Useful exercises for the lips

Men rarely worry about wrinkles. So the article is for the beautiful half of the human race.
And no matter how old you are, look at your mother and grandmother, if wrinkles and folds begin in the corners of their mouths and, perhaps, spoil their favorite faces, then maybe right now it is worth learning this lesson.

Just three exercises to prevent wrinkles around the upper lip and the corners of the mouth. Mothers and grandmothers are also allowed, already acquired wrinkles will be smoothed out.

Raise the corners of the mouth:

Place the index fingers of your hands on the corners of your mouth without exerting too much pressure.
For 30 seconds, the muscles of the mouth try to raise the corners of the lips up, the index fingers resist the muscles of the mouth.
Relax the muscles of the face, but do not remove the fingers. Repeat again.
Make sure that all the muscles of the face except the muscles around the mouth are relaxed throughout the exercise, pay attention to the muscles of the forehead and the muscles around the eyes – they are relaxed.

Raise the corners of the mouth, increase the elasticity of the lips, prevent the appearance of a double chin:

Relax the muscles of the face and neck, make sure that the whole body is relaxed, there are no clamped muscles or curved positions of the body. Relaxed muscles, except for those involved in the exercise itself, are the key to the correct performance of the task and an effective result.
Place all your fingers except the big ones on your lower lip.
Press your lower lip with your fingers to your jaw hard enough.
When tensing your labial muscles, try to push your fingers away for 30 seconds.
Relax your muscles.
Repeat the exercise again.
Make sure that no grimaces appear on the face and no unnecessary tension of other muscles slips through.
It will be possible to increase the number of repetitions, but for the first time two repetitions are enough.

We prevent the nasolabial fold, increase the elasticity and volume of the lips, smooth the upper lip:

You will have to open your mouth and put your index and middle fingers
in it Close your eyes, round your lips, saying the letter "O", at the same time resist the movement of the muscles of the mouth with your fingers.
The time of confrontation of lips and fingers is 60 seconds.
During the exercise, the rest of the muscles of the face and the whole body are relaxed and not skewed.
Please note that the resistance of the upper lip during the entire exercise is provided by the pressure of the fingers, do not reduce it. You can determine the accuracy of the performance by the absence of painful sensations under the lower lip and on the side of the mouth.

During the day, we smile at the idea that life is beautiful, we give our attitude to the life of others.

For reference: kissing is the best way to get younger both in soul and body, and, probably, no one will dare to object that no one has yet been able to come up with a better lip gymnastics).