Lunar calendar of beauty and health

It is believed that hair should be cut according to the lunar calendar. In the East in China, people eat rice and seasonings for it, rice is constant, and seasonings depend on the time of year and lunar cycles.
Curiously, the lunar cycles in the era of militant atheism were somehow behind the scenes. Pull them out from the dark side, let's try to understand what is superstition in them, and what is the practice of beauty and health?

The lunar calendar consists of the phases of the moon. Looking at the night sky, we like to dream under the stars, especially when they crumble with starfall and allow you to make the most intimate and bold desires, convincing, beckoning, provoking that they will certainly come true, you just need to have time while the star flies, before it falls …
The moon looks at our relationship with the stars coldly judiciously or… no one seems to know. The fact is that it is always in the night sky, although we do not always see it, and if we see it is different: here it is full, round – a full moon. In the old days, it was believed that magicians and sorcerers get all the opportunities available to them in full. Medieval ladies and knights were afraid of werewolves, witchcraft spells and behaved cautiously on a full moon.
Sometimes the Moon looks like a sickle, only it looks in different directions, resembling the letter "r" – the waxing Moon, then the "c" – the aging Moon. The earlier periods of human development we look at, the more meaning people give to the phases of the moon, the more connections of ordinary everyday life and the illumination of the only companion of the Earth we will find.

new moon and nascent moon

According to tradition and in meaning, the lunar calendar begins with a new moon, when the moon seems to be absent, it is in the shadow of the Earth and cannot reflect sunlight.

In the new moon, a person is similar to a baby, his physical and emotional powers are just emerging. On the first day of the lunar calendar, the future for the entire lunar month is determined.

The first lunar day passes under the sign of the altar of Hecate, opening the days of the dark moon. They say that on the first day of the moon you can not think about the bad, and they often forget to warn that you should not forcibly attract the good. In the East, adherents of Buddhism would probably use the concept of nirvana to explain how best to enter the lunar month: freeing themselves from vanity, vanity, trying to make thoughts flow in the "right" direction. The best time to conquer your fears. This day is better to spend with yourself in solitude, in nature or to the sounds of your favorite music, which allows you to hide from extraneous noise, you can rustle autumn foliage, look through a telescope. It is believed that everything that needs to come by itself "from above", the main thing is not to interfere.
Fitness and physical exercises on the 1st day of the lunar month are carried out according to a sparing program, devoting efforts to planning and choosing new or modifying old physical activity complexes.
Rest, do not overeat, exclude alcohol. The diet of this day makes it possible to plan meals for the following days. By eliminating rough foods and animal fats from the diet, you can allow the body to tell you what it needs most. Caution in nutrition on this day is also caused by the fact that the likelihood of the formation of stones and unwanted deposits in the 1st day of the Moon is most likely.
On the first lunar day, it is good to steam in the bath, preferably not public, but alone or in a very narrow circle.
Metabolic processes in the skin cells take place with a greater load, it is important to avoid abrasions, bruises. It is believed that excessive use of cosmetics may not allow the renewal program, which "turns on" in the body along with the beginning of a new lunar cycle, to work optimally. You can choose a new look and new cosmetics, but no more than that. Another version of the lunar calendar claims that anti-aging face masks are especially effective on the first lunar day.
There is an opinion that cutting hair on the first lunar day adversely affects life expectancy, but changing the image with the help of a haircut is very effective.

The second day of the moon symbolizes the mouth, open mouth, cornucopia.
The symbolism of the day is not accidental, this day is associated with the oral cavity. The day when you can not overeat, but do not limit yourself in the choice of products. Astrologers recommend choosing products, the simpler the food, the better, it is optimal to stop at small portions of the ingredients of more complex dishes. Food preferences of this day can become the basis of nutrition for the entire lunar month, but alcohol is still not recommended.  Promiscuity and overeating can provoke arthritis, salt deposition, bone pain and even poisoning. Especially dangerous are unnatural products, beautiful, but unknown as made cakes. Foods. It is recommended to pay attention to nuts, dried fruits, vegetables and fruits. Those who started a diet today have a high chance of rejoicing in its effectiveness in the following days.
The second lunar day is not for rest, it is a day of creativity, art, passing exams and science.
On the second lunar day, the body is cleansed, rejuvenated, spending energy. Fitness and physical exercises on this day begin with a warm-up, pre-heating the muscles can lay the foundation for an effective gymnastics program for the whole month, however, excessive zeal should be avoided.  The day is favorable for the development of new complexes of physical and recreational gymnastics, for the beginning of cosmetology courses, cleansing the body. However, carrying out operations, even if we are talking about removing a wart, piercing is dangerous.
On the second day of the moon, you can fall into the bath with a noisy cheerful company of aesthetes who can replace alcohol with sage or calamus.
It is believed that cutting hair on this day contributes to conflicts and quarrels. However, there is an optimistic version that a haircut on this day brings good luck.

Symbols of the third lunar day of a leopard or leopard ready to jump.
The third day of the Moon is best given to physical and athletic exertion, the energy spent on a precisely chosen goal will return at the end of the month. It is believed that the third day is the day of the warrior. On this day, there is a lot of energy and it is important to cope with it. The day is favorable for undertakings, martial arts with their rigid system of ethics and massage. The intensity of training on this day is recommended to be combined with caution and harmonious load on all muscles and parts of the body, as well as with spiritual and meditative practices, which can be replaced by a philosophical conversation.
The energy of this day is characterized by excitement and some randomness, which does not contribute to any cleansing practices.
In matters of nutrition, this day is not associated with a system of strict prohibitions. It is recommended to include in the diet the meat of fast animals (ram), but to refrain from meat of slow (cow). When choosing chickens and other poultry meat in the supermarket, you should think about and cook poultry on this day, only if it really asks for it in the mouth. On this day, the variety of spices at hand is advised to expand and use. Chili, basil, ginger, cinnamon, cloves, horseradish, vanilla – all the diversity of wildlife, enriching food, is at the service of man.
One of the most suitable days for the sauna of the lunar month, only it is not recommended to use oil in the bath. The bath contributes to the treatment and prevention of the health of bone tissue and joints.
On the third lunar day, it is recommended to comb your hair, care for it and make hair masks, but it is not recommended to cut your hair. Hair care contributes to pleasant events, for example, wealth, and a haircut, on the contrary, harms and can provoke a loss of money.

