Neck – look at the crowns of trees

Listen to what happened to a friend of mine. Once on the bus, he sat down opposite a woman and was amazed: he had never seen such a beautiful face, a rare, amazing inner harmony was in him, just a forest princess, not a woman! While he struggled with all the unrest, the bus rolled up to the station, the woman got up and went to the exit. And where did all the charm go? Her shoulders were lifelessly lowered, and her gait was sluggish, shuffling. So in the memory of one face and remained …

Let's take a closer look at the crowd on the street, the look will definitely catch one special one among the many women. Let her be dressed inconspicuously, but the gait is light, flying, victorious, in all her appearance you can feel life, play, joy.
As you have already understood, we will talk about a beautiful posture, they are not born with it and this is its advantage – it is man-made.
Without good posture, accuracy, grace and ease of movement are impossible. Hunched over, you can not breathe properly, speak well, eat beautifully.
Check it out for yourself. Imagine yourself eating. Chill out. Immediately, the hands lost their support, the elbows lay on the table. Now bring the spoon to your mouth – how heavy the hand is, clumsily every movement. Now straighten up. The hands are freed from the extraneous heaviness, and how much easier each gesture is now given.
Relax again and say a phrase. Then "make your back" and repeat that phrase. Is there a difference? The voice seemed to have become different, richer in timbre, deeper, fuller, as if the sound had been switched from "mono" to "stereo".
And how easy it is to walk with a straightened back, the head is thrown back, the arm span is free and natural, the legs themselves carry …
Straight proud posture kind of reduces age. The neck remains smooth and smooth, without premature wrinkles, the oval of the face is clear (the double chin is removed), even the facial expressions change. In a word, straightening up, you become outwardly a different person – more elegant, slim. And also younger, because nothing is as young as good posture and easy movements.

But is it possible, they will object to me, a woman after a hard day's work, when I want to relax, think also about posture, and not only think – consciously by force of will keep a whole muscle group in tension? But the fact is that in a relaxed state you get tired more! You are simply deceived by lazy muscles. Just with a straightened spine, strength is best restored. So no matter how tired you are, try to sit right at the table and in front of the TV, not falling apart, but with a straight back.

Posture can be corrected at any age. Of course, physical education and swimming help. But still, the most important thing is to remember it more often. And not only on holidays, when everyone is looking at you, but alone, for example, for such prosaic activities as washing dishes, washing, cleaning and so on.
Slouching most often begins in adolescence. The child does not know how to objectively assess his appearance, he does not like himself with something, and he sees the best way to get rid of excruciating shyness in bending over, as if to jump into his hole. Here the special attention of adults is important. Of course, gymnastics and choreography, an active lifestyle will help. But you can't do without constant reminders. "Look at the crowns of trees," mothers tell their daughters in Poland.
"If you walk straight, then the drooping soul straightens"

the author of the article Is Elena Yelenikova, published in the magazine "Hostess" in 199… some year, I liked it.
For style, for simplicity, for practical recommendations, I hope to your gymnastics at home, add a desire to look at the crowns of trees.