What hair says

Nothing emphasizes beauty like beautiful, long, shiny hair. They don't talk about anything, they delight.
Hair begins to hint to its owners only when they lack something.

For example, dull hair that lacks shine hints at a lack of vitamin A. If vitamin A is severely lacking, then the hair becomes brittle, brittle, and dandruff may appear.

The hair is oily at the roots, but dry tips indicate a lack of vitamin B2. Severe vitamin deficiency leads to seborrhea and hair loss. Increasing in the diet B2, you can notice a change in the appearance of the hair. they will look fresher and healthier. They can be washed not so often. The oiliness of the hair will be more uniform along the entire length.

Hair can fall out for another reason, hair follicles are weak and lifeless. By the fallen hair, this is immediately visible, the bulb on it almost does not stand out.  This can be caused by the aging process, or a lack of vitamin E. Vitamin E, also known as tocopherol, helps to nourish the hair follicles and thereby improves hair growth. It prevents the aging of the body and slows down the natural processes of hair deterioration.

When the hair falls out, but the hair follicles are large, "well-fed". Obviously, the bulbs are not firmly "rooted" in the skin.Vitamin B5 enhances the supply of oxygen to the bulbs, which in turn makes the hair follicle more viable. B5 also restores skin cells.

Itching and peeling of the scalp with or without dandruff is evidence of vitamin B deficiency6. B6 also prevents dryness of the skin under the hairline.

If the scalp is healthy, hair does not fall out, but grows very slowly, this may be due to a lack of vitamin B9 (folic acid).  This vitamin is involved in the process of creating new cells.

Hair can grow slowly if there is not enough manganese, with a lack of manganese, the hair becomes thinner, become brittle. Manganese deficiency can also manifest itself in a change in hair color.

Seborrhea, dermatitis and premature gray hair can be a signal of a lack of biotin. Biotin normalizes lipid metabolism, its lack can be judged by the oily skin under the hair.
Hair becomes thinner, loses elasticity, instead of healthy hair – weak and lifeless. This condition can be caused by a lack of vitamin C. If you do not change the diet in a timely manner, the hair may fall out.

Split hair indicates a deficiency of iron, its deficiency can also lead to hair loss and dullness. This is especially true for women.

The appearance of gray hair is considered a natural reaction to stress, but may be due to a lack of vitaminB3 (nicotinic acid). DeficiencyB3 leads to impaired hair growth and pigmentation.

Symptoms characteristic of a deficiency of vitamins A and B can be caused by a lack of zinc. Zinc deficiency is noticeable not only in the condition of the hair, but also in the skin and blood vessels. Zinc is essential for hair growth, strength, skin and vascular health. During pregnancy, zinc protects hair from baldness and hair loss, it is a necessary component for the formation of keratin, which in turn is the basis of the building material of the hair body. Zinc is an active participant in carbohydrate metabolism, protein synthesis, absorption of vitamins A and B groups.

In case of violation of the synthesis of collagen, the health of joints, cartilage can be disturbed. vessels, skin, and also increases the fragility of the hair. Collagen synthesis is directly related to the presence of silicon, copper and sulfur in the body.

With chronic fatigue, nervous tension, magnesium is consumed, the body involves it in metabolic processes from hair and bones. Severe magnesium deficiency affects the condition of the hair and the fragility of the bones.

Deterioration of the appearance of the hair, fragility of bones and teeth, nail condition, as well as skin allergies, increased nervous excitability, muscle weakness, increased fatigue – symptoms of calcium deficiency.Calcium is a building material for cells, tissues and fluids of the whole body, including hair. It can come in sufficient quantities, but not be absorbed properly with a deficiency of vitamins D, C, B2, B6 and K.

—-Now nutritionists analyze the composition of the hair, which determines the amount of chemical elements in their composition. The method allows you to prevent the development of cancer, diseases of the endocrine system and choose a more suitable diet.