Practice for the eyes of Svetlana Chernysheva

We are already used to learning from Hindus and Chinese. The knowledge they have preserved and carefully collected about Ayurveda, meditations, sets of exercises and trainings are practices, various schools, monasteries. Conventionally, they are united by directions, or by the name of the monastery, for example. Shaolin or techniques, for example, most martial arts were called just that: karate, aikido, taikwando, etc. Behind the names and characters unusual to the ear, the very idea of the practices is somehow lost, i.e. someone "master" began to practice a set of actions that, in his opinion, should have given a certain result.
Today, we ourselves become such masters practicing one or another complex of morning exercises with a diet, individual cosmetics and a massage system, only while we know our followers by name and in much more detail. Only the essence of the issue does not change, someone begins to try, and only after that there is a practice that gives a certain result.
We want to introduce you to the practice that Svetlana Chernysheva recently started. The practice is aimed at restoring vision and abandoning glasses or lenses. It is based on the theories of Bates and Norbekov that glasses only weaken the muscles of the eyes, we are prevented from seeing well by the constant tension of muscles frozen in one position, but in a holistic system Svetlana Chernysheva offers her own way of protecting and restoring good vision, designed for a normal modern person – with a computer, a book looking at the stars in rare hours of leisure.

The practice includes:

table for checking the vision of the Sivtsev

rejection of misconceptions:

  1. if glasses are prescribed, then they need to be worn, it is impossible to restore vision without glasses.
  2. poor eyesight is inherited.
  3. with age, vision can only deteriorate.
  4. weakening of vision is the result of weakening of the eye muscles.
  5. vision can be reduced to mechanics and optics.

Take a simple test that will allow you to understand how great the capabilities of your eyes are.
For the test, you will need the Sivtsev table – on the right, or you can open separately, clean and dry hands.
It is advisable to relax the eyes, for example, with the help of palming.

Select the row in the table that you see vaguely.
Do not strain your eyesight, do not try to see better or more.
Find the distance that's right for you.
Gently press the eyeball over the eyelids with one finger, but do not close your eyes and continue to look.
Light careful presses will allow you to find the place where vision changes and you begin to see.
It is very likely that with myopia you will find a point closer to the nose, and with farsightedness – closer to the ears.
Do not rush, when you find, you can continue further, because the point may not be one.
Remember that feeling.

If you notice that there is an uneven surface under your fingers, then leveling it, as Svetlana believes, you can cure the eyes.

The method itself includes:

  • gradual rejection of glasses and lenses;
  • relaxation of the eyes through palming or solarization;
  • constant (every half hour to an hour) work at the computer (eyes are constantly directed at close range) switching of vision to remote objects
  • a little exercise for the eyes or relaxation – also every half hour to an hour
  • the use of pirated glasses;
  • removal of tension and stagnant areas in the body – at least once or twice during the day
  • classes with Sivtsev tables on the alignment of the shape of the eyes
  • eye exam by ophthalmologists (Svetlana's result – improvement of vision by 3 diopters in 3 months)
  • constant study of ways to improve vision and maintenance of phobiness, which allows you to expand your methods and adjust them

Accordingly, you can visit "Down with poor vision" – a free 4-day training or Healthy look 3.0 – 3 week training

The method of aligning the eyeball is based on the fact that if some muscles are too tense, then others are too relaxed, this is the cause of visual impairment.

Restoration of vision is accompanied by general relaxation techniques used in yoga. Svetlana herself used Zhdanov's lessons. such as

The method is not suitable for those who have problems with the retina, for example, detachment. In general, you need to understand. that bioenergetic methods and other methods of taking care of one's health do not exclude the knowledge that certified doctors can possess!