Products for biolamination of hair

Summer is coming, it's almost summer. Grasses, flowers and trees meet with their magnificence every exit beyond the confines of cramped, dark rooms. The scents of blossoming buds and vacations are in the air. I want to look even more beautiful against the background of any wildlife than it does. Stars, not hoping for natural beauty, have long covered their hair with a protective layer, make lamination. Beautiful shades, lush thick hair without split ends, alluring shine – can you try? Especially ahead of the sea, the beaches, the heat of last year can happen again, and the hair, they say, will look no matter what healthy, clean and no fatigue.
Beauty salons and stylists offer their services in hair lamination willingly and explain that the effectiveness of the procedure depends on the experience and professional training of the master. Before the procedure, it is important to determine the condition of the hair, their structure and possible deficiency of vitamins, minerals, moisture, in this case, nourishing masks and other means are applied before lamination, hair cleansing agents are selected before the procedure. Lamination is done no more often than once every 3 weeks, if hair care is carried out by an experienced stylist, all three weeks the hair looks perfect, and is provided with prevention and treatment, if, of course, there is a need for this. If there is a desire, after three weeks you can return to the master and repeat the procedure again. No sea salt and sun will spoil the hairstyle!
There are no contraindications, but if you have thick, healthy hair along the entire length, especially the eastern type, then there is no sense.
Lamination thickens the hair by 10%, the cumulative effect does not work, after three to four weeks the composition is washed off, the repeated procedure simply recreates the first, with the only difference that cleansers and masks under the protective film all the time had their influence on the condition and structure of the hair.
In the process of lamination, each hair seems to turn into a thin protective, breathable film – this is done by the laminating compound itself. Thanks to the proteins included in it, the hair receives protein nutrition all the time, which has a beneficial effect on the structure of the hair. Laminates come in a variety of colors and shades or colorless, the choice of color allows you to give shade to the hairstyle. Hair becomes very luxurious and while the procedure is not used every second, on the street or in any public place laminated hair attracts attention with luxury, color, a paradoxical combination of natural health and a unique unearthly shade. Owners of dark hair will not attract every gliding glance to unravel a small mystery entangled in the hair, the luxury of their hairstyles is more natural and less demonstrative. In my humble opinion, in this scenario, both win – to each his own.
Dyed hair can be laminated, and experts believe that even necessary, lamination adds shades, but does not dye. By applying a protective film of laminate, we only do not allow the dye to wash out and lose color, at the same time protect the hair from the destructive effects of dyes. Hair exposed to the stress of chemical perms, straightenings and similar procedures feels more comfortable.
Prices for lamination are quite high and, leaving the hairdresser for the whole summer away, I would not like to part with the newly acquired beauty and hair protection. Especially if you do not know how water, summer and sun will affect the hairstyle.
The easiest way is to choose the drug and the salon where it is used. Usually, a beauty salon uses a series of cosmetics to laminate one manufacturer. Having received from the stylist not only magnificent hair, but also a short information course, you can repeat the procedure at a convenient time for yourself, in any convenient place when you want.
Salons using the cosmetic line for lamination of the American brand Paul Mitchell called their product INK Works Clear. The main component of the composition is hydrolyzed wheat protein, enriched with phytoextracts of Roman chamomile, yarrow, hops. The ingredients provide deep penetration along the entire length and depth of the hair of nourishing, moisturizing, antioxidant and anti-allergic substances, treat and restore hair.
The technology from the manufacturer is divided into stages:

Shampoo Two Deep Hair Cleansing ShampooWash your hair thoroughly with shampoo of the same company Shampoo Two, deeply and intensively cleansing the hair from impurities, impurities of chlorine, iron and other chemicals, minerals and medicines. Coconut extracts, wheat proteins penetrate deep into the hair, increasing the elasticity and strength inside the hair along its entire length and all parts of its structure, has a moisturizing effect. Paul Mitchell's Deep Cleansing Shampoo for Normal and Oily Hair can be used daily as a deep hair cleansing shampoo and is recommended to be used after bathing to prevent the buildup of chlorine in the hair.
Squeeze the hair and, not allowing it to dry completely, apply one of the masks offered by Paul Mitchell:
Super Strong Treatment Hair Mask Strengthening and restoring the structure of the hair mask Super Strong Treatment, the mask is remarkable because, as the manufacturers promise, it restores the split ends. Hydrolyzed vegetable proteins, extracts of medicinal nasturtium, nettle, wild cherry, fruits of tropical plants, panthenol, amino acids, lipids, corbohydrates and minerals that make up the mask restore the structure, provide strength, protection and shine. Like other Paul Mitchell products used in biolamination, it can be used as a mask that restores the structure of damaged hair. Applied with light massaging movements for 3 minutes. 
Super-Charged Moisturizer Hair Maskor restoring after chemical procedures and needing to normalize the water balance of hair Super-Charged Moisturizer mask. The composition of the mask includes extracts of Aloe Vera, fucus, avapuha, hydrolyzed soy proteins, panthenol, jojoba oil, providing deep moisturizing of hair, bright and lively shine. The mask is also used as an independent hair care product, and the Super-Charged Moisturizer Paul Mitchell is ideal… for wet shaving.The choice according to the condition of your hair is made. The mask is applied neatly strand by strand to wet hair. Hiding the hair under the cap, they are warmed up with a hair dryer to allow the components of the mask to penetrate the hair. Allowing the hair to cool, it can be washed.
INK Works Clear Laminating GelOnly now, squeezing the hair again, without drying it completely, we proceed to apply INK Works Clear. The gel is applied strand by strand, it is important not to miss any hair. After application, the hair is combed for better distribution along the length of each hair. Combed hair is again removed under the cap and heated again with a hair dryer, allow the hair to cool and repeat the heating 3-4 times, this magical effect ensures that the gel gets into the most remote areas of the hairstyle and penetrates deep into the hair and healthy and thinned in equal measure. Cooled hair is again washed with ordinary water.
Lite Detangler spray-conditionerWet squeezed hair is covered with Lite Detangler conditioner spray, designed to untangle tangled hair. The spray does not need to be washed off and can be used as an independent hair care product, and several times a day. The spray consists of plant proteins, silicone, henna extracts, chamomile and jojoba oil, providing not only a well-groomed appearance, but also protection from ultraviolet radiation and negative environmental factors.

Now the hair can be styled and the hairstyle, inspiring new delights in the field of creating beauty and health is ready.
I want to note that biolamination using the line of American cosmetics Paul Mitchell is ideal for men who care about appearance and strive to create an image of a successful solid person. As you probably noticed, the whole line is aimed at a healthy natural shine and well-groomed hair condition. In the process of biolamination with Paul Mitchell products, there are no coloring decorative effects. It can also be used by women who do not seek to change the shades of their hair. If your task in the process of lamination is to create a more spectacular tone of color, then, apparently, it is better to turn to other manufacturers.