About phyto shampoos

Summer, good ecology and clean water allow you to use live herbs instead of soap and feel how heavy the hair is, see how it shines in the sun, feel the live aromas of herbs.
Just picking a chamomile or nettle and insisting it in hot water, and then rinsing your hair is already a great joy, but sophistication and the desire to continue taking care of your beloved in a winter dusty city suggest that there must be a way to transfer the splendor of wildlife at least to the bath, at least for hair, at least partially.
There is such a way, you can not even go to environmentally friendly conditions for herbs, they are sold in phytopharmacies and online stores, you can look into the nearest pharmacy – for the first phyto shampoos there you can find suitable herbs.
Herbal remedies containing saponins should be involved in the recipes, usually mustard powder and nettle leaves are used for this purpose.

It is usually recommended to use sage leaves, wormwood, hop cones, string, chamomile, birch leaves and buds, both widespread in our regions and easily available on pharmacy shelves.

The article "herbs for hair" examines the properties of herbs such as tansy, plantain, St. John's wort on the hair, and for what hair they are suitable.

You can add dry crushed ginger
root The traditional composition of phytochampun consists of

0.5 cupsyour chosen and crushed plants and herbs
 1 cuprye flour, it can be replaced with rice, corn or other flour
1 tablespoonmustard powder, with a sensitive scalp, mustard can burn, there is an opinion that it is worth being patient, for example, improving hair growth, however, I adhere to the opposite, repeating the procedure the amount of mustard to reduce or replace with other herbs containing saponins
2 tablespoonscrushed dry ginger root, can be replaced with a tablespoon of fresh root, it is much more useful and retains all the active ingredients, unlike powder

However, no one better than you can pick up herbs for the beauty and health of your hair than you yourself or the master of individual cosmetics who loves you.
All components need to be crushed mixed, diluted with hot water to the state of gruel, you can add a yolk or egg for better washing of thick hair and when the phyto shampoo acquires a temperature convenient for application to the hair and scalp, it is soaked in the roots and hair, kept for 5 minutes, then washed off with warm water, making sure that there are no grass particles left in the hair.
It is best to rinse the hair with slightly acidified water, for this purpose a teaspoon of wine or apple cider vinegar diluted with water is suitable.
Already washed hair can be wrapped with a towel or kept warm under a cap to enhance the effect of herbs.
In Western countries, a new trend is becoming quite widespread, the adherents of which do not use soap and shampoos to wash their hair.  Within six months, the hair adapts to the new lifestyle, then claims to get used to it and no longer needs industrial cosmetics. Unfortunately, I cannot say that such hygiene is suitable for people who are constantly in the conditions of large cities, I have not come across such systematized data.