Beauty in centimeters

"I tested the algebra harmony … " – this thought of the great poet fascinates, impresses and calls to look for numbers with which it would be possible to prove, emphasize, algorithmize harmony, beauty and health, as the rainbow expresses the diversity of color, and the notes enhance the impact of music …
Numbers… Height, weight, age adjustment – this is the formula of beauty … Height, weight, jogging – here it is a health exam, adjusted for diet, stress, vacation …
Stop, we don't count calories, we don't measure waist and biceps, we just admire or admire, we don't look at pictures comparing them to the spectrum and don't listen to music, going from D bimol to sharp…
Only by creating paintings, melodies, poems, we check our creativity with numbers. And no one forces us to drive ourselves into kilograms from the last strength, and our beauty into centimeters invented by someone, forgetting about our health and our individuality. Do you want your waist to be thinner? It's cool! We measure your waist, take a series of actions and compare, measure before and after actions. Let "now" be the standard, the point of reference, and the assessment of your actions and the correctness of the choice will appear when you re-measure?
Numbers you should measure:


As a rule, all those who can read are familiar with rosters from school, a children's clinic or a kindergarten, but at home a door jamb is more often used, on which even numbers are not always put, but notes are made. About! how you have grown in a year! And this "how" is visible immediately, without leaving the door. If the measurements are more than one year (or another time interval) you can even easily read the growth trend from the notches.

There are also rules that should not be forgotten to get an accurate image. You do not need to strive too hard to become higher, stretching and smearing the spine on the jamb, to stand on tiptoes, especially, to wear higher heels. It is better to remove shoes, little can happen to it, and we do not need extra errors in measurement. Heels should be placed to the jamb itself, you should not relax either, the buttocks and shoulder blades are pressed against the jamb, the head is not pulled up and not lowered. The correct position of the head can be checked along the line connecting the lower edge of the eyes and the ear canal, the line should be horizontal. It is clear that the shoulders and other parts of the body are symmetrical and, connecting the right and left sides, the lines are also horizontal. The measurement is made using a triangle or any object with a right angle that can be lowered on the head, sliding from above along the jamb. The notch is placed on a jamb in the place where the right angle rests on the head.

If you can't do without the actual numbers, you can measure centimeters, it is better not to have a flexible tailor's meter, but a folding construction meter, which has more rigidity.


I don't know about you, I already have emotions about that word. Judge for yourself, easily and casually clapping with the mouse in search of necessary or pleasant information, now and then you stumble upon flashing and screaming about weight, and often for some reason not just about the weight that prevents everyone from sliding the mouse smoothly and at ease, but about my weight!!! Let him introduce himself and explain what is the matter of the one to whom my 10 kilograms of weight stood across the throat and scientific and technological progress!

You can, of course, go to the clinic or other place where you will be weighed and even a certificate will be issued, albeit in the form of a stunted coupon. In my opinion, it is better to buy a scale. Choose so that the space does not take up much, the batteries were standard and so on, and if the scales are on sale, do not grab it immediately, remember that you buy a device for measuring beauty! Bought? It's cool! At home, you can throw everything off and measure the weight of your body, and not with an adjustment for a thick bathrobe and a towel in which your wet and heavy hair is dried. Decide what time you are comfortable with as a reference? Weighing water from the shower, I also think, is not necessary, just like eating breakfast, lunch or dinner. Since we have chosen the time, we do not have to take into account the errors, we stand on the scales, let the shooters or numbers calm down and write ourselves a coupon on our own. We will need the date and figure, you can add comments).

Waist size

first, we take the tailor's meter. Now we are imbued with the idea that the waist of a wasp or the waist of a person of 20 centimeters should become a universal museum standard, and it urgently needs to be mummified in order to preserve it as a standard for all mankind, so that all subsequent generations who have the honor to live on Earth know what to strive for, so that they have numbers, image and proof! By the inertia of this thought, you breathe calmly, not trying to die of asphyxia, exhaling and squeezing out, like a corset, all the excess, and measure at the narrowest point. A check for truthfulness – a tailor's meter, clamped by your fingers, moves along the waist with the ease of a computer mouse spitting on luring banners.

Hip volume

There is a walk where in the wild. Just keep in mind that the difference in waist size and hips should not cause thoughts of a comfortable coffee stand or encyclopedia, which you would always like to keep at hand. If you want a difference that causes such associations, start with the waist, the tailor will draw you with the folds of thigh tissue that you wish. The measurement is carried out by connecting the most convex points below the waist with a meter. Tailors, measuring the coverage of the hips, try to place the oval of the meter in the horizontal plane and check that raising and lowering the oval of the meter up and down, nothing interferes with them. We, forming our figure, in accordance with our own criteria, can come up with additional rules.

Breast volume or coverage

Measured similarly to the hips, the meter passes along the highest points of the chest. For tailors, for some reason, it is important to get numbers by looking at the back and shoulder blades, but when measuring on our own, we just need to make sure that the meter does not fall between the right and left breasts, increasing its size.

Hip coverage

It is measured at the widest point of the leg, usually a few centimeters below the junction of these very legs). The rules are the same: horizontality and free passage of the oval up and down. Although it is most convenient to measure the volume of the thigh yourself by placing the leg at a right angle, for example, on a chair, so that horizontality in this measurement is a rather relative concept: horizontally in a straight and flat position of the leg standing on the floor. If there are problems with relativity, then measure just without pretension standing).

Shin coverage

It is measured in the same way as the coverage of the thigh, only it is necessary to measure the widest place of the leg below the knee, it, like the previous measurement, is located slightly below the knee.

Ankle Coverage
Measure the narrowest point above the ankle joint.

The volume of the hand
is measured in the position of the hand when the relief of the biceps is most pronounced, the largest size is the desired value.

The volume of the forearm
is measured in a calm position, as the widest place below the elbow.

Wrist volume Measure the
volume along the fold line of the hand relative to the hand, making sure that the bones of the joints do not fall under the centimeter.

Neck volume
is measured similarly to the rest, at the narrowest point between the head and trunk.

Now we have reference values that we may want to change: increase or decrease, or maintain. By including certain exercises in gymnastics at home, we can see in numbers and centimeters how they affect our beauty and health. You can add other standards, such as:

The easiest
way to measure it is by connecting the high points of the chest with a meter, wrapping the meter around the neck. For tailors, the number will not say anything, but it will be convenient for you to compare the numbers.

Hip height

tailors use the distance from the neck point to the most protruding part of the buttocks, pressing a centimeter tape in the waist area (we remind you that it was here that the measurement of the girth of the hips was made). You can use the distance from the waist line to the most protruding point at the back or side, depending on which line of your figure you want to change-save now or in the future.