Where to start relaxing

Oddly enough, most people like to talk about relaxation, meditation and other areas… Rest and lifestyle, which came from the East, but continues to fuss, hurry, achieve, be guided not in words, but in deeds by the principle of "the wolf is fed by the legs".

In social networks, "rich", "earn" displace even the main search query of the first Internet "freebie". In a non-stop race for survival, survival… rich, cunning, "we have everything grabbed", "we have paid for everything", and the result of this victory, apparently, will be "It is better to cry in a Mercedes than in a minibus".

Alas, people have learned to work for themselves, get rich, work hard and get, but they have forgotten how to rest. Suddenly it turns out that they can not fall asleep, do not relax, do not dream. Of course, what kind of dreams are there, when it is imposed on you that you need to dream by acting, striving, achieving, then, they say, the dream makes sense.

Then suddenly in a Mercedes or in a penthouse it turns out that the rich also cry, life flows somewhere through your fingers, I can't remember when I laughed simply, because it's funny. swore without looking back at… When I lived. felt, rested. When in the end I felt that I didn't owe anything to anyone, that right now no one needed anything from you…  The only thing that remains is that… learn to relax.
Relaxation is the art of relaxation. Its result is the relaxation of muscles, tissues, organs and liberation from thoughts, especially from those obsessive ones that are constantly drilled, not allowing you to enjoy life. In Buddhism, there is the concept of nirvana – complete peace, complete liberation, including from mental activity. If you close your eyes, turn off the music, you will very quickly see that stopping the train of thought is very difficult. You can lie down, relax or choose any convenient way for you, but it is almost impossible to stop thinking at all.

The art of relaxation is the long journey of teaching your consciousness (enclosed in your physical body) to give up vanity and dwell in nirvana. The path passes through the first simplest stage: relaxation of the muscles and body completely. The most simple and accessible way to use for this purpose is self-hypnosis or common videos on the Internet with the recording of formulas:
– My body is relaxed
– my shoulders are relaxed …
and so on to the tips of the fingers, passing consciousness through all the muscles of his body, releasing them to rest, receiving from them the answer that the task is to rest in the process of execution.

Self-hypnosis is more effective if you imagine some place where you can lie down without thinking about anything and enjoy life, the sounds around you, smells, clouds floating above your head. Music, or rather the noise of nature: the waves of the sea, raindrops, the singing of birds will help you dream and relax. Just imagine a place, turn on the sound and try to mentally transfer to that very place.

Perhaps this simplest exercise will allow you to fall asleep dreaming. You will take a chance, forget about summing up the results of the past day and making plans for the day ahead, and in the morning you will wake up happier than usual.