Zogan Facial Massage

In Russian language, massage dzogan (zogan, dzogan) has been discussed for five years. The 10-minute self-massage method, which is gaining popularity, successfully takes patients away from plastic surgeons. The conclusion of the method of "making a face" (translated from Japanese) began with the book of the Japanese cosmetologist Hiroshi Hisashi, who received the blessing of her grandmother, who kept the secrets of beauty passed down from generation to generation of the family. Yukuko Tanako introduced many women to the technique of the Y-method, in the book "Special Facial Massage. Back 10 years." However, we saw the method and Yukuko Tanako herself on the Internet in a video showing the massage technique.

But the biggest contribution to the popularization of facial massage was made by Laila Butter, who wrote and released the book "Massage assakhi. Morning sun." As a result, the massage is one, and there are many names, the most used asahi given by Laila and meaning "morning sun".

In order not to "break" the dreams of those to whom the method is contraindicated, with contraindications and let's start:

1.    Diseases of the lymphatic system.

2.    Diseases of the ears, throat or nose, even with a cold or a simple cold, it is better to postpone the self-massage of the zogan.

3 .    Diseases of the skin: you can intensify the disease because the zogan intensively acts on the lymphatic system.

4.    General malaise, temperature, chronic fatigue.

5.    Critical days: there is no direct ban, but before doing zogan on these days of the cycle, observe the changes in your body.

6.    Thin skin, or rather a thin fat layer of skin on the face, since massage can cause the effect of "skin-covered bones" due to the outflow of lymph, water and a decrease in the fat layer that the massage causes.

Contraindications are directly related to how the massage "morning sun" works.

Asahi massage combines light stroking with shiatsu elements. Due to the impact on the points, mechanisms that affect the lymphatic system, muscles, bones, connective tissues, metabolic processes are triggered.

Reviews of constantly using asahi confirm rejuvenation (7-10 years) that the bones of the skull occupy a more "correct" position, skin tissues and muscles receive intense oxygen nutrition and come to tone, tighten.

Pressure is produced with two fingers. The position of the body is relaxed, the European school allows you to lie, the Japanese one involves an upright position of the face

Preparing for Asahi Self-Massage

Since massage causes the outflow of lymph and primarily acts on the lymphatic system, the skin of the face must be cleansed. Whether you do this with cosmetic milk, oatmeal decoction or cosmetic oil is a matter of your personal preference, but your face and hands should be clean.

The face must be prepared for exposure, so the first action is "final"

Yukuko Tanako selected the places of pressure, the method of pressure experimentally, osteopathy, shiatsu and the analogy with training in the gym served as a source of inspiration for her.
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