Neck – massage for fatigue

Nowadays, there is a growing interest in various "ancient" types of massage. Japanese massage, perhaps thanks to the beautiful name shiatsu, is no exception.
According to the connoisseur of baths and massage Biryukov, Japanese massage is primarily aimed at increasing blood circulation, eliminating muscle lethargy (increasing tone) and eliminating muscle fatigue. The desire to relieve fatigue was the main reason why massage and self-massage appeared in the Japanese army.
In shiatsu, much attention is paid to the pressure technique. It is carried out either with the thumb or with three fingers. or with the palm of your hand. It is recommended to learn the principle of movement. before trying a massage or self-massage.

Most often, pressure in the miatz is done with the thumb. It is important that the finger does not rest on the body with a nail, does not lie the main part of the pad, and the effect is carried out by the front part

The impact of three fingers with the middle, ring and index fingers is used to massage the face, back, abdomen. The position of the fingers as well as the large one is strictly perpendicular to the point of exposure.
Palm massage is resorted to on the face and back.

Let's turn to shiatsu as a massage for fatigue in ordinary life: home-office-home. First of all, fatigue due to a sedentary sedentary lifestyle will accumulate in the neck, shoulders, spine.

It is believed that pressure should be careful, not to cause pain, but to cause a feeling of pressure and a response. The exposure time depends on the condition of the person and ranges from 5 to 7 seconds, with the exception of exposure to the neck. Pressure on the neck does not exceed 3 seconds under any circumstances.
Having figured out the correct setting of the fingers, realizing that a long manicure is not compatible with the shiatsu technique, warm up the palms and you can start.

Heaviness in the head that accompanies a chronically tired person even in the morning, when he wakes up from the wrong foot, dissatisfied with himself and others, and is ready to go to work with this head, in which stagnant venous blood and gloomy mood are already looking for an outlet. What has accumulated in the head will find a way out, but it is unlikely that it will be the best way out. In this situation, you can turn to the experience of blind monks and soldiers of the Japanese army resorting to a head massage. 6, located at an equal distance from each other points along the central line of the head are massaged with careful movements of two fingers located on top of each other, the right from below,
It is possible to massage from the central point of the line with divergent circles. The pressure time on each point is 3 seconds.

After massaging the points of the crown, the head should already be slightly clear.  Blood circulation from such a massage resumes blood vessels expand. Then the thumb is massaged to the area to the right of the carotid artery, and then to the left. The impact on the neck begins from the right jaw down, and then the movement is repeated on the left. Repeated three times on each side, each press for no more than 3 seconds

Next, massage three points of the zygomatic arch, they are located in the temporal region are easily palpable. The massage is carried out with the thumb from the eyes to the ear for 3 seconds and is not repeated.

Massage is carried out with three fingers brought together: middle, index and ring fingers, necessarily from top to bottom. Pressure on each point is 3 seconds and is repeated three times. Massage relieves congestion in the neck.

The point of the medulla oblongata is above the spine in the very center of the cranial fossa. If the massage is done by someone, then the thumb, the other hand support the head in the forehead. Self-massage of this area is carried out with the index fingers brought together. The pressure is repeated three times for 5 seconds.

Massage (or self-massage can be completed on this. It allows you to increase efficiency and avoid fatigue.
Unfortunately, shiatsu masters warn:

  • – Do not try to treat patients for infectious and purulent diseases, including osteomyelitis, influenza, rabies. jaundice, diarrhea with an infectious disease, whooping cough. measles, yellow fever, Japanese river fever, filariasis, tropical fever.
  • – do not treat patients with impaired heart activity, severe diseases of the liver, kidneys, lungs
  • – Do not treat patients with thrombocytopenic purpura. hemophilia, peptic ulcer of the stomach and duodenum, aneurysm, i.e. patients with a tendency to bleeding
  • – do not treat cancer patients (cancer, sarcoma)
  • – do not treat for broken bones, obstruction of the intestines

Remember that serious diseases can be treated by the Shiatsu method, but only a very experienced specialist can cure them.