The fourth day is dual, its symbol is the tree of knowledge.
If a person feels a lack of inner harmony, then this is a normal characteristic of the day. It is believed that the fourth day of the Moon is better spent resting either in the solitude of wildlife, or in a narrow family circle, or in meditation, turning to your subconscious. The day is not suitable for excessive meals, libations, but it is suitable for conception and household chores.
Sports activities on this day continue, perhaps. with a slight decrease in the load, but no more than that, it is not recommended to quit the set of exercises started earlier on this day, to learn new complexes too. In sports, it is not advised to achieve record results on this day.
In nutrition, you should first of all avoid new products of those that have never been tried before. Unfavorable products of artificial origin, or capable of causing an allergic reaction, eat well with vegetables and salads. Herbal teas are recommended, especially from chamomile, lemon balm or mint (sedative).
Cosmetics for the skin associated with care and cleansing work more effectively, especially in combination with the cleansing effects of fresh air.
Anti-aging neck masks are most effective on the 4th lunar day.
On this day, it is impractical to cut nails and hair, as they say, cutting hair can lead to fears, sadness, melancholy or depression.  Hair care and coloring on this day are the most favorable, gray hair is perfectly dyed.
On this day, it is recommended to clean the surface of the foot from calluses and corns.

The fifth lunar day passes under the symbol of the unicorn.
The day is suitable for spiritual and physical development. It is believed that on this day you need to bring to the end all the things that do not contradict your life principles. On this day, the intuition associated with the evaluation of people works. The fifth lunar is favorable for lovers.
In choosing food, you can also trust intuition, although overeating is not recommended. It is believed that the fifth day is good to use for a diet of dairy products, avoiding fermentation products like sauerkraut and alcohol, meat and fish products, which allows you to more accurately determine the purity of your own thoughts.  The only day of the lunar cycle, when all the energy entering the body with food will be processed, digestive processes will go even to the detriment of other vital processes, so the day excludes starvation, restriction in the amount of food, but involves easily digestible, selected and prepared to your taste and desire food. It is advised not to limit yourself to drinking, primarily water, speech. Of course. doesn't talk about beer or alcohol.
On the fifth lunar day, it is good to collect and dry herbs, prepare infusions and decoctions, according to astrologers, the healing properties of herbal medicines and cosmetics prepared on this day are more effective.
The day is good for traveling in nature, working in the garden. Sports and physical exertion on this day become more intense and are characterized by mobility. It is good to jump, run and howl at the moon, urging all the energies of the cosmos to go into motor activity, which allows you to most adequately lay in the tissues of the body everything that was devoured during the day.
The day is not suitable for cleansing the body from the inside. On the fifth lunar day in the bath, you can spend time in accordance with the recommendations of the whole day, it is good to use herbs and infusions, their smell, and especially the broom has more healing power than on other days. It is better to drink non-cold milk after a steam room.
A session of restorative massage is recommended.
If you want to get rich, then, according to astrologers, on the fifth day of the moon it is good to go to the hairdresser and get a haircut, but a haircut on this day can provoke eye diseases.

 The symbols of the sixth lunar day are a crane and a cloud.
On this day, you can communicate, engage in creativity, learn and interact with the sky, space, the future. On the sixth day of the Moon, telepathy and foresight are manifested.
It is recommended to find time for breathing exercises and/or yoga.  Meditative and breathing exercises on this day can be mastered for the first time or increase the load.
Root vegetables harvested on this day are more medicinal than those collected on other days of the lunar month.
It is not recommended to treat the upper parts of the lungs, cervical and thoracic spine and well treat the bronchi, upper respiratory tract.
There are no special restrictions in nutrition, it is not recommended to abuse dairy products, and beer is not recommended at all, weakened kidneys may not cope with beer. However, an overabundance of any fluids drunk on this day can manifest itself in edema in those who are predisposed to edema. It is not necessary to limit fluid intake below normal.
On this day, it is good to go to the bath, the aroma of herbs and brooms is healing, the bath returns health and youth, as well as other rejuvenating procedures.
Peels, scrubs, which help to remove old keratinized layers of the skin, allow you to be more intensively replenished with new ones, a good day for changes in the skin layers. A particularly successful day for the care of hands and feet.
A day when the abilities of the perfumer are strong, and fresh air (without drafts) and aromatherapy are recommended. On this day, it is advisable not to smoke.but it is easy to quit smoking.
A haircut on this day worsens the sensation of smells, can cause colds or a cut person will look sick and restless. You can trim the tips, the procedure will enhance hair growth.
It is not advised to carry out hair removal, they can lead to the opposite result.
Manicure can be done, trimmed nails, like hair, will grow faster.

The symbols of the seventh lunar day are a rod, a wind rose, a rooster.
On the seventh day, the accumulated energy is enough to implement the plans, you can also complete the work begun. Success awaits those beginnings of this day, which are completed on the same day.  The day when the word prevails. Words can come true, both friendly wishes and negative ones. On this day, it is recommended to be attentive to everything that is pronounced: do not give unrealistic promises, do not lie, do not swear, and so on, at the same time you can write advertising articles, prove your case or beliefs. Mantras, chants and prayers are useful.
Physical activity in the fresh air is recommended. On this day, you can begin to master new breathing exercises and continue the already known ones.
It is recommended to cleanse the body, special attention should be paid to the lungs and throat. It is recommended to drink expectorant infusions and decoctions, fasting. It is not advised to eat chicken and eggs in order to avoid "overloading" the body, which arises in interaction with enhanced energy flows. It is advised to drink green tea instead of black, or teas from fragrant herbs, to give preference to fruits, especially those that grow without touching the ground: apples, pears, grapes and wine, berries growing on trees: cherries, cherries and others.
A day when it is easy to catch a cold, and people with weakened immunity are advised to avoid everything that provokes colds. It is not advised to treat the lungs, nasopharynx, ligaments, trachea and bronchi, to pull out teeth.
If on the seventh lunar day fate led to the bath, then contrast procedures will have to be excluded so as not to catch a cold.  It is not advised to fuss in the bath or conduct empty conversations.
Skin care on this day is considered favorable and effective, any cosmetic procedures are beneficial, but it is better not to visit the solarium on this day.
Cutting your hair on this day can provoke conflicts with people who are most dear to you or those on whom you depend, can contribute to serious diseases of the body. According to other sources, hair cutting allows you to improve such qualities. as sensuality, intuition, intelligence and the ability to foresee events. Hair care, perming, aroma combing on this day are effective and useful.

