Face as a diagnosis

Doctors and cosmetologists are well aware that the internal organs of the body are projected on the skin of the face. This helps them to make a more accurate diagnosis when they are approached by a patient tortured by the disease. Perhaps, by looking closely at your face, you can detect signals about the state of your health that the skin sends and not postpone your visit to the doctor.
Let's move from top to bottom for certainty:

If acne appears on the forehead, then we can assume slagging of the body associated with constipation, stress and / and ecology.
In addition to acne, there may be other symptoms that you should pay attention to: headaches, unhealthy complexion: pale or earthy, swelling or bags under the eyes, fatigue and fatigue, heaviness in the abdomen, chronic diseases of the nasopharynx (sinusitis, tonsillitis), sweating, fragility and excessive hair loss.

With skin problems in the forehead, it is advised to drink more water, change the diet, reduce the consumption of fatty, fried spicy.

the zone of the beginning of hair growth (1) – a projection of bladder disorders, the bladder is also associated with the area under the chin (the lower part of the chin to the neck)
In case of disturbances in the work of the gallbladder, the skin at the temples (2) often turns red and acne appears, often accompanied by the occurrence of a headache of temporal localization, sometimes the skin turns yellow, in severe cases, the sclera of the eyes turn yellow.

The liver is projected onto the bridge of the nose. Pimples and other cosmetic skin problems in the bridge of the nose may be accompanied by weakness, increased fatigue, nausea and heartburn, pungent bad breath, increased hunger and extreme thirst, headaches, yellowed eye whites and a yellow skin tone, pressing pain in the right hypochondrium.  

With pimples in the bridge of the nose (4), it is recommended to abandon alcohol, spicy, including onions and garlic, fatty, fried, eat often, but in small portions, only freshly prepared food, reduce the consumption of milk and dairy products, increase stewed and steam processing, give preference to sweet, bitter, astringent, raw vegetables and fruits, avoid heat.

The liver also affects the work of the jaw joints, you can check the kneading area above them with a finger, painful sensations over the right joint signal problems in the right lobe of the liver. above the left – in the left.

Temporal areas (5) are associated with the work of the spleen.

For the beneficial activity of the spleen, it is recommended to exclude cold and poorly cooked food from the diet, limit sweet, floury (from wheat), fatty, even fatty dairy products, exclude cigarettes, increase rice, legumes, fish, poultry in the diet, do not avoid meat; develop your attitude to coffee, chocolate, alcohol, acidic, spicy foods and seasonings.

The spleen is a kind of energy center of the body that ensures the performance of all life support systems of organs with the necessary fluids: circulatory, lymphatic, etc., the normal functioning of the spleen affects the work of the liver, kidneys, the composition of bone tissue and joints.

The area around the eyes is a projection of internal organs, inherited diseases, allergies and respiratory infections, in general, the urinary-reproductive system and kidneys are projected here.

With edema, dark skin around the eyes (6), acne, it is recommended to prevent / treat hereditary diseases, diagnose the kidneys and urinary system, increase sleep, rest, reduce salt and alcohol intake, less often be in the bright sun.

The ears are a projection of many organs of the body, this is used by acupuncturists, but the general condition of the skin of the ears transmits the condition of the kidneys.
The kidneys are necessary for the youth of our body, they remove harmful substances from the body, produce bioactive substances necessary for metabolic processes. Chronic kidney disease can be asymptomatic, chaotic and imperceptible even to specialists. Among the symptoms are swelling of the legs, hands, area around the eyes, thirst, frequent urination, pallor, dryness and itching of the skin, decreased vision, chronic fatigue and shortness of breath.
The development of kidney disease is transmitted to the reproductive system of both men and women, and also leads to the deposition of salts in the joints, increases intoxication of the body, reduces overall energy and interest in life.

With constant redness of the ears and skin disorders (7), it is recommended to exclude meat, fats, liver, dishes from the heads and legs of livestock, alcohol from the diet. coffee, tobacco smoking, more often include in the diet dairy products, fruits, vegetables, citrus fruits, drink more, especially mineral water and tea with lemon.

The cheeks, the place where the work of the lungs is projected, the right cheek is connected with the right lung, the left – with the left. Unhealthy red spots, destroyed capillaries, rashes can reflect lung diseases, as well as allergic reactions.
In the upper part of the left cheek, red spots may appear – evidence of cardiac disorders.

Recommendations for violation of the beauty and purity of the skin in the cheek area (8) are reduced to an attentive attitude to fresh air, ecology and, of course, smoking cessation.

Violations of the lungs are also manifested in shortness of breath, cough, including blood, difficulty breathing, pain in the chest.

Pimples on the nose (9) occur in almost everyone during puberty, a popping pimple likes to explain by the fact that someone fell in love. In fact, the enlarged pores of the skin of the nose, the intensity of metabolic processes. contribute to the ingress of dirt and pimples. In adulthood, pimples on the nose are evidence of some disturbances in the immune, endocrine or digestive system.

The tip of the nose and wings (10) projection of the heart, violations of the purity and health of the skin in these places, are associated with weakness of the heart muscle, arrhythmias are possible, the "red nose" is associated with circulatory disorders.  

Cardiac disorders can manifest themselves in the form of a red spot on the left cheek, blue on the lips (a sign of a violation of the cardiovascular system and / or blood circulation), cyanosis of the nasolabial triangle – this is a danger signal, a warning of a pre-infarction state, heart septal disorders, (pronounced white color of the nasolabial triangle is a sign of severe overwork), touching the eyebrows with your fingers, you can feel painful sensations.

Recommendations for the normalization of heart activity include: a fiber-rich diet that promotes the withdrawal of cholesterol, frequent meals, refusal to eat before bedtime, vegetables and juices in large quantities, thorough chewing and restriction of drinking directly during meals.

The ureters project onto the face along the nasolabial fold (11). They begin near the lacrimal canal on the face and end at the bottom of the chin in the area of the projection zone of the bladder.
The chin (13) is associated with abnormalities in the activity of the reproductive system, redness and acne indicate the possibility of abnormalities in the appendages and / or ovaries or the possibility of developing prostatitis. And for men. and for women, we can talk about congestion in the pelvic area.  With redness, pimples around the lips (13), the same violations are likely, but you should pay attention to the fatigue and problems with cardiac activity described above.

In case of skin deviations from the norm in the chin area, it is recommended to consult a gynecologist (urologist), make an analysis for latent and obvious infections and an endocrinologist, and make an analysis of hormones.

Problems in these areas (12) may be due to problems with the mouth, teeth, and gums.

It is recommended to visit the dental office.

Lips indicate problems. related to digestion: the upper lip – with the stomach, the inner part of the lower lip indicates the small intestine, and the peripheral – to the thick, the corners of the lips – to the duodenum.

Changes in the skin in the neck can be symptoms, diseases of the endocrine and digestive system, colds or infectious diseases. as well as allergies.

In general, acne is associated with malnutrition, changes or violations of metabolic and hormonal processes, it is recommended to monitor nutrition: abandon "fast food" and cook yourself, choosing environmentally friendly fresh foods, lead a healthy lifestyle, do not overwork and do not succumb to hypodynamia, relax in clean fresh air, exercise caution in the sun and in water and high humidity; Do not squeeze out pimples and do not touch them with your hands, especially dirty ones!