Warm-up before dancing

I became curious what kind of gymnastics at home you can do for general tone, beauty and health. I want to contribute to the general piggy bank. Nurihan Sharif is known as one of the world's best performers of Middle Eastern dances. She travels a lot and teaches dances to residents of different countries. Her training begins with a warm-up before the dance. Try it, it seems to me that a set of exercises contributes to all three desires: energy, beauty, health. Nourihan Sharif herself continues to dance and tour, surprising with the plasticity of movements, its sparkle and unfading beauty. She herself is the best argument "for!"

I tried it, had a lot of fun.

My general conclusions are something like this:
to keep in shape, tone helps women
to do easily, regardless of the performer: suitable both for office plankton stuck to monitors, and for Komsomol athletes
from the virtual lesson Nurkhan Sharif blows an oriental harem with its sexuality, mystery and femininity (however, not those characteristics that are easy to refuse?) and I want to learn this


it is unlikely to lose weight to the state of an ironing board with Nurhan Sharif, either we are looking for a way to lose weight, or we remain ourselves, but… with small charming additions)

once try a little to be like Nurikhan will have to smile at a new day, warm up a little in the oriental manner and smile at his new image in the mirror. It seems to me that every new day your smile will be wider and happier, in any case, let me wish you just that.