Overton Windows – Protection

We live in an era of change: changes affect economic forms, the characteristics of leaders and the stages of their biography, but also our consciousness.

The consciousness of a person, a single person, cannot be free from public consciousness. A person, in order not to be an outcast of society, must "be aware", understand what it is about and have an idea of the "norm".

The era of change is confronted at the stage of stabilization with the fact that the "abnormal" becomes normal. This process can be driven by change advocates, or it can be spontaneous. In the modern world, proven, and, preferably, honed by experience technologies win. Probably, the history of crowd control goes far into the history of the human herd, of course, it should be owned by the priests of the ancient world, but today it is the past, something was lost, something was gained. Among the acquisitions, the Overton Window is a technology that quickly and effectively changes the minds of the "herd." Habits, traditions, fashion, nutrition and health are changing.

Joseph P. Overton (1960-2003), senior vice president of the Mackinac Center for Public Policy. He died in a plane crash. He formulated a model for changing the perception of the problem in public opinion, posthumously called the Overton Window.

"Overton windows" appear as a result of observation of what is happening.  Naturally, it improves.

The technology diagram can be imagined as the task of changing the black relationship becomes white.

It includes several stages:

• The stage of the unthinkable, when the idea is absolutely not accepted by society.
•The stage of radical, when it is perceived only by some radical groups.
•The acceptable stage, when the idea is included in a broad discussion.
•The stage of the reasonable, when it seems reasonable to many.
•The stage of popularity, when this idea begins to dominate in society.
•The political stage, when this idea becomes a political factor.

1. In the first stage of the unthinkable:

The main task is to break the taboo on the discussion of the topic.

There is some phenomenon that in society has a stable attitude of "it's black". There is nothing to talk about, of course "black is black". An event is thrown into the information field – "this is black". The natural reaction is "horror", "nightmare". Consequence: "this is a black" information occasion, a subject of discussion, a factor that allows you to raise the rating of the media, blogger, in front of a neighbor who does not know. "How could they?"

Protective reaction:

Healthy squeamishness acts as protection, it is curious that the "common people" are protected by their inseparable connection with the land, traditions, and way of life.

The least protected part is the intelligentsia, and all sorts of talkers. Given the development of blogging – i.e. people who do not know how to handle information (and this is what any university teaches) and do not know how to slow down, because the rating is their bread. The number of stages in the technology can be reduced and time can be won.

Protective reaction:

Do not discuss, do not expand the information field, just ignore. Don't let your emotions get the better of common sense: don't let the "black" out of a sealed bottle.

2. The stage of radical.

The higher the public outcry of "it's black," the faster the intellectual discussion begins, when "this black" is permissible, when black turns gray? With the right lighting…  "this black" acquires shades, turns gray and with the right lighting can become so bright that in a black and white photo it will be white.

Protective reaction:

Often, the "common people" simply silence the "radicals", brand the "rotten intelligentsia" and indicate to them their place under the sun, figuratively intelligibly and unambiguously. The result is a chasm between "the common people" and the "brains of the nation." Arguments can be made in favor of being on both sides of the abyss, but the defensive reaction is to build bridges between one position and the other.

The intelligentsia needs to understand and voice why the "healthy squeamishness" of the "common people" is the most correct and accurate response, because all clearly specific images are easily translated into diplomatic language, about the same as "wet in the sorting room" in a note of protest.

"Ordinary people" can meet the "rotten intelligentsia" and learn diplomatic formulation, few things can be useful in life)).

In the spontaneous movement of the Internet community in defense of Ukraine, examples of such remarkable reactions, combining "sortir" and diplomatic translation in one replica, delight the ears of both the "people" and the "intelligentsia". Increase ratings, etc.

3 . Stage acceptable,

i.e. widely discussed

Joint discussions of different segments of society are a signal that the "black" has escaped from the sealed bottle.

Protective reaction:

At this stage, it is necessary to isolate the actual "black", remove all the packages and shoes in which it is dressed. Remove misinformation and substitution of concepts (preferably, of course, in advance) and unite in order to put the "black" back and seal. A movie with numerous "revived" monsters and mummies is a wonderful clue.

At this stage, it is not too late to use the very term "Overton window": the curious will climb to see "what is it?", who knows – will understand, who does not know and does not want to know – will remain silent or deservedly receive the title of a brainless fool.

4. Reasonable stage

At this stage, most do not consider "black" to be black.

In principle, those who wanted to make "abnormal – normal" are already winning.

Protective reaction:

Ordinary common sense and absurdity as proof of the theorem to the contrary. Questions: "what will happen if you continue like this?", "what consequences will this have?", "Do you want to?" So the entire sane world first ate the laws in defense of homosexuality, and then gave up. And where do homosexuals get children from? If everyone follows the example of these militant "pioneers", then humanity will die out. You can just laugh, in the style of do not believe your eyes.

5.  The stage of popular, when this idea begins to dominate in society.

At this stage, "black" comes into vogue. He is supported by such phrases as "like people", "I like everyone else"…

Protective reaction:

The advantage is given to the "white crows", this image allows you to be yourself in any situation, and the rating of the "black sheep" from the next discrepancy with the majority is only growing.

At this stage, the right to dissent and one's own opinion, combined with logic, sanity and "noble thoughts", "lofty motives", i.e. appeal to universal human values, are able to resist the offensive of the black.
good and evil

6. Policy Stage

"black" becomes a political factor.

This stage characterizes religious wars, fascism and other explanations of war, usually the seizure of foreign territories or resources. As the characters in the cartoon about Mowgli say, "Now we can only fight!.

Protective reaction:

Guerrilla warfare and other forms of warfare are not part of the issues discussed in the article.

Information warfare has its own laws and rules, but it is almost impossible to wage it at the individual level. Therefore, it is necessary to look for like-minded people and supporters, as a rule, this is done in advance. An important factor is the coherence of actions, mutual understanding and the search for common interests with the various groups involved in the situation.

It is important to remember that war always falls on the shoulders of the people who have entered it. A decision taken without bloodshed has the same force as as a result of war. And defeat in the war threatens revanchism and exhaustion of people for many years, depriving them of peace and tranquility. Politicians and state leaders are ambitious people, their ambitions do not always need to be fueled. The public position imposes on them the need to be restrained and patient, but, like all people, patience may come to an end. When talking to public people, don't get too much worse.