Useful habits for long-term youth of the face

They say longevity is a sweet revenge on the state. Truly sweet revenge can become, if you do not accelerate aging and at any age look young.

To do this, it is enough to abandon several habits:

1.    Sunglasses and gloves.

Leaving the house without sunglasses is the easiest way to provide a thin and sensitive patch of wrinkles around the eyes. Not to mention the fact that unprotected eyes from the sun are vulnerable to burns, more prone to eye diseases.

In the kitchen and when cleaning the apartment, we try to use gloves to protect against the harmful effects of chemicals on the skin. The skin of the hands needs protection from wind and cold. Forgotten gloves contribute to tiptoeing and premature aging of the skin of the hands.

2.    Straws.

Drinking cocktails through a straw is delicious, interesting and erotic. Often, lips stretched into a tube are quickly covered with wrinkles, unfortunately, it is difficult to get rid of them. Smoking leads to the same result. Lip balms or honey can be used for prevention.

3 .     Individuality of the skin.

The skin can be sensitive, in this case it should be treated accordingly, even washing can not be washed with every water, and, perhaps, it is better to use not water. Careful attention should be paid to the capillaries. If the skin turns red easily, then it is probably exhausted or weakened. The causes can be hereditary, be caused by malnutrition or stress, both general and local. Unsuitable for the skin cosmetics, sun, wind, dust and other environmental factors can spoil the skin: wrinkles, pimples, irritation, allergies appear.

Sometimes it is better to consult a dermatologist for the selection of cosmetics and diet to avoid more serious troubles and protect the skin from aging.

4.     A sense of proportion.

"Skin like an infant" – this statement accompanies conversations about scrubs more often than others. It is important to understand that scrubs do the work for the body, exfoliating keratinized cells. The process of the cosmetic process is accompanied by a violation of the epidermis and contributes to the "laziness" of the body, since cleansing of excess cells does not need to be performed, the processes of cleansing from dead skin cells slow down.

Other cosmetics are less aggressive, but in any cosmetic effect, it is reasonable to observe a sense of proportion. As a rule, shampoos are recommended to be changed every 1-2 months. Masks, lotions are changed taking into account their composition. Particular attention should be paid to industrial cosmetics. In the individual, when choosing the duration of the course, pay attention to alcohol-containing components, as well as fruit acids.

5.     Brawn.

All the emotions that were diligently transmitted by the muscles of the face will be reflected on this face in old age. Do not wrinkle your forehead, do not inflate sponges, do not wince with discontent.

Facial massage is a very useful thing, but you should not rub your eyes, stretching sensitive skin, do not rub the tip of your nose or grab your ear once again, just because your habit seems cute to someone and today gives you charm.

To find your habits, film yourself during a phone call on camera. To get rid of excess facial expressions, you can make a yeast mask, it will not allow you to wrinkle your forehead or protrude your lips once again. You can glue a patch.

You can smooth out the effects of excessive facial expressions with the help of smoothing and skin-strengthening creams with vitamin A.

Your habits today are your face tomorrow, take care of your future.