Three favorites of every man

A man must build a bond of time before he marries.

There is a common belief that a man should divorce his mother before he decides to marry a woman, then the woman will stick to him. In fact, the task is more complicated: a man must realize that in his life there will be and should be 3 beloved women at the same time: mother, wife and daughter. A man, taking responsibility for his kind, must connect the past, present and future.

A man always has his first woman. It's his mother. 
As a boy, he is attached to her for the first twelve years of his life. Then the connection weakens. As he gets older, a man is looking for a wife similar to his mother. In studies on the choice of the second half, the similarity of the wife and matter is noticed, but the unintelligent wife should be the main and only one, as in the Tale of the Goldfish. She claims the uniqueness of the feminine principle in the life of a man, not realizing that, breaking off her relationship with his mother, a man is subconsciously ready to break off relations with any other woman. The wife can not delude herself, because society lives according to the rules in which divorce is a natural matter, wives are second, third and former, at the same time the mother is the only and unique, she is definitely one. Practice shows that a man treats no woman in his life with more love, care and indulgence than his mother. Even to my daughter.

The only thing that a mother can provide her son with breadth of soul and love is independence. To do this, she will have to transfer responsibility for her son to his father, so that he introduces him to the world of men, as an equal among equals. 

If the mother does not give freedom to her son, decides everything for him, then she deprives him of independence, personally turns him into a Loser, not allowing him to fall, get up and learn from his own mistakes!  The reason lies in self-doubt and fear of losing the love of his son, to be alone.

Breaking out from under the hyper-guardianship, the son will fall right under the heel of the same fear-filled insecure wife, who will try to compensate for her inferiority by manipulating the man, demanding from him more and more confirmations of his love for her and only for her.

Men do not marry until you understand that the family is a connection of the past, present and future. All 3 of your beloved women are essential for the continuation of the human race and yours. Trying to take the position of the one and only each of these women will help to become stronger for your family, but only if the man has a plan, an idea of why each of the 3 roles is the main one. May system analysis, structural approach and logic help you!

Women, do not deny yourself the pleasure of imagining yourself in the role of a mother, including an adult son.

3 favorites of Andrey Mironov: mother, wife, daughter: Maria Mironova, Larisa Golubkina, Maria Mironova.

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