Face in the morning

When a beautiful woman and a unique actress Alice Freundlich was asked how she felt in the role of the "blue stocking" lyudmila Prokofievna Kalugina, starring in Ryazanov's "Service Novel", she replied that she had no desire to be ashamed of her own appearance, and this is the kind of face she sees every morning in her mirror. The office novel was released in 1977. Today you have a photo from the wiki, "Alisa Brunovna Freundlich, December 8,  1934 (1934-12-08) (76 years old), Leningrad … "
She is a brave woman and an outstanding actress, if you know for sure that at 76 you will look like Alice Freundlich, then, of course, it is not terrible that the face in the morning looks like the director of the research institute. Forgive me Alisa Brunovna, of course, I will try to be philosophical about the mirror in the morning, but I want to wake up so that the birds outside the window sing for me, so that the first rays of the sun are happy to illuminate my face, so that the dew on the grass is happy to say "good morning" and wash …

Let's dedicate a few minutes of attention to this?

It is difficult to imagine that the face will look fresh and rested if you have not slept or, conversely, slept too long.
It is unlikely that without fresh air, the face will glow with cleanliness and freshness in the early morning. It is more likely that falling asleep to the muttering of another television series, in a confined space, you will wake up and see in the mirror a slight or quite concrete hint of resemblance to a bag of potatoes, just taken out of the vegetable depot of the time of the creation of the "Service Novel". Want to check? for the fullness of impressions, until fatigue breaks you, have dinner and watch the series, add more fat, appetite-stimulating spices and seasonings, do not turn off the TV, do not turn on the air conditioner, do not open the windows … Tried? you're a brave person, I wouldn't dare to risk myself like that). 
It is in the power of those who are not indifferent to beauty and health to make sure that our sleep is a good rest for the whole organism: the lungs are provided with fresh air, the eyes – with darkness, the ears – silence, the stomach – emptiness, it was not hot or too cold.
The skin deserves special attention. In the morning, the skin of the face can be fresh and rested in the event that it is cleaned, give it the opportunity to breathe. Accordingly, all cosmetics are removed from the face, it is best to use makeup removers of the same company as the makeup itself.
You can use infusions of herbs that gently treat skin problems. It is possible that the use of calendula flower infusion, which is suitable for a deeper cleansing of oily skin and helps to narrow pores, will have a double effect, making the skin both smooth and ridding it of oily shine.
For oily skin, it is also appropriate to use infusions of pharmacy chamomile flowers, sage leaves, St. John's wort, nettles, rose petals and rose hips.
You can use this method: make an infusion of herbs and freeze it in the refrigerator, then you can wipe the skin of the face and neck with ice cubes. This procedure has a rather strong tonic effect, activates the immune properties of the skin, narrows the pores and preserves the healing properties of the herbal infusion. It makes sense to choose the time of exposure to cold on the skin, so that the pores do not "slam shut".

To this can be added the way in which Catherine II took care of her skin. There were ice containers in her bedroom every night. According to contemporaries, the queen was distinguished by a very clean and smooth skin from most other secular beauties of her time. Perhaps its recipe is suitable for those who suffer from a lack of humidity during the heating season.
Some women use night creams that nourish the skin, smooth wrinkles and form part of daily facial care. Using this kind of means, it is advisable to ensure that they do not clog the pores and do not prevent the skin from breathing. The helium base of the cream is more consistent with these requirements. Gels have the property of being absorbed quickly and completely.  You can use masks, their therapeutic and cosmetic effect continues after the mask is washed away, the skin both breathes and is treated. In any case, all excess cosmetics before going to bed disappear from the skin, opening the pores for cells to breathe.
These simple tips will hopefully help you wake up to meet a reflection that will delight the eyes and create a pleasant mood for the whole day. Moreover, no research institute will prevent you from meeting the first rays of the sun for many years without a visor, burqa or running away from your own mirror in horror.