Spontaneity, training, meditation

Sometimes it so happens that beauty and health are perceived as a result, something like: "I am going so beautiful … "
In fact, beauty and health without a way of life, without inner harmony are unattainable. Lifestyle can not be called the result. One day, looking in the mirror or at the thermometer, you realize that judging by the result, something is broken in the process.
We open the Internet, find according to the result that does not satisfy us, how to deal with it and what needs to be done, and start the process: "we need to … " From this moment we turn into a pro, qualitatively performing a list of duties.
It is believed that a professional works for the result, whether it is a film made on time, 3 clients in a week or 15 repaired machines, 1000 chiseled parts, and the amateur is more attracted to the process of creating …
And although work is only part of our fleeting life, pros, often, treat every day of life as a result. His day consists of a certain amount of ticks or pluses (who is used to): woke up like a bayonet on an alarm clock; did the charging; for breakfast I drank juice (the one that was recommended, yes, the same from a freshly squeezed orange); then work for the result and an evening with family or friends – also for the result.
A person turns into a cog in a huge machine, his desire to reach the next milestone leads to the choice of the shortest distance between the state now and the achievement of the goal. Of all the modal verbs, his verb is "must." The route turns into a segment, life into a plan. And, the more interesting the profession, which, it would seem, opens up new opportunities for a professional, the more "necessary" it becomes, the more requirements the profession makes for pros. His day is scheduled between work (it is necessary to fulfill the plan, to correspond to the declared level), meetings with the "right people", protocol events, his car, clothes, the second half must also correspond. In the end, the professional risks being captured by the web of segments created by him, each of which is a link in the highest goal. The web woven from the "need" entangles from all sides, and only when faced with some inaccessible peak of professionalism (whatever it is expressed, in money or competence), the pro thinks about the "want".

In our desire to get the desired result, we repeat the path of the pros, daily perform gymnastics at home or in the gym, counting calories and steps. Our motivation and willpower (we have willpower capable of…?) take us on a daily route from ticking the box to ticking off diets. One day we send all the ticks, diets and gymnastics to the grandmother, giving ourselves to the winning "want". And not at all, ever, but here and now. Losing weight on strict diets for six months, indulging in gluttony in a week, paying tribute to the taste of cakes and pies, in a week returns the kilograms dropped by inhuman efforts of the will.

From that point on, he's an amateur.

Amateurs get what they want from the process, their world is wider and more multifaceted, but often they forget about the result, about the purpose of this very process. Their modality is "want", they are subject to mood and are completely happy until they find themselves in the position of the dragonfly from the famous fable of Krylov.

The transition from a pro to an amateur is a natural course of events for a person who is focused at the beginning of life on a career and achieving a result in order to say to himself at some point in time: "enough is enough, now I want." It is good if it happens at the behest of the pro himself, as an awareness of the immutable fact that life is a process, not a result. But, unfortunately, the "need" and the desire for perfection, the desire to raise the bar even higher – are delayed, and as a result, the top is not achieved, the result turns out to be a false goal or the body does not withstand the endless pressure of "need".

At the same time, human bioenergy needs a combination of "want" and "need", each of the extremes inevitably leads to displeasure from the process, and from the results, and from oneself.

One of the exercises that allows you to be in a state of inner harmony, to maintain the relationship between "want" and "need", focusing on both the result and the process, can be the training of conscious spontaneity, which is used to train professional negotiators.

The task is to draw a figure from words. Such a figure can be a fish.
The fish is a verbalized stream of consciousness from one object farther away – where it will be carried.

gray sky outside the window and clouds do not move; the engine of the car is always jammed; but it's trivia compared to how my own aunt eats me; she always knows who should act and how; I don't understand the people who decide for me at all; and the resolution of my issue is again postponed indefinitely.

Everything is the same, the stream of consciousness carries like Ostap Bender, but we return to the original idea: if it all began with a gray sky outside the window, then you need to return there. In this example, just change a few phrases and you get a ring:

the gray sky outside the window and the clouds don't move: the engine of the car is always jamming; but these are trifles compared to how my own aunt eats me; she always knows who and how to act; I do not understand at all the people who are trying to decide for me; grayness always tries to point out mistakes to others; perhaps this is why the sky outside the window seems gray.

The figure is formed, the thought revolves around one phenomenon. If you find it difficult to perform this exercise, then try to forbid yourself to talk about food, for example, and things will go faster.

gray sky outside the window and clouds do not move; the engine of the car is always jammed; today they ate great chops for breakfast; yesterday I sent my son to knock out the carpet, I had to postpone lunch because of this; waited and waited until everything cooled down; it's really cold, like summer is over; but they wanted to go kebabs every weekend…

Actually, fish is used to train spontaneity, as such.
For controlled spontaneity, you can use any figure.

Target 1. To build the skeleton of a "fish": a chain of meanings, meanings along which thought moves.

This chain should be sufficient to reproduce the entire fish from memory.

The sky – movement – seizes – aunt – knows – for me – decides – postpones

Target 2. Build a "skeleton figure", but not from the head, but from the tail, i.e. in reverse order.

If you take your eyes off the monitor, then the sky is visible outside the window, flying birds rise up with one wave of their magnificent wings. Their movements are honed and easy, looking at them you want to get up and wave your hands off the ground. The phone rings. "How are you?" Aunt asks her constant question. A couple of meaningless words, and once again she diligently explains to me how to live, what is right, and, of course, that I am a child of little unreasonable doing wrong and how terrible consequences this will undoubtedly lead. She knows, and only her endless care for me makes her call daily and remind me how to do it right, how to do it and… once again to try to decide for me what is good for me and what is bad for me… And you ask: why don't people fly like birds?

Target 3. Using the skeleton, build meat on it, i.e. having your own or someone else's detailed plan of the performance, write the speech completely.

These exercises can bring not only benefit, but also a real pleasure from communication, if they are carried out in a group. Tasks can be very different: for example, figures are lined up in a group, each adds his own proposal, and skeletons are built by only one participant; or vice versa, one speaks, and the skeleton draws all and any other options that the situation will tell you.

I would like to note that the fascination of these exercises is no less than their usefulness, both for "amateurs" and for "professionals". They allow you to fully enjoy life and both, both from the work of the brain and from emotions.

Returning to the topic of beauty and health, it is easy to include spontaneity training in the sphere of movements, for example, doing daily gymnastics at home, imagine that someone is looking at you from above. Somewhere on the ceiling there is a camera, you are invisible, only a moving point, hands, spread to the sides, will be visible in line. Presented? What figure are you drawing? How will the camera see your movements?
A few days – and you will be able to draw the figure that you want. Give it a shot. Perhaps your daily marathon "must" will change from this simple addition.