMS, sexual disorders and colds.

In order to avoid cheating, you can reduce excessive sexual excitability by adding several elements of salad color to the interior. The color combines the energy of yellow and green.

Newlyweds can have a great honeymoon in colorful, multi-colored interiors, however, if the spouses have already lost the effect of the novelty of the relationship, calmer color solutions, based on 2-3 dominant colors, will contribute to a harmonious relationship, maintaining their brightness.

If it is difficult for newlyweds to understand each other in bed, then a white bedroom with a lot of plants, natural green color, natural style will help them.

White color creates protection, strengthens the entire body and cleanses it. From the point of view of psychology, white helps to hide emotions, not to take everything to heart. This color is a symbol of pure intentions, purity and perfection. In the interior, it can be consistently associated with the hospital and sterility.

Green color relaxes, softens, soothes, but does not put to sleep. The color of foliage and grass, it is associated with a smooth rhythm of free movement, the surface of the leaves and silky grass.

In color therapy, it is considered favorable for vision, relieves overstrain and headache, reduces cardiovascular problems, affects tissue regeneration, promotes the search for a new image, self-knowledge and the formation of a new "I".

For more vivid relationships, in which there is no place for excessive shyness and complexity, we can recommend an emerald color that develops imagination and courage.

The dark golden color of the bedroom enhances the emotionality of the relationship.

Purple shades in the interior of the bedroom bring novelty and emotionality to the fading relationship.

Purple color from the point of view of the theory is passive, no wonder the phrase "under a recumbent stone, the water does not flow" causes a fashionable continuation – "I am purple". Purple reduces efficiency and workaholism, while reducing drowsiness and fatigue, helps to detach from the bustle of everyday life, adjusts to interaction with the inner world and harmony.  Purple in the bedroom – to pleasant dreams. Purple is believed to reduce arthritis pain and slow the growth of tumors. Constant exposure to purple can lead to chronic fatigue.

Although yellow is recommended to be used in the bedroom for its beneficial effect on the nervous system and the creative potential of the individual, if people begin to quarrel often, they can be advised to sacrifice the design of the bedroom and throw out light yellow, orange and bright red colors, replacing them with dark blue or dark yellow. When the couple learns not to find out in the bedroom "who is the boss in the house" yellow, orange and maybe even red colors can return – experiment first with oranges and grapefruits.

Yellow is associated with the sun, strengthens, tones, excites, increases efficiency, but increases the efficiency of the energy of red and orange is higher.
Increases creative output, can be used to prevent depression, supports mood and optimism.
Yellow increases appetite and heals the liver and digestive system.

Orange is considered not only the color of "export revolutions", but mainly the color of health. Creates a cheerful and cheerful mood, helps to cope with emotional and intellectual stress. Similar in effect on the psyche and health with red, but warmer, softer, less tiring. Promotes sociability, mutual understanding, ease and optimism.
Favorable for the respiratory system, pancreas and thyroid glands, spleen and small intestine.

The green color of the bedroom is more suitable for people engaged in physical labor, for "thinkers" it is recommended – blue.

When mixing blue and white, a blue, soothing color is obtained, causing drowsiness, reducing the energy of vital activity and emotional manifestations. The color of the sky contributes to the impulse of creativity, the meeting with inspiration, your own inner world. In the blue interior, you feel great alone, like walking along the seashore between water and air.
Blue helps to restore the nervous system, helps to cure the throat.
Blue is considered ideal for a bedroom, bathroom and study.

When diets, exercise and other ways to lose weight do not help, check whether the cause of excess weight in your bedroom is hidden in the form of orange objects, bed linen. decorative elements – remove them to other rooms, otherwise your desire is, apparently, nothing can stop.

Do not use brown in the bedroom, it accelerates the aging process, both body and relationships.

Brown refers to depressive colors. He is calm and reserved. Exposure to brown color is characterized by a feeling of warmth, creating a soft and calm mood.