Self-massage of the neck

Before gymnastics, which includes exercises for the neck, it makes sense to apply massage oils or bioactive individual cosmetics for those muscle groups that will participate in gymnastics at home. A few minutes spent on self-massage, in this case, allow you to count on a greater effect from the exercises themselves. Even if you do not use oils or cosmetics, the muscles before exercise will be prepared and warmed up, which, at a minimum, will not give negative results from the load on muscle tissue.
Many of us work in offices, and most Internet users spend a lot of time at computers with a relatively fixed head, thereby provoking stagnation in the cervical spine. Massage and self-massage of the neck can prevent the development of unpleasant sensations and / or diseases associated with insufficient mobility.

As a rule, the actions of masseurs begin with stroking – a slight impact on the area chosen for massage. For self-massage of the neck, we lay both hands on the back of the neck and begin to lightly stroke it from top to bottom, along the spine. Our palms are pre-heated, and on the fingers, if necessary, there is cosmetic oil. Smooth, non-pressing movements warm up the outer surface of the skin from the hairline to the area below the 7th cervical vertebra, where the cervical spine itself ends. Our fingers effortlessly reach low enough to warm up the entire area.
Proceed to a stronger action, press with your fingers and make them quite deep rotational movements on the skin, moving from above from the hairline along the spine and along the shoulders.
Proceed to the capture of small skin participants and knead them with our fingers, plano without effort, without pain, sorting through the skin with our fingers, move along the spine, expanding the massage zone along the shoulder line. Proceed to the shoulders, putting on top of them palm rub the shoulders.  Hand movements can be synchronous, symmetrical or alternate, massaging the right, then the left part, then with one hand, then with the other. In the office, you can do a massage on clothes, at home it is better to remove excess fabrics and jewelry so that they do not interfere with you.
Move your hands forward and walk stroking light non-pressing movements along the front of the neck, raising your fingers from the bottom up, at this point you can apply neck cream, if you use it.
Press your palms against your neck in front, warming it up under your palms.
Again, move your hands behind your back to the top of your spine. Bring back the neck from behind the heat lost by the skin with light movements that capture small areas of the skin.
Press quite tangibly on the points where the head attaches to the neck, feel them (they are slightly above the hairline) and massage the points themselves with your thumbs, quite strongly and carefully, resting on the head with the rest of your fingers. There should be no pain if there are no stagnant processes, salt deposits and other pathologies in these places.
If your fingers have found places of manifestation of adverse factors, massage them very acurately, do not try to disperse what has accumulated in them at a time. Do not avoid such places, just show them increased attention.
You can use techniques such as patting – gently, gradually increasing the effect, slamming on the skin; tapping – quite strongly tapping the pads of the fingers, but so that the nails do not fall on the skin, the entire massage zone, the fingers bounce off the skin when hit.  Massage the front of the neck more gently and not as much.
Now that the neck is prepared, you can move on to the neck exercises.
If you do not have enough time, then make at least a few tilts of the head back and forth, right and left.
Stroke your neck again, returning it to a calm state.
You can continue your work, but hopefully your mood and condition has changed. Daily massage of the neck, will help you to maintain its beauty and health.