Bruises and hematomas

Sport, an active lifestyle is associated with the possibility of injury. As a rule, injuries do not frighten us, but frighten our loved ones, especially if we like to move easily, brightly and riskily.

Before we get scared, let's understand what bruises and bruises are – common injuries that are most often treated on their own.
Bruises are skin changes caused by capillary ruptures in skin tissues.
Hematomas are internal hemorrhages.
As a rule, the appearance of a hematoma as a result of an injury or bruise is accompanied by pain / impaired functionality, darkening of the skin area, swelling, fever at the site of the bruise.

Although it is considered that a bruise is a trifle, you should not hesitate to consult a doctor, especially in cases where:
– a large hematoma, – swelling around the
hematoma increases,
– a joint or bone is damaged,
– if the hematoma is located close to the eyes / eye or on the head,
– if the hematoma is located on the abdomen,
– if the hematoma has not passed in 2 weeks,
– if the appearance of a hematoma or bruise occurred by itself, without a bruise (bruises and hematomas can be symptoms of blood diseases).
Perhaps the doctor will limit himself to observation, but treatment may be required.

To cure a bruise or hematoma on their own, apply this sequence:
– apply cold,
– apply a pressure bandage, the task of which is to exclude unnecessary movements of ruptured capillaries and vessels,
– limit the activity of the affected part of the body until the hematoma resolves.
(i.e. dark red-purple colors will change to yellow-green, and then to normal skin color).

In your medicine cabinet, it is useful to have products of natural origin that can help reduce pain, restore blood vessels, rid the skin of unsympathetic bruises.
In folk medicine, the most famous tincture of arnica, which can help with injuries that affect not only the circulatory system of the skin, but also ligaments, as well as joints.

Before training or increased loads, use massage warming oils – this will allow the muscles to become more elastic and ready for "feats"