Beauty seasons

Every year, the Earth passes its circle around the Sun, turning one side or the other to it. Spring replaces winter, summer – spring, and every woman wants her beauty to be independent of the seasons. I want it to shine brighter in the spring, open in the summer, settle down in the fall and not even fall asleep in the winter under fur coats, hats and white snows.
In spring, under the warm rays of the sun, under the sounds of a droplet, blooms like buds on trees, the desire to like, it is easy to move. Boring people in white coats say that the activity of the neurovegetative system to any stimuli increases. As a result, there is a tendency to various hyperergic reactions from the skin (hypersensitivity, irritation, allergic manifestations), so in the spring you should use cosmetics with a soothing, softening, anti-inflammatory, vasoconstrictive and immunomodulatory effect.

Cosmetics are dominated by immunostimulants, agents that normalize blood microcirculation, soothe the skin and anti-inflammatory components.  Of course, after the winter "hibernation" there may still be funds and activities aimed at "preparing for summer".

Summer comes exactly on schedule only in calendars, but its arrival is accompanied by an increase in the work of the endocrine system. Increased secretion of adrenaline and androgens without their sufficient use by the body can lead to seborrhea, pigmentation, growth of unwanted hair, dehydration of the skin. In cosmetics, phytoestrogens antioxidants, sun filters and moisturizers are used.

In autumn, vitamins accumulate in the body. micro and macro elements for the winter and for the period of cold weather. The accumulation of additional fats in the skin tissues allows you not to suffer from cold, but along with vital substances, toxins accumulate. Autumn cosmetics put the skin in order after summer, removing pigment spots and other disorders from the skin, nourishes the skin, tones and prepares for winter.

In winter, the production of skin tissue slows down, the protective lipid layer becomes thinner, the skin can be dehydrated and exposed to adverse factors, remaining without the protection of a sufficient water-lipid barrier. Winter cosmetics protect the skin from the cold. Wind and other adverse factors, nourishes, promotes accelerated cell regeneration and the production of elastin, collagen and other components of the connective tissue of the skin.