Druid massage

When the heart is heavy, depression is approached to the soul by the confident step of the winner, diseases overcome, the druids did not see a reason for despondency, they saw the reason to hug a tree and stand for half an hour hugging.

The Druids were educated people, 12 years in the period half a millennium before Christ and half a millennium later to spend on education is a lot. They knew astronomy/astrology, mathematics, medicine and were priest-scientists among the pagan Celts. All people were divided into two main types: with a plant soul and with an animal soul. People with a plant soul are cordial and natural, love nature, blood ties, peace and comfort mean a lot to them. People of animal nature are cold, put spiritual kinship above blood kinship, they are distinguished by entrepreneurship.

For people with the soul of an animal, the Druids used massage with chopsticks. They are cut from the trunk or branches of healthy trees. Those who wish can make sticks themselves, you need to know how this or that tree works.

The massage itself consists of 4 types of basic movements:

stroking: it is carried out without pressure, rolling sticks on the skin, so that skin folds do not form, stroking is carried out for relaxation, slow movements.

rubbing: sticks intensively at a speed of 60-100 movements per minute drive a roller of skin along the surface of the body, affecting adipose tissue; rubbing increases the elasticity of the skin, its smoothness, improve appearance.

kneading: sticks capture skin tissues and grind them, the speed of this movement is 40-50 movements per minute, the skin turns red, but it should not hurt; kneading is used for cellulite and metabolic disorders in skin cells, increased blood circulation in the tissues.

point kneading of the feet, palms of the buttocks is made the end of the stick, the impact on biologically active points leads to a general improvement in well-being in all organs and systems of the body, an effective way to harmonize the soul and body.

pricking: sticks fall on the body from a height of 15-20 cm, the rhythm is 70-100 beats per minute, the action tones the muscle tissue, in the process the hormone of pleasure and activation of cognitive activity dopamine are released.

You can use other sticks, for example, it is known that aspen and cherry, like poplar, relieve pain from bruises, dislocations, injuries, and conifers have a bactericidal effect. Aspen, poplar, spruce, sycamore, cherry, alder – trees that take away energy.

Creole massage is done with bamboo sticks using oils.

By default, druid massage helps to relax, relieve tension, get rid of fatigue, take care of metabolic processes in the tissues of the skin and muscles, about supply, helps with cellulite.

It is recommended in the bath with a partner, but no one bothers to beat yourself yourself).

Massage with sticks has contraindications: damage and diseases of the skin; diseases of the blood, blood (varicose veins, thrombophlebitis) and lymphatic vessels; general malaise; pregnancy, critical days; benign and malignant neoplasms; infectious and fungal diseases; exacerbation of diseases of internal organs, the presence of stones in the gallbladder and kidneys; severe mental illness; damage to the spine.

Despite the widespread belief about the connection between the horoscope of the Druids and the sticks of massage, most likely invented by the Druids, the Druids used other trees that are not included in the horoscope, and not only for massage.

are cut from the branches or wood of trees 35-36 cm long and 2-2.5 cm in diameter.
It is important to choose a tree. You can choose by birth, or you can by properties, in the horoscope of the druids there were such trees:

Apple treeDecember 23 – January 1, June 25 – July 4takes energy, has a relaxing and disinfecting effect, cleanses, can reveal the sexuality of a young girl, but does not protect against temptations, is used in love and healing magic, is devoid of justice, obeys only nature.
Fir2 – 11 January, 5 -25 Julyin terms of energy it resembles pine, but softer, allows you not to lose energy in an unfavorable environment, wood contains essential oils with anti-acid action, makes it easier to create an immune system.
Elm12 – 24 January, 15 – 25 Julymale tree, does not like those who do not know how to hold a blow, favors those who know how to fall and rise, inspires courage and courage, thoroughness
Cypress25 January – 3 February, 26 July – 4 Augustthe tree of male energy, especially sexual, is intolerant, gives irresistibility, the desire must be satisfied immediately, the druids believed that the cypress would provide such an opportunity, at a distance the cypress does not work
Poplar4 – 8 February, 5 – 13 Augusttree indifferent to humans, absorbs all negative energy, improves the environment, reduces pain from bruises
Cedar9 – 18 February, 14 – 23 Augustgives energy, immunostimulant
Pine19 – 28/ 29 February, 24 August – 2 Septemberpurifying, curing neuroses, calmness, confidence, from a magical point of view is closely related to fire
Willow1 – 10 March, 3 – 12 Septemberthe magic of the tree is devoid of the concept of justice, serves nature and women-magicians, enhances love spells and other desires to possess the will of other people, is associated with the magic of water and earth
Linden11 – 20 March13 – 22 Septembergives energy to a person
OakMarch 21transmits its energy to man, the most powerful plant energy donor, heals the wounds of warriors, sages, but the weak infirm and chronically ill are safer not to treat with oak
OliveSeptember 23balancing effect
Filbert22 – 31 March, 24 September – 3 Octoberamong the Druids, the tree and the branches of the hazelnut were considered the strongest talisman against evil magic, a symbol of justice, objectivity, shares its energy, but in fairness
Rowan1 – 10 April, 4 – 13 Octoberthe tree of magicians and soothsayers, carries a protective function from foreign energy, druids believed that rowan loves women over 40 and gives them female charms, it is believed that regulates appetite and pressure
Maple11 – 20 April, 14 – 23 Octoberbrings comfort, frees from passions, enhances balance, flirts with energy with a person
Nut21 – 30 April, 24 October – 2 Novemberwalnut has a beneficial effect on cardiac activity and helps with rheumatism
Jasmine1 – 14 May, 3 – 11 Novemberjasmine sticks are used to increase sexual energy and attraction, they are more suitable for erotic massage, it is believed that jasmine wood promotes procreation
Chestnut15 – 24 May, 12 – 21 Novemberespecially the "female chestnut" (grows in more northern areas) washes away negative energies and sores, has high energy, but shares not energy, but egoism, allows you to forget about others and take care of your health, the female tree, a symbol of chastity, has a protective function
Ash25 May – 3 June, 22 November – 1 Decemberwood has magical properties of a protective nature, harmonizes materiality and spirituality, one of the most important trees among the Druids, gives energy to a person
Hornbeam4 – 13 June, 2 – 11 Decemberused to treat rabies, insanity, hornbeam strengthens the nervous system and helps with psychosomatic diseases
Figs14 – 23 June, 12 – 21 Novembersoothing effect, restoration of the peripheral nervous system
BirchJune 24transmits energy to a person, is suitable for women, children, the sick, carries protective energy, helps to cope with physical and mental ailments, promotes procreation, increases immunity and mood
Beech21 -22 Decemberin magicians, it is considered a link between the knowledge of the past and the future