San Yin Jiao – the point of female harmony

Chinese sages in this century began to share unusually generously the treasures they collected for thousands of years. In open access, books about the means of immortality, how to achieve eternal youth, unique beauty and inexhaustible energy are constantly appearing. In pursuit of health, femininity, attractiveness and charisma, scientists and housewives plunge into the ocean of intricacies of dots and meridians, the whirlpool of ying and yang, the movement and influence of planets, the aromas of herbs and potions from hundreds of components, wormwood cauterization and acupuncture, mantras and asanas … The ocean of accumulated knowledge and practices is really huge, you can drown in it.

We suggest throwing a fishing rod and pulling one of the pearls from the very bottom of this ocean. On the occasion of March 8, and also due to the fact that while on earth there is a Woman on the planet there will be life, children's laughter and a clear sky. All this will be done by men, and the Woman only sometimes controls the harmony of her body, its youth and attractiveness.

The San Yin Jiao point
is one of the most important points of the lower part of the spleen canal, affects the activity of the kidneys and liver. In acupuncture atlases, it is designated as RP.6, its poetic name is the intersection of the three Yins, which is due to the fact that the main function of the point is the replenishment of yin energy.

In China, it is believed that the spleen, kidneys and liver in a state of harmony provide healthy longevity. Preventive massage of the San Yin Jiao point is one of those procedures that naturally enter the life of modern Chinese sages who are watching themselves. Naturally, a 10-minute massage does not replace movement, mood, health nutrition, but only enhances their effect.

Where is San Yin Jiao located?

This source of female happiness (and not only) is located on the inside of the leg, 4 fingers above the bone bulging on the ankle. Like other acupuncture points, it responds to pressure, so it is not difficult to feel it. The point is paired and stimulate it for the most intense exposure to the thumb, you can change or on two legs at the same time.
San Yin JiaoSan Yin Jiao

For therapeutic purposes, San Yin Jiao massage is done with:

– stiffness and pain in the area of the root of the tongue, belching, diarrhea, vomiting, jaundice, insomnia and anxiety – Chinese medicine associates them with a violation of the activity of the spleen,

– headache, insomnia and constipation, decreased appetite associated with blood stasis,

– decreased vision and dizziness,

– in case of violations of the water balance in the body, manifested by edema, dropsy, urination disorders,

– in case of disorders in the sexual sphere in men and women, such as impotence, infertility, menstrual disorders and accompanying pains, obstetric care, an increase in the duration of sexual intercourse and an improvement in the condition of the genitals.

As an analgesic technique for pain in the lower extremities: in the hip joint, lower legs, knees, as well as with weakness and anemia.

San Yin Jiao – the point of harmony of a woman

But why is the Point of San Yin Jiao considered a unique secret? Behind the dry prescriptions from the Chinese treatises there are such possibilities that either have no solution, or are treated with expensive drugs with unknown side effects, for example:

– normalizes the menstrual cycle, restoring the normal course of the cycle, its periodicity, abundance, painlessness,

– the skin evens out, acne and wrinkles disappear – these are the consequences of the normalization of the activity of the spleen and circulatory system,

– muscles retain elasticity, youth and activity return to flabby muscle and skin tissues – it is recommended to add a healthy diet to the nightly massage of the point,

– not only the young oval of the face is preserved, but also the shape of the chest, thighs and all parts of the body,

– together with the stimulation of the points of Guan Yuan (Ren4), Qi Hai (Ren6), Shen Que (Ren8) in the lower abdomen, stimulation of San Yin Jiao has a beneficial effect on the female body, affecting all female organs,

– and finally, stimulation is soothing, and inner harmony is a necessary component of genuine femininity, with all the ensuing consequences, or rather attracting…

Let's recreate the harmony of the three Yins given to us by nature and see what happens next?