Prevention of immunity

Immunity in medicine is understood as a protective reaction of the body aimed at maintaining homeostasis, in other words, to ensure that the body "works like a clock" regardless of environmental factors.

In addition to viruses and microbes, immunity "fights" not only infections. The immune system provides protection against hypothermia, heat, adverse factors: polluted air, not enough clean water or not enough quality food. Internal processes (hormonal activities, wounds, the effects of stress) can also trigger an immune system response.

Immunity is lost as a result of adverse factors, stress and negative emotions.

Immunity can be increased using various methods, for example, such as cold hardening, Russian bath, medical leeches (hirudotherapy), warming foot massage.

People who think about active longevity are interested in ways to increase immunity constantly, sometimes even taking unnecessary risks under the pressure of ubiquitous advertising.

Others, on the contrary, learn about the need to increase the body's defenses from the doctor. In order not to get into such a ridiculous situation, we recommend paying attention to yourself right now.

Signs of decreased immunity are known, these are:

Fatigue, weakness, lethargy

In the morning you wake up without enthusiasm, without a smile and curse the annoying alarm clock

Your favorite day: Friday afternoon, but the weekend doesn't restore your strength enough

You began to catch a cold more often

It's long past time for you to go on vacation, even though you were on vacation no more than six months ago.

The doctor attributed to the name of your disease recurrent or chronic

You have allergic reactions, autoimmune or oncological diseases.

It's uncomfortable to tell people with intelligence that you don't have to wait for the full set of signs to pay a little more attention to yourself than before.

Attention can be expressed in nutrition for immunity, for example, in any search you will immediately be prompted by the top 5 products.

Sophisticated and once incredibly expensive ginger, which now you can buy in any supermarket.
Aristocratic lemon, which can be replaced by other citrus fruits, especially with high acidity.
Sour-milk products, and it is better to take kefir than foreign yogurt (so it will be calmer).
Honey, but you need to know which honey is yours, and in no case do not buy "so-called" honey, and for those who understand beekeeping, also bee pollen and royal bee jelly.
The most proven and reliable fighter against bacteria and protector of immunity, as well as with sophisticated and exquisite snobs is garlic. The only remedy that has a reliable effect on vampires, plague and colds.

As for cosmetic procedures to increase immunity, it makes sense to stop at the bathroom.

Taking a bath from one water is boring, neither a fresh detective or a novel, nor a friendly game of chess on the phone will replace the old recipes of naturopaths that burst into fashion.

The most popular baths of the winter season to increase the natural protection of the body:

  • with Epsom salt, which is used even in floating therapy,
  • with baking soda,
  • with ground or fresh ginger root, especially since this bath has an aftereffect,
  • with essential oils,
  • with herbs

Choose to your taste, do not forget about the sense of smell,The

most widely known are such herbal bathes in which babies are bathed: chamomile, calendula, string, nettle, sage