General recommendations of phase 1: On a waxing moon, it is useful to treat yourself with love and believe in yourself, look at yourself in the mirror, leaving criticism for others, and self-criticism for another time.
Make a plan to overcome YOUR troubles, a little patience and effort to admire yourself and your achievements in the 4th phase.
During this period of the nascent Moon, blood circulation increases, the movement of lymph and other fluids inside the body.
During this period, you can cut your hair, they grow faster and thicker, the supply of bulbs is more intense, but if you carefully read the recommendations for each day, you can see that it is better to cut your hair when the Moon is in the second phase.
During this period, you can nourish, moisturize the skin, the body absorbs everything.
The first third of the 1st phase of the moon is most effective for cleansing the nose, eyes, ears.
The second third of the first phase is most favorable for cleansing the throat, Eustachian tubes, cervical vertebrae.
The last third of the phase is most suitable for cleaning the nervous system, joints of the hands and lungs.
On the waxing moon, it is useful to rinse the gums with a decoction of celandine.
 to the full moon

When the waxing Moon is illuminated by more than half in the night sky, there comes a period of the most intense growth, do not miss this time. The energy increases until the full moon, gathering all the constructive power of your body by this day.

The eighth day passes under the symbol of the phoenix, the second symbol is a casket with treasures
A day on the transition from one phase of the moon to another. This day is characterized by variability on a spiritual, physical and emotional level. At the same time, a person has the opportunity to feel the variability of the environment and change his attitude, behavior and habits. It is believed that changes in such a plan will have a positive effect. Fire can help, if a person seeks to sit by the fire, fireplace or with a lit candle, he is ready for change and even rebirth. He can be hindered by pride and ambition, negative emotions. The day is good for traveling and relaxing.
The eighth day of the Moon is a day of energy rise and high energy, but do not forget about health, do not abuse physical exertion. On this day, relaxing complexes, meditations are recommended, but astrologers warn of the negative effect of increasing physical activity on the 8th lunar day. On this day, stretching and relaxation can relieve tightness and the tension of the nervous system caused by them.
The possibility of poisoning is high, it is better to adhere to a light diet: cereals and vegetables. You can arrange a fasting day, although there is another opinion. it leans in favor of eating multi-component dishes: complex salads, borscht. stew, etc.
Beneficial cleansing of the stomach and cleansing of toxins. 
The bath on the eighth day provides all the opportunities for self-expression for aesthetes: the most useful are burning candles, multicomponent teas and aromas of several herbs. Sauna on this day is soothing. Massage and phytotherapy have a beneficial effect.
Skin care is favorable and effective in all manifestations, you can use new means of individual cosmetics and new procedures. The muscles of the face and body are especially shown a relaxing massage, and the relaxation of muscle tissue is "remembered" and reproduced in the following days.
On this day, it is good to collect herbs, dry, make cosmetics, ointments are especially good to use it for complex formulas and technologies. Herbs and cosmetics of this day can be used in the future.
The eighth day of the Moon is favorable for haircuts, according to Tibetan astrology, a haircut on this day contributes to health, longevity, after a while others will be able to appreciate your merits at the highest level. As for the hairstyle, you can experiment, change the image, dye your hair.

The symbols of the ninth day are the bat and the Milky Way.
The day of negative energy, provocations, temptations, delusions are possible, a person is under the influence of instability. Do not expect negativity or despair. On this day, it is recommended to abandon everything related to sexual energy, be it movies, thoughts. Aggression, anger can lead to irreversible consequences, which concern primarily the person himself and those who are close to him, and those who are dear to him.It is believed that on this day you can climb on everyday life and petty vanity, walk along the milky path, as astrologers figuratively express their thoughts.
Active energy-consuming and extreme loads on the 9th lunar day are better replaced by meditation and stretching.  The day is good for physical exertion, but with caution due to possible injuries. The breast is most vulnerable, an exacerbation of cardiovascular diseases is possible.  The onset of illness on this day is a sign of one's own mistakes. Walks in the fresh air, under which it is easy to think in the fresh air, will help to use the non-trivial possibilities of this day.

In nutrition, it is advised to avoid carrots, parsley and mushrooms.It is not recommended untested, controversial, containing chemical components of products and semi-finished products, overeating, as in the general characteristics of the day, in nutrition you should adhere to the principle of "not to grab everything in a row", do not show excessive love
and a tendency to experiments. Advise grain cereals.
The day is favorable for water procedures, if the Moon is in water signs, and herbal teas.
Popular belief claims that on the ninth lunar day, guests of the bath brownie gather in the bath, for their own and his tranquility, it is recommended to give them a bath on this day.
The skin is favorable to soft individual cosmetics for rejuvenation, herbal decoctions, wraps. Modern procedures are more than active intervention in metabolic processes can turn into trouble. Especially effective is cosmetic foot care, their skin gratefully perceives care and individual cosmetics, becoming glacial and pleasant to the touch.
On this day, it is not recommended to cut your hair, carefully monitor the transition from one lunar day to another, unlike the eighth day, a haircut on the ninth lunar day is unfavorable for health.

The tenth day is symbolized by the source, the fountain, the crab.
The day is energetic, favorable, it seems that a person can do everything. On this day, it is recommended to turn to the history of your family, roots, family and family traditions. On this day, you can get new knowledge and advice "from above" on what to do next. Introspection, introspection, "work should be made by mistakes", harmonization of energy processes are recommended.
Physical activity, a healthy lifestyle on the 10th lunar day are transmitted from generation to generation, the joy of achievements, victories, games, wildlife and delight in their physical perfection are transmitted from fathers to children.
Overeating is not recommended, possibly prophylactic, but not dry fasting. On this day, it is better to drink more (not alcohol). There is a more vital point of view "it is important not what, but with whom" stews, vegetable soups at the family table in a narrow circle for pleasant communication are recommended as the best diet of the day.
Water procedures, cleansing of the body, especially energy channels, are shown. This is the day for the bath, you can start building it, you can use it with pleasure, the best bath day, when you can use contrast procedures, heat, ice hole, aromas of grass and blows with a broom – on this day all bath procedures are beneficial.
The skin gratefully perceives contrasting procedures of individual herbal cosmetics.  The day is suitable for drawing up a program and selecting the optimal cycle of masks, which is best started on day 11.
You can not treat the thoracic spine, chest and elbow joints. The diseases that arise on this day are associated with genetics or the inability to control oneself.
The cause of diseases on the 10th lunar day can also be hair cutting, other sources indicate the joy of cutting: as if the momentary joy did not turn into health problems. A favorable day for lightening hair and toning gray hair.

