Recipe sassy water

Cynthia Sass is known as a person who has devoted a lot of time and effort to finding simple and useful products, for people leading a healthy lifestyle, engaged in dancing, sports and fitness + she is just a beautiful woman.
Today, we will focus on the wonderful development of Christina Sass – a drink that allows you to lose weight with pleasure and more effectively than without it.
+ This drink is easy to prepare and convenient to use. Since the development is author's, the drink was called Sassy water.

Recipe sassy water:
Cooking it is convenient in the evening.

2 liters of water.
One cucumber.
One lemon.
A teaspoon of fresh ginger.
10-12 leaves of fresh mint.

Jug, you can take a 3-liter jar, gauze or filter.

Wash all components of the drink thoroughly.
Cut the lemon into thin transparent circles.
Similarly, chop a cucumber. Some prefer peeled cucumbers. it's really up to you.
From a fresh ginger root, you will need a small piece. Accordingly, it needs to be cut off, washed. clean, grate, or in another more convenient sequence for you. The fact is that for a drink you need a teaspoon of finely grated ginger.
Washed leaves of fresh mint are sent to a jug (jar) after the rest of the ingredients.
Add 8 glasses of water (this is the magic formula of all fashionable diets) or 2 liters, which is the same.
Put the jug of Sassi's magic drink in the fridge.
In the morning, you can start drinking.
The drink can be called magical, because it is tasty, and
– contributes to the normal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract,
– removes excess fluid from the body,
– accelerates metabolic processes – contributes
to a flat and beautiful tummy

Sassi water is drunk for 4 days – this is the beginning, drink during the day, taking the jug out of the refrigerator, filtering or not, to whom it is more convenient and sending the water back to the refrigerator.
Doing fitness, dancing, gymnastics at home, it is recommended to drink Sassi water for 7 days in a row. then a break. To such conclusions came those who set themselves the task of quickly and with pleasure to make their tummy flat.

During periods of increased heat, people who have a tendency to edema either do not start using hard at least 2 liters of Sassi water, or do it with caution.
Tips to drink more than two liters of liquid are not suitable for everyone. Therefore, you should not fanatically try to stuff the whole jug into yourself.
More effective for those who lose weight to move, dance, walk more than usual.

A fly in the ointment: with high acidity and gastric ulcer, Sassi water is contraindicated.