Symbolism of the eleventh lunar day: a fiery sword, a crown, a labyrinth.
This difficult day provides a choice between will, intelligence, nobility, justice, courage on the one hand and bestial, ferocious, cruel on the other. It is most difficult to cope with a high energy rise for those who have not decided on their goals. The day provides an opportunity for transformation, a way out of deadlocks, but it can lead to the fact that a person becomes even more entangled in them. A day of possible dangers. It is recommended to treat all the events of the day reasonably and be aware of your own actions and thoughts.
The eleventh day is interesting in relationships with animals, they can react to unstructured, unpredictable or aggressive energy. It is not recommended to hunt and kill animals.
In physical exertion, it is better to observe a sense of proportion and strive for harmony. On this day, it is important not to forget about the exercises of the energy plan, such as qigong, breathing exercises, but you should not start bodyflex classes and similar, previously unfamiliar expremal breathing techniques It is important to give a load on the tendons by providing them with popular energy flows.The day is considered not suitable for water, especially extreme sports A day of rest, walking, conception and dreaming. The spine is vulnerable. Do not advise any surgical operations.
Nutrition on this day corresponds to the way of life, the energy of the day itself, Those whose physical activity requires high-calorie nutrition should eat, those who spent the day in philosophical thoughts, serene doing nothing – you can starve.
Uncrushed grain is a specific recommendation of this day when choosing a diet.
It was better to go to the bath on the previous lunar day, on the 11th day of the moon only light steam, soft back massage, no overwork and feats are recommended.

The skin on this day responds well to the new cycle of masks. The day is most effective for the care of hands and feet.
Cutting hair on this day, according to Tibetan astrologers, contributes to the depth and sharpness of feelings, increases intuitive abilities.Procedures for coloring and hair extensions on this day are recommended for brunettes.

The symbol of the twelfth day is the Holy Grail.
It is considered a day of wisdom and spirituality. It is advised to sing mantras, to appeal to high feelings, to show humility, to confess. It is good to spend the day in solitude, take care of other people, forgive, engage in charity.
In sports and active recreation, the day involves active, but not increased loads, harmoniously associated with relaxation and meditation, Oriental practices, for example, qigong, and the focus of this day is the heart chakra and spleen.
The day is favorable for cleansing the body, and the beginning of the course of treatment with grapes and grape juice, other juice therapy and the consumption of juices on this day are also favorable.But there is a belief that on this day it is not good to eat apple juice or apples – a symbol of enrichment, but other vegetables and fruits and juices from them are recommended, like teas, herbal teas, natural juices, water, except alcohol. The most effective herbs of the 12th lunar day are elecampane, centaury, sage, tricolor violet and mother-and-stepmother.
In nutrition, the day involves strictly abstinence from the use of alcohol, nicotine, meat, eggs, rough food, they will be successfully replaced by seeds, nuts, vegetable oils. Fasting a day does not imply.
Beneficial cleansing and rejuvenating procedures, aromatherapy, light massage.
A bath on the 12th day of the moon is not recommended, especially for those who may have a weak heart.
It is believed that a haircut on the 12th lunar day attracts misfortune and injury, attracts trouble, can even provoke a threat to life. On this day, the heart is the least protected, operations on the heart and thoracic region are not recommended, except in extremely severe cases.

The thirteenth lunar day passes under the symbols of the wheel and spinning wheel, according to another version – a snake biting its tail.
A day when a lot of information is showered on a person, some of which is completely useless and can lead to false conclusions. They advise you to realize your life experience from early childhood, to correct your mistakes. The unresolved problems returning to this day, as well as possible diseases and ailments that began on this day, are in theory your assistants in realizing your life strategies and habits, their weaknesses and strengths.
Fasting is contraindicated in the diet, the diet contains a large amount of fresh vegetables and fruits, but it is recommended to limit the amount of fluid consumed.
The day when the circulatory system works with the greatest intensity. It is recommended to use blood flows to cleanse and rejuvenate the body, fresh clean air of wildlife will help saturate the body with oxygen. The day is suitable for changing the program of physical activity in accordance with your condition. On this day, it is useful to engage in physical education in groups.
In nutrition, the requirements of the day exclude cleansing the body, starvation, light food, fruits, vegetables, cereals are welcomed. The day does not exclude a variety of products, but limits the quantity, you can taste the most unusual dishes, but in tiny portions. The amount of fluids consumed is better to limit.
The day is suitable for baths, herbal teas and infusions, especially cleansing the body, cosmetic procedures, aromatherapy, massage and bath.
The skin is favorably affected by any care and treatment, the day is suitable for skin rejuvenation.
Sauna on the 13th lunar day is especially pleasant in close company, but do not forget that on this day the bioactivity of herbs and plants is especially high, cosmetics have beneficial effects, especially rejuvenating, facial massage is very effective.
On the thirteenth lunar day, it is recommended to comb your hair, take care of them and make hair masks. It is believed that hair is a kind of provider of general cosmic energy and the thirteenth one of the days when, combing the hair (beard or mustache), you can proceed to the implementation of a successful undertaking.
On this day, you can cut your hair, they say that cutting hair can contribute to happiness and external beauty.

The fourteenth lunar day passes under the symbol of the trumpet.
Day of high energy and the implementation of bold decisions. Do not scatter on trifles, it is better to direct your actions in one or more priority areas. A day of rich information flows, requiring a choice of hierarchies and beneficial for obtaining and evaluating information. On this day, you need to be able not to succumb to emotions especially sadness and melancholy.
Physical activity, clean air are recommended, you can include new exercises in gymnastics at home. It is not recommended to tire the eyes, working at the computer or with small objects to take breaks more often. On this day, it is advised to avoid sharp, strong or intrusive odors. Legumes are good in food, sweet and bitter are not advised. It is recommended to drink less, excess moisture is already present in the body. Dry fasting can be useful. It is very desirable to exclude smoking and alcohol. Useful cleansing procedures, especially the intestines. But to operate and treat it on this day is extremely undesirable.
Sauna is not recommended, the steam room is limited.
Tibetan astrologers have an opinion that a haircut on the 14th lunar day contributes to material well-being, they recommend that on this day at least comb your hair a little longer than usual.

The symbols of the fifteenth day of the moon are a snake and a jackal.
The lunar cycle comes close to the full moon, high energy allows the extreme sides of the personality to manifest. On this day, it is important to be able to keep your emotions under control. This day is distinguished by high sensitivity and intuition. What personality traits will manifest themselves depends on the person himself. On the fifteenth day, discoveries are possible both in the surrounding world and in oneself.
Increased circulation of blood and metabolic processes leads to the complete absorption of drugs, which are better replaced by milder phytopreparations and exacerbation of chronic diseases. The day is suitable for restrictions, in particular fasting and diets, red cranberries and viburnum, cereals, vegetables and fruits are good, it is recommended to limit meat and mushrooms. In nutrition, it is better to use fresh products, there is a high risk of poisoning. It is better not to operate on the pancreas, diaphragm and intestines, these organs are the most vulnerable, cleansing procedures are suitable for them. Massage has a good effect on beauty and health.
It is not advised to go to the bath on the 15th lunar day.
On this lunar day, astrologers do not have an unequivocal opinion, some recommend combing hair, caring for them and making hair masks, others advise not to cut hair to avoid mental disorders, fear, headache, increased pressure, their opinion is unequivocally that you need to avoid cutting hair and hairdressers. Use the following full moon period guidelines to get to the bottom of it.

General recommendations of the 2nd phase:
During the second lunar phase, you can carry out a general cleansing of the body.
Cleansing the chest and upper abdomen is best done in the first third of the phase.
The second third of the phase is the most suitable time to cleanse the heart, gallbladder, liver, thoracic spine.
The last part of the phase is for cleaning the large and small intestines and stomach.
The period of growth of the Moon continues, and with it continue mask creams and other individual cosmetics to nourish the skin and fight wrinkles.
During the 2nd lunar phase, you can shade, treat and care for the hair, the procedures contribute to their growth
Full Moon is the best day for experiments, acquisitions.
On this day, you can cut your hair, style your hair, dye it, your hair from any actions on the round, but still undiminishing Moon gains strength, their quantity and quality increases due to a slowdown in growth. Thick, beautiful, shiny, rich – these are epithets characterizing the hair, which is cared for during the period of the full moon, but before the onset of the full moon.
At a time when there is a full moon of care and skin care in the sky, the whole range of carefully selected individual cosmetics works in accordance with the "magical" power of the woman who created it.
Phytotherapy is effective, especially – red berries: rowan, cranberry, viburnum.
Phase 3

The round, magical Moon begins to decrease, it enters the aging phase, the intensity of fluid flows decreases, opportunities decrease, it is time to remove everything superfluous. The optimal period for epilation, removal of all excess begins as soon as the Moon begins to decline.
Hair is cut by those who need to maintain the shape of the haircut for a long time, use a successful styling, the hair is obedient, silky.

The sixteenth lunar day under the symbol of the crane.
On this day, the influence of the full moon is great, but the period of activity gives way to a well-deserved rest: walks in the fresh air, passive rest and even sleep – an opportunity to pay tribute to laziness. But only for those who were not lazy for the first half of the lunar month.
The intellectual uplift of this day is best used to make decisions that will be implemented tomorrow.
The day when creativity is necessary, it is recommended to strive not even for the result, so important is the process.
Positive emotions are no less important, and envy, anger, fear and anger turn against the one who throws them at others.
The day is good for cleansing the body, especially the blood; moderate physical exertion, especially paired. On this day, the blood is renewed, the blood coagulates worse, so it is recommended to postpone surgical operations.
Sports involve moderate loads, relaxation, massage, meditation in classical poses, without increasing the loads.
Cosmetic procedures to cleanse the body are recommended by different schools of astrology. With regard to operations and surgery, opinions differ to diametrically opposed. A number of authors consider the day successful for the removal of teeth, warts and other neoplasms on the skin, a number (as mentioned above) consider the risk unacceptable. With regard to hardware cosmetology, the positive influence of the Moon can also be questioned. The same school includes recommendations for manicure and depilation on the 16th lunar day.
Visiting the bath on this day has neither contraindications nor pronounced positive effects,
On the 16th lunar day, it is recommended to comb the hair, care for them and make hair masks, but it is not recommended to cut your hair. A haircut can attract trouble, a person can lose control over his negative manifestations and habits, cravings for addictions, for example, alcohol, can worsen, they even say that a haircut can contribute to infidelity and deterioration of health.
In food, it is worth avoiding meat and mushrooms, it is recommended to flavor food with turmeric. Especially curious is milk with turmeric and fennel.

The sign of the seventeenth lunar day is a bell, a vine.
A day of communication and joy. All manifestations of the relationship between a man and a woman on this day are welcomed, you can conclude happy marriages. On this day, love and the desire to make happy everyone who is in the field of your attention is most supported by energy capabilities. If your ability to manage yourself has not yet reached a high level, beware of negative thoughts and their manifestations. The day can be considered as an exam: you are far from perfect if negative feelings have taken over a person and if his communication with others is similar to an.  A high level of spiritual development is manifested in interpersonal communication and creativity, revealing to a person his self from new sides.
The seventeenth day offers to drink cahors as a symbol of revelation and joy of earthly existence. There are vegetables and fruits, it is better to give up meat. Burnishness is not recommended, but gourmet, creativity and tasting of various new dishes, exotics collected from all over the world are welcomed. However, there is another version on the 17th lunar day you can cook one dish – "dish of the 17th lunar day" this ritual has a mystical meaning and becoming a tradition can be magical.
Recommended bath, body cleansing. Do not advise on this day physical activity. The endocrine system and kidneys are vulnerable. Surgery and acupuncture are not recommended. Aromatherapy, rejuvenating treatments and massage are beneficial. It's beneficial to change the image.
The bath on this day is painted with an aura of romance: the water is infused with amethyst or falcon eye, as a drink that replenishes the loss of moisture – grape juice. On this day, it is recommended to go to the bath with your loved one.
Cutting hair on this day does not cause an unequivocal opinion among astrologers in some it is undesirable, that a haircut can attract evil spirits, diseases and obstacles in business life, others have good spirits and changes in health and well-being are good.

The symbols of the eighteenth lunar day are a mirror, an aspis, a baboon
Day of moderation in everything, which gives the opportunity to see oneself from the outside, and the surrounding objects and phenomena – as they really are.
Unspent energy can be spent on creating and analyzing your actions.
The day is favorable for cleansing the body, especially the intestines, increasing immunity, for example, hardening, physical exertion. Possible fasting or dieting.
In nutrition, it is recommended to decorate dishes with nuts or eat them just like that. Any nuts are good, but if the "soul asks" for a specific dish – do not refuse it, eat what you really want.
On this day, the kidneys and skin are especially vulnerable. Possible incorrect diagnoses of diseases.
In the choice of sports loads, it is not desirable to increase the complexity of exercises, stretching, rhythmicity, breathing exercises with a strict rhythm of breathing are recommended.
In the bath, the eighteenth day of the Moon is most effective to spend in caring for beauty and health, rejuvenating and wound-healing herbs share their active components with greater efficiency, steam and massage rejuvenate the body, cleanse the kidneys, advise using birch and nettle brooms.
Any masks that nourish the skin and remove toxins on this day are more effective than on others. Only foot care is not recommended.
According to Tibetans, cutting hair is extremely undesirable, provokes diseases, you can also lose property and animals, which, as you know, seek to protect their owners from misfortune. And again, astrologers do not have a consensus, some hold an optimistic point of view with luck and well-being as a result of a haircut on this day.

The nineteenth lunar day is spider day.
This day is dangerous for possible overconsumption of energy. High demands on oneself are combined on this day with self-destruction, spirituality with mendacity. How this day will pass depends on the person himself, he himself chooses how the next days will develop. There is a high probability of succumbing to illusions and someone else's influence, however, there is a high probability of controlling others. Reason and sanity help to cope with the provocations of this day.
It is believed that you can not lend money and take it.
As in other areas of life, in relation to physical exertion, a reassessment of one's own strength is possible. It is advised not to do even exercises. cancel classes, limit yourself to meditation, if it is practiced daily.
It is advised to cleanse the body. Overeating should also be avoided. Herbal teas are recommended, instead of medications. insect bites are dangerous. Nutrition is built on the principle, the simpler, the better. The more natural the tested products, the calmer, do not try to prepare complex multi-component products, especially from low-quality or unfamiliar products. It is also believed that spherical vegetables are more suitable for nutrition on the 19th lunar day, but it is better to exclude elongated ones from the diet of this day. The intestines and appendix are vulnerable, it is not recommended to operate on them on this day.
On this day, a visit to the bath can not be called favorable, choosing herbs it is better to use wormwood or cumin, choose light or natural, or candles.
On this day, the Moon patronizes nail cutting.
On the 19th lunar day, the period of prohibitions on hair cutting ends, on this day the haircut prolongs life. It is believed that the haircut enhances the shine, waviness and density of the hair, coloring, perming, straightening hair is better combined with a haircut.

The twentieth lunar day passes under the sign of the eagle.
A day of high energy and activity. On this day, a person can use his intuitive and spiritual potential, the power of his imagination and resistance to difficulties, his courage to make important decisions that can change his life. The decisions made on this day direct the development of life situations that will develop under the influence of the elections made on this day. An exaggerated sense of self-importance, pride, and a desire for power can prevent you from making the right choice.
On the twentieth lunar day, it is easier to get rid of bad habits.
The day is suitable for fasting, it is recommended to limit meat and alcohol. In the matter of nutrition, you can have a great time in a restaurant with your loved one discussing, among other topics of exotic cuisine.
Moderate physical activity, cleansing procedures, massage and aromatherapy have a beneficial effect on health. People who are accustomed to a large load on the spine, today should reduce this load. the upper back is especially vulnerable: shoulder blades and shoulders.
In the bath you can rub, whip the upper back, massage. Contrast procedures are possible.
It is advised to devote the day to cosmetics skin care and nourishing masks, spa, wraps – all procedures are best taken in a sallon. Do not do epilation.
Cutting hair on the twentieth day of the moon is fraught with a feeling of melancholy and depression. Hair care, on the contrary, is recommended, you can dye your hair, care for it with masks, wash and so on.
If treatment begins on the 20th day of the Moon, it is better not to change the specialist until complete recovery. Self-medication on this day is not recommended.

The twenty-first lunar day passes under the symbol of a herd of horses.
A day of high energy, it is good to spend in society, among people, on this day all the efforts of the previous days of the lunar month are rewarded. Changes are easy to make, what is planned is accomplished, the missing efforts are easily applied. On this day, words, promises and oaths are of particular importance.
On this day, all the forces of the body are at the maximum, advise any physical exertion, hardening, you can increase immunity, experiment with new sets of exercises. Fresh air and group classes are useful.
In nutrition, they advise everything that contributes to the cleansing of the body, especially the purification of the blood, it is very good to try socoltherapy. On this day, carrot, keystone, beet, rowan are recommended. It is advised not to abuse sweet, fatty and alcohol.
On this day, massage and cleansing cosmetics will benefit.
A bath is useful, this day is best to use a new newly built bath for the first time, in a large and noisy company, the "opening" of a new bath can be noted with drinks from cranberries, rowan, pomegranate, infusions for the liver and blood, hardening and contrasting procedures, without denying yourself at least cold water dousing.
Astrologers agree on hair care, believing that on this day it is good to cut your hair, a haircut contributes to wealth and beauty. This is one of those rare days when blondes can lighten their hair with the least harm to their own health. If a person had a desire to change his image, then on this day you should not limit experiments with hairstyles, haircuts, hairstyles, shape and color. It is claimed that the accumulated desire for change on 21 lunar days is realized most successfully.

 Twenty-second lunar day – elephant
day On this day, a person is given wisdom, both in the form of his own intuition and the wisdom of ancestors. Events and even insignificant facts of this day can provide answers to significant questions. The 22nd lunar day is ideal for learning and transferring knowledge, it is accompanied by a creative rise. Only excessive self-confidence, out of control, can interfere. According to the signs, this day is not suitable for painting and creating images.
In physical terms, excessive loads are not recommended. New healing methods and exercises are possible, especially if they are supported by theory. Walks and meditations are useful.
Cleansing procedures are undesirable.
Fasting is not recommended, overeating is also not worth it, especially heavy and meat foods. Juices and fruits are advised.In a more optimistic point of view on nutrition on this day, sweets can be obtained. you can not limit yourself, you can not tremble on extra grams of eaten, you can … don't even rape yourself trying to eat everything that has accumulated.
The lower spine and pelvis are not protected on this day, it is recommended to avoid unnecessary loads on these parts of the body, for those for whom weight lifting is the daily norm of life, it is better to reduce the load. Treating vulnerable organs is not recommended. Self-medication of any diseases on the 22nd day of the moon is not recommended either, it is better to contact a qualified specialist.
In the bath on this day, the broom effectively and at the same time easily, without unnecessary enthusiasm, walks along the lower back and spine, dispersing blood and stagnant processes, ensuring the prevention of the health of the spine, its middle and lower parts. In the bath on this day in the old days they guessed.
In cosmetology, it is better to be retrograde and not to experiment. Astrologers again about different things: one of the versions "Cutting hair on this day contributes to the acquisition of movable and immovable property, but can lead to weight gain", another point of view thinner haircut is not recommended, but you can trim the existing hairstyle without changing the shape and overall impression. Styling done on this day will not last long.

The twenty-third lunar day is ruled by a turtle and a crocodile.
A dangerous day of unpredictable and destructive energies with irreversible consequences. A person who has been able to show mercy, forgive and ask for forgiveness on this day has the opportunity to gain new wisdom and understanding. Energy declines, the day contributes to apathy and laziness, but professionally, determination and self-confidence are necessary conditions for success, if you again remember that destructive emotions should not be succumbed to. If a person is not faithful in his abilities, it is better for him to spend this day away from other people. On this day, it is more prudent not to stick to the past, to open access to changes and the new, for this to complete all the old affairs, clean up the "tails"
It is useful to spend the day in the fresh air, but take into account the fact that on the 23rd lunar day the immune system is weakened, there is a risk of injury.
Training and exercises of the 23rd lunar day should include exercises related to the spine, but those that have already been mastered earlier, Most likely, water aerobics classes that reduce the risk of injury, and a swimming pool can be ideal. It is useful to engage in strengthening and healing procedures, cleansing the body: sauna, bath, massage, blood purification.
In the bath on this day you should not look for a noisy company, on the contrary, you should use relaxing and relaxing fees, relieving nervous tension and irritability. Herbs such as purple and cumin are advised, their aromas will effectively complement candles.
On the twenty-third lunar day, it is recommended to comb your hair, take care of them and make hair masks.Cutting hair on this day brings material well-being and improves the complexion. Hair acquires density and splendor. However, hair will not benefit from any chemical exposure: dyes, perms, lamination and other procedures. Styling won't last long.
It is important not to overeat, fasting is possible, alcohol and smoking are not recommended, it is useful to exclude meat and fish from the diet, lean on fruits, vegetables and nuts, drink milk and consume dairy and fermented milk products. Coffee is not advised, they offer to exclude alcohol, which on this day unpredictably affects the body, bouts of excessive aggression or excessive overeating are possible.
On this day, the reproductive system is vulnerable, the day is not favorable for any surgical intervention. Particular attention is recommended to be paid to the spine. At the first symptoms of any disease, it is advisable not to postpone the visit to a specialist.

The symbols of the twenty-fourth lunar day are a bear and a mountain.
The day is considered masculine, a period of growth of strength and courage, endurance and sexuality. For people who know how to manage their energies – a day of achievements, undertakings, actions, for those who have not yet learned this, it is recommended only to accumulate energy.
The external genitalia are the most vulnerable, but there are no prohibitions on sex. Weakness on this day allows you to devote it to rest.
In the practices of personal growth, the day is devoted to the harmony between the spiritual and bodily self.
Useful physical activity, strength training, strengthening bone tissue, muscles, endurance. Weightlifting and other exercises associated with lifting a large weight are not recommended. It is better to pay attention to yoga and qigong exercises.
You can walk barefoot or communicate with the ground in another way. The day is not meant for laziness, it allows you to learn and accumulate emotional experience. You can part with the old and move on to the new with greater ease than on other days.
On the twenty-fourth day of the Moon, fresh air and hardening are useful. Recommended sauna and dry bath, massage.
On this day, you can start building a bath, and if the bath is already there, then the day is suitable for conception after the bath, the best plant on this day in the bath is Chinese lemongrass.
The day is suitable for the preparation of medicinal drugs and the creation of individual cosmetics.
On this day, you can find your fragrance, selecting and creating perfume, given that the day predisposes to attraction to the opposite sex, the smell selected on this day can become an aphrodisiac for your chosen one.
In order not to worry about health, it is recommended to avoid cutting hair on this day. The hair cut on this day becomes thinner, grows slower than usual, but the shape of the hairstyle persists for a long time.
Fasting is not recommended, in nutrition it is better to adhere to the principle of diversity. It is better to drink less, alcohol and smoking, as always, are not welcome.  Under a good feast on this day, you can make, as a number of authors say, an exception for good dry grape wine. Grape. milk and fermented milk products are welcome on this day.

General characteristics of the phase: if you think about health, it's time to get rid of toxins, acne, excess hair, unnecessary pleasures. Putting things in order. we are engaged in cleaning.
On the waning Moon, plastic surgery can be done.
On the waning Moon, it is good to do special procedures to clean the skin of the face and neck.
Continuing to cleanse the body in the first third of the phase, the kidneys are cleansed, in the second – the bladder, rectum, genitals, in the last third of the phase, the lower spine is cleaned.
On the waning Moon, it is useful to brush your teeth with soda powder with salt.
Phase 4

Before disappearing, the moon ages, glows barely, to sum up.There is fatigue and some apathy. Do not waste your energy, now is not the time to grab new things, permissible actions are associated only with minor additions in the main affairs, in general, the time of passive rest is enough.

The symbolism of the 25th lunar day is a shell, a turtle, vessels of living and dead water, an urn.
The day is designed for contemplation, reflection, inaction. Who wants to be lazy should understand that the laziness of the mind on this day is not welcome. The day of self-knowledge, the development of wisdom and harmony, the main task of this day: to find in yourself what elevates a person above the animal world. Such skills as self-control, introspection, self-esteem, assessment of cause-and-effect relationships of actions and their consequences, internal harmony are developed. On this day, you can concentrate on your goals and objectives and visualize them, if it is too difficult to develop intuition.
Of the physical exertion, only stretching and relaxation are useful.
The skin will gratefully meet cleansing individual cosmetics. Especially beneficial care of hands and feet, one of the best days for the prevention of cellulite and its treatment. Anti-cellulite and other types of massage are welcome.
On the twenty-fifth day of the moon, you can visit baths and saunas, do massage, do aromatherapy, drink herbal decoctions, especially cleansing the body of slagging.
Bath on this day the process is unhurried, intimate, without noise and fuss.All water procedures are useful.
On this day, traditional medicine is indicated, it is better to replace medicines with herbs. Body cleansing, diet, fasting and fasting.
In nutrition, it is recommended to exclude mushrooms and melon, as well as any rough food, it is good to eat fruits and vegetables. It is better to drink water, it cleanses the body quite effectively, less or you can exclude juices, milk should not be excluded, however, and get carried away with it too.
Cutting hair on this day can turn into eye diseases, both vision and diseases like barley, if you still risk cutting your hair, the hair after cutting grows thicker, the condition of the hair pleases.
You can dye your hair on this day, especially for those who want bright, saturated colors in their hairstyle.
On this day, the knees and ears are vulnerable, piercing the ears is very dangerous.

The twenty-sixth day of the moon is the day of the toad and/or swamp.
A day when physical energy is saved, aimed at understanding oneself. If you look at yourself from the outside on this day, you can learn a lot about yourself. On this day, it is good to reconsider the priorities set earlier. Conclusions can be unpleasant, but you should not fall into depression or aggression, saving energy, you can draw conclusions, contemplate the world around you while maintaining calm and showing restraint, do not condemn, do not wish evil. Eastern sages consider this day ideal for silence therapy.
On the 26th lunar day, it is good to engage in healing and cleansing. In sports activities, stretching and relaxing exercises, breathing techniques are recommended.You can do massage, acupuncture. The femur is vulnerable, so it is recommended to reduce the load on the legs.The best way to spend this day is solitude in the bosom of nature, which allows you to cleanse your lungs and thoughts of toxins. On the one hand, the day is one of the most dangerous to health, the energy is weak and associated with metabolic processes, on the other hand, the day is ideal to get rid of everything unnecessary, perfect for cleansing skin care.  Ideal for reducing warts and growths on the skin, anti-aging masks and procedures to smooth and prevent wrinkles.
Sauna on this day is useless.
On this day, cutting and/or styling hair improves mood and promotes joy. There is an opinion that a haircut contributes to the goodwill of the authorities and the improvement of the financial situation.
The time suitable for fasting and fasting continues, fasting is possible. A simple kitchen is welcome. Moreover, excluding meat, fish, seafood, eggs and mushrooms, simplicity will not be easy to achieve. According to other sources, it is recommended to exclude juice-rich fruits and vegetables from the

diet. The twenty-seventh day of the lunar calendar passes under the symbol of the rod and trident, the day of Neptune.
A day of stable and weak energy does not allow physical activity to unfold in full force. On this day, information flows and unsolved tasks are on the power of intuition and wisdom. On this day, it is easy to learn, gaining new knowledge and skills, it is not recommended to waste energy on fuss and useless communication from boredom. Communication with people with rich practical experience or like-minded people can debunk their own misconceptions, bring them closer to unknown secrets, and open up new prospects for knowledge. On this day, you should not succumb to the blues, it is good to forgive and ask for forgiveness.
On the twenty-seventh lunar day, recovery and restorative procedures, hardening, moderate physical exertion with a rhythmic pattern, stretch marks and breathing are recommended.
You can starve, potatoes and citrus fruits are not recommended, a lean diet is recommended. It is advised not to spare spices: turmeric, cardamom. cloves and peppers. A rare day when a sip of red wine can be easily offered at dinner, but only red.
The choice of plants for the bath on this day is best entrusted to intuition and the bath will have a beneficial effect on beauty and health.
Cosmetics in an amount not exceeding daily care for nourishing and moisturizing the skin will benefit.
Lymph is vulnerable, draft, cold, dampness, nervous loads are not recommended. It is not advised to donate blood to donors and treat the ankle part of the legs.
On this day, cutting and/or styling hair improves mood and promotes joy. In another version, a haircut on the 27th lunar day increases insight, improves intuition.

The twenty-eighth day of the moon passes under the sign of the lotus.
The day when you can start any earthly affairs, energies contribute to sowers and builders, actions. On this day, wisdom unites the body and spirit, material and spiritual, cosmic and earthly. Awareness of behavior and thoughts allows you not to waste energy on negativity, leading to exhaustion. A day of diverse opportunities in the spiritual plane and in the awareness of oneself and the surrounding space in the broadest sense, including temporal criteria. On the twenty-eighth day, you can not harm the living. It is not recommended to harvest herbs.
On this day, it is good to engage in health prevention: gymnastics, hardening, restorative and hardening procedures.
Water and fresh air are useful. It is possible to introduce innovations into sports and recreational exercises, or rather to try new exercises in a free spontaneous manner, so that some of them enter the complexes the next day.
On this day, the heart and blood vessels require attention. On this day, care and concern are primarily aimed at the eyes.
Useful massage, steam room, bath. The bath does not use flowers, their decoctions and infusions.
You can swallow, follow the diet, instead of tea it is better to drink juices. It is recommended to use greens in each dish: parsley, salads, celery, dill. Believers are advised to start the meal with prayer.
Those who first of all think about their beauty, it is good to get a haircut on this day.
On this day, the head and eyes are vulnerable, it is recommended to spend time at the computer or other eye-straining affairs in a dosed manner, with breaks for gymnastics for the eyes or limit these matters.

The twenty-ninth day of the moon is the day of the octopus or hydra.
A day of summing up and heavy and unstable energy, all the extreme characteristics of the personality are exacerbated. It is advised not to give free rein to negative emotions, not to succumb to the influence of illusions and deception that is exacerbated on this day. Solitude, abstinence and reason allow you to take responsibility for the consequences of those actions that depend on the person himself.
On the 29th day of the moon, the immune system is weakened, a person is more likely to be injured, but moderate physical exertion is not prohibited. It makes sense to avoid running and strenuous workouts, the day is good for meditation. especially with a candle.
A diet is recommended, possibly fasting, food should be taken carefully, the recommended choice is cereals, milk and herbs. It is better to replace alcohol with herbal tea. New. exotic and dubious dishes can lead to poisoning.
It is better not to look in the mirror – any procedures, masks and creams negatively affect the skin.
Hair cuts on the 29th day of the Moon are contraindicated, according to legends, it is believed that this is one of those days when you can lose both mind and happiness with hair. Other authors believe that combing your hair and making plans to change your image on this day is helpful.
Sauna on the 29th day is contraindicated.
The intestine and anus are vulnerable, enemas and injections into the buttock are not recommended.

The last day of the lunar cycle is the 30th, its symbol is a golden swan.
It does not happen every month and, as a rare phenomenon, promises joy, lightness, energy. On this day, harmony can be in external and internal manifestation, in communication. in love. On this day, it is good to enjoy beauty in all its manifestations, to give and delight others, to remember the best moments.
Moderation is recommended in physical, especially power loads, even stretching exercises should be replaced by a sports or relaxing massage.
Moderation in nutrition, excluding meat and rough food, light food from fruits. vegetables, sweets.
On the 30th lunar day, the limbs are vulnerable and edema, feet and epophysis – the pineal gland of the brain – are possible.
Cutting hair on the 30th day of the moon attracts misfortune, enemies and, they say, even death, the risk of car accidents increases / Cutting hair on this day, other astrologers say, you can keep the shape of a short haircut for a long time and the hair will grow, long hair does not cut, even the tips.
The bath on the thirtieth lunar day is full of tranquility and harmony: there are no pungent odors and strongly acting decoctions, soft care for the heart will serve as an excellent prevention.

During the 4th lunar phase, a general cleansing of the body can be carried out.
The most optimal period for cleaning the entire skeleton and bone tissue, skin and digestive system is 1 third of the phase,
Bones and joints of the limbs can be effectively cleaned in the second third of the phase, and the last third is the most suitable time to clean the feet and gastrointestinal